0C19652IY7E617 80watts soundbar, bestisan television sound bar wired and wireless bluetooth 5. Zero domestic theater speakers (4 drivers, enhanced bass generation, twin connection techniques, communicate/movie/tune audio mode)

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  • spectacular audio: full ranger drivers deliver an amazing execution in the low-recurrence sound. Two silky film tweezer drivers deliver clean unique sound and hifi (excessive-fidelity) proliferation. Two reflex bass port beautify a whole lot richer and deeper bass.
  • numerous sound alternatives: patented voice adjust generation for amazing-clean , crisp voices in speak mode, even at low volumes. Film mode brings you an upgrading super home theater movie experience.
  • flexible connectivity: seamlessly hook up with your devices with bluetooth 5. Zero from up to 33 feet / 10 m , helps you to enjoy tremendous audio and lose wires or join wired connection which includes rca/usb/optical inputs, what is extra, optical/rca cables furnished.
  • designed to fit your own home: fashionable, conventional gray abrasive sound bar, upscale flax cloth fabric, discreet and minimalistic industrial design sits in harmony together with your surroundings.
  • first-class provider: fear-free 18-month guarantee and friendly customer support, lifestyles time technical aid. Not well suited with tv far off/commonplace remote.
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product description

twin integrated three-inch imported and advanced complete ranger drivers give an brilliant execution in the low-recurrence sound. Twin excessive- sensitivity silky movie tweezer drivers deliver clean precise sound and hifi (excessive-constancy) proliferation. Twin reflex bass port decorate a good deal richer and deeper bass

irelessly circulate all of your preferred tracks and playlists with bluetooth 5. 0

three sound modes allow for placing the sound bar to match the kind of audio being brought. Pick out from tune mode for tracks,information mode for greater intelligible conversation, or movie mode to get the maximum out of movie and sport soundtracks.

experience a trouble-loose connecting using rca, rca and optical inputs. Press the rca/aux/opt button to pick out the preferred source enter.

dual operation modes to press the bodily buttons or far flung control to modify settings conveniently.

you can lie flat at the table or hang it below the tv. Of direction you may cling it at the tv. There is wall mountable accessories inside the bundle.

excessive-grade flax designed to match your property and enjoy the house theater enjoy.


28 Inch 2.0, 32 Inch

5 reviews for 0C19652IY7E617 80watts soundbar, bestisan television sound bar wired and wireless bluetooth 5. Zero domestic theater speakers (4 drivers, enhanced bass generation, twin connection techniques, communicate/movie/tune audio mode)

  1. SSColorado

    I purchased an earlier version of this soundbar from BYL and liked the sound, but I had to return it because it produced a low level hum on the RCA and AUX inputs. So after returning the older model, I bought this newer unit, but it has the same problem: on either RCA or AUX source input, the unit produces a low level hum with a steady low level “click” sort of sound. I’ve tried multiple outlets, cables, input devices, etc., but the moment the unit is powered up and RCA or AUX source is selected (even if nothing is connected to that input), there’s hum. B/T and optical do not have hum, and they sound fine.But my TV supports variable volume on RCA only, so that is what I need to use. Either BYL has to tell me there’s a fix (and I sent a support request on this last week with no response), or I have to return this one too. I’ll delete or update this review if I get a fix, but other buyers should beware: if you want to use RCA or AUX inputs, 2 out of 2 units I’ve purchased produce hum when RCA or AUX inputs are selected.I’ve updated this review as the vendor has contacted me for customer service, but I already returned the unit(s). The sound was fine on the unit given the price point, and the feature to sync with your TV remote (which worked great on my Comcast remote) is very useful. I can recommend the unit at this price point with the caveats noted above.Read more

  2. Eric

    Enjoy my new sound bar very much. It fits my 65” flat TV, but I use it more as a Bluetooth speaker (FYI, you have to manually switch the mode using the remote or the button on the top of the sound bar), sound quality is great and loud enough to cover entire living room.Read more

  3. Sean

    The sound is good. It’s better than most flat TVs for sure. It gives you the ability to go louder without distortion with more fullness more bass. My speakers on my TV were pretty good but one of them blew out recently bc I went too loud on the volume and now it just rattles with any bass added to the EQ so decided to get one of these.The voices come in clear and sharp. The Ss will hiss if you turn the treble all the way up. There is treble and bass adjustment no mid adjustment. The bass is a thumping bass not a booming bass. Good for loud sounds with lows but it’s not a full rich deep bass. Sounds a little hollow at times but if you play with the bass and treble and audio settings on your TV or streaming device you can get it just right 👍Both the treble and bass will distort if the volume is too high. But you can go pretty loud before that happens. There are 3 modes and they all make a noticeable difference. I run it in movie mode for more bass and voice mode for clear dialog like for podcasts.Build quality is good and the fabric mesh is different from all the other sound bars. Thats what appealed to me. The remote is a little on the low end requiring direct pointing. The bar has IR learning but my Roku does not have a mute button. When it came to that part of the programming I just used another remote to press the mute setting so it would go on to the volume. After the IR learning the TV and soundbar turn on and off with 1 button. Volume is not at the right sync level. If you go to zero on your TV the soundbar still has volume. But if you go all the way down then go up then it’s at a nice sync. This syncronization is cool.It hooks up to anything pretty easily. There are these really loud startling beeps when use the BT mode. 😄 No way to turn it down or off.I bought it on sale and would not have purchased it at the regular price. There are so many sound bars out there this one is ok for replacing your TV’s speakers or if you want to improve the loudness of your TV but If you’re looking for surround sound home theater like experience this isn’t it.Setup requires looking at the manual to know what all the different colors mean. It came with everything to get up and going except batteries for the remote. Mounting was easy as it comes with a template and mounting hardware. Bluetooth connection to a phone was quick and sound matched video. Overall it’s not bad but could use a price drop bc it’s no better than the majority of other sound bars in its price range when it comes to sound quality. This one just looks better. The one annoying thing is sometimes when I’m pressing buttons for adjustment it will turn off. Then you have to unplug and plug the power to reset. Also I kinda wish I didn’t pair it to my other remote. I think this is what makes it shut off on it’s own and there is no way to reset. You’re not going to be unsatisfied it’s a good one. I bumped it up a star.Read more

  4. GoWolverines

    First, I’ll start out with what’s good.Value: For a $100 soundbar, it puts out some very good sound with a good balance of treble and bass. It was also easy to set up with adjustable settings with the remote.Now for aspects that are bad.Inconsistent sound quality: I would watch one show on Netflix and then if I were to watch a different show, the sound would mysteriously be either louder or softer than before. This is inherently annoying because then I’d have to adjust the sound again.Only light indicator is for power: You can adjust treble, bass and volume by the remote, but there’s no light notification on any of those settings except for the power light. What’s the maximum treble or bass settings? You’re not going to know by anything except for hearing it.Overall, if you’re looking to get some decent sound for an affordable price, it’s hard to find a better value than this. However, there are some rather annoying limitations but if you’re willing to overlook them, it’s a good buy.Read more

  5. Mr. Flashy

    I bought this sound bar for a TCL Roku TV which needed a sound upgrade. This speaker easily fit on the cabinet holding the television. I connected it to the television via optical cable. It is not quite as sleek as other soundbars but it is a bit deeper and taller in size. I was pleasantly surprised at the deep base and smooth sound. This sound bar also sounds great playing music via blue tooth from my phone. It was a snap to set up and easy to learn the controls. I am happy with this purchase after using it for about two weeks.Read more

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