0C1968A80GG240 Midea maw05m1bwt window air conditioner 5000 btu with mechanical controls, 7 temperature, 2 cooling and fan settings, white

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  • ensure this fits
  • by getting into your version variety.
  • fast cooling: five,000 btu window-installed mini-compact air conditioner is ideal for cooling a room as much as a hundred and fifty square ft. Quickly cools down your property, workplace, or rental for maximum consolation
  • effortless operation: 7 temperature settings, 2 cooling/2 fan best speeds and a pair of-way air route come up with the appropriate quantity of cooling whenever
  • smooth installation: set up easily with minimal modification to the prevailing window frame. Appropriate for home windows 23”-36” extensive and minimum 13” excessive. All mounting accessories are blanketed
  • energy-efficient: mixed strength performance rate (ceer): 11. Zero. Allows reduce the electricity prices
  • cleanable filter: the reusable and washable mesh filter reduces micro organism, room odors and different airborne particles for a healthier, greater cozy surroundings

from the producer

air conditioning and fan mode paintings together to growth the consolation of your own home.

five,000 btu window-installed mini-compact air conditioner is perfect for cooling a room as much as one hundred fifty rectangular toes. Quickly cools down your private home, office, or rental for maximum comfort.

7 temperature settings,

2- manner air instructions

gives you the ideal quantity of cooling every and on every occasion.

ideal for small rooms or spaces, supplying cooling consolation for the duration of the ones hot summer time days.

the running noise of this compact window set up ac unit will no longer disturb your sleep, paintings or other activities.

5,000 btu of cooling energy is robust sufficient to preserve your room always cool in the course of the night time.

to offer easy cool air, we designed a detachable and reusable air filter out to protect your family and living area from dust and puppy hairs.

we advise you easy the filter out each week of operation to extend the lifestyles and performance of this unit.


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7 reviews for 0C1968A80GG240 Midea maw05m1bwt window air conditioner 5000 btu with mechanical controls, 7 temperature, 2 cooling and fan settings, white

  1. Grits

    First, this was tested on a counter top this past weekend and then installed today. It cools very nicely, is actually rather quiet, and the remote works well. It seems to be reasonably well made (no way to know the quality of internal parts such as compressor, of course – only time will tell). But initial impressions are pretty good (thus a 4-star rating, not a 5-star rating by any means).Now the problem areas. There are ZERO printed instructions included. As far as I could find on the box, there wasn’t even a line or two printed to inform the owner where to GET instructions for either use or installation. I find that to be unacceptable (and almost rated it a 3-star product). How a company can decide to entirely leave out any instructions for use or installation is beyond me! Perhaps it was simply an assembly line error that the manual wasn’t included – but I searched the entire box and all enclosed parts envelopes – no instructions at all (except minimal instructions for the remote and one small portion of the unit – not the main a/c unit or its installation).I did my own internet searching, and found that this apparently very new model isn’t even listed on the company’s web site. However, using the BTU rating and similar model numbers I did a visual comparison and finally found what appeared to be very acceptable instructions for the unit, which I downloaded and printed out.Be aware that this is designed to be installed in a standard wooden window frame, not an aluminum-framed window. I had to make some modifications to build up the height in order for the folding side panels to work semi-properly in the window in which it’s now installed. A little bit of “yankee engineering” was required and use of the included fastening hardware for the side pieces was not appropriate for this installation. But in the end, it worked pretty well. I’ll need to get additional insulating material for a few spots due to the slightly non-standard installation (a fairly generous amount is actually included in the packaging – a big plus!).I decided to give it a 4-star review because fundamentally the unit works very nicely, cools quickly, and was not terribly difficult to install even for someone who’s never installed a window A/C before (just minimal help from a 2nd person to help steady the unit at a couple of points in the installation). Be aware that it’s fairly heavy for one person, especially many females or older persons – I’m over 70 and could handle it, but with some strain. This is not a 1-person job, though the 2nd person need not have significant strength – just be helpful in steadying the unit during installation, handing tools as you install it, etc.Assuming this functions well past the 1-year warranty, or the warranty policies and practices are excellent from the manufacturer, it will keep it’s 4-star rating. If it fails early and/or company warranty policy turns out to be non-user friendly, the review will be updated (and downgraded) accordingly. As of initial installation and use, it’s a very nice unit once you figure you how to install it and how the controls work (also not well documented even in the instructions I finally found for a similar model), or modify it for a non-standard (i.e. non-wooden) window frame. But even there, a little ingenuity will take care of the problem. Bottom line: for the price, it’s a great smaller-room A/C unit once fully installed and you get used to operating it.Read more

  2. Ivan

    We bought this unit for our large bed room. The unit surprisingly works pretty well and cover all area. It only takes about 10-15 minutes to cold down the room. It also comes with the remote control which is one of the reason we choose this unit. This unit is so quite and much better than the one we had 2 years ago which is in another bed room. I would recommend it to anyone.Read more

  3. ben

    This AC is awesome . Elegant design, minimum noise, extremely quiet, Especially during the day, Barely audible. The design is very intuitive. Easy to use, good effect,Refrigeration speed is fast,And save electricity, The cooling effect is very good,Enough for room, high efficiency, strong ability, The wind is strongThe wind covers a large area and the distance is far enoughIt looks good in my room,For exampleAfter turning on the computer for an hour, the temperature of the room is very stable。Its installation,Disassembly and transportation are very convenient,Especially when you move, or want to remove it for friends, it is more convenient. Generally speaking,Such product quality,And product prices,It’s worth buying,So that’s my choice,I am satisfied.Read more

  4. Ogr8ys1

    Listen, when it comes to installing almost anything I am on the phone with my buddy, buying him a sixpack and a pizza to do almost everything in my house. This thing installed so easily I could do it, which is saying something. Check one. Two, I have central air, but like most central air the upstairs suffers. I need it Arctic cold when I sleep and with my bedroom being of average size this cooled the room down in less than 10 minutes. Check two. Pretty quiet as I am a light sleeper and the noise is minable. Check three. Price You are not gonna find an AC unit sub 300 that runs any better. Check four. The only box that is missing is durability. If it fails during this summer I will update the post.Read more

  5. Li Liu

    I am very impressed by its amazing quiet, great looking and easy installation. I have been looking for a window air conditioner for my medium sized studio for a while and I am glad I brought this one right before the summer comes and had it works out perfectly. My husband installed it by following the instructions, it’s simple and quick. Since it’s very hot yesterday, already above 90F, I turned it on. It cools down quickly, and for most important think, it is very quiet even though it’s getting up to speed which is out of my expectation.Read more

  6. Sandra Lawson

    WE got this last week and installed it right away it was really easy to do but is very heavy will want 2 people while installing. It is pretty quiet and I love the eco mode. Cannot go wrong I am going to buy the same unit in a 6000 BTU for my bedroom to replace the one in there is currently there because it has run non stop for 3 years I like the fan in the winter. I do have problems with the remote I cannot see the buttons very well so my husband has to set the mode and temp for me I have bad eyesight….Read more

  7. Evans

    Logistics fast, 4 days after the delivery of the order. Small size, good fit with the window position, I can easily install myself. Power on trial refrigeration, cooling fast, no noise. Also with dehumidification function, I’ll try it later during wet season. the weather is not very hot at present, fan function is also good and save energyRead more

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