0C195UTOWSK852 Optoma hd28hdr 1080p domestic theater projector for gaming and films help for 4k input well matched rate more desirable gaming mode, 8. 4ms reaction excessive-brilliant 3600 lumens

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  • subsequent generation technology: experience clean certain 1080p (1920×1080) photos (with 4k input) and 50,000:1 comparison ratio renders sharp and distinct photographs from high definition content without downscaling or compression
  • hdr well suited: hdr10 era (with 4k input) enables brigher whites and deeper black degrees for an greater viewing experience
  • high brilliant & colourful picture: revel in an outstanding 4,000 lumens of brightness for lights-on viewing; a 6-section color wheel (rygcwb) produces correct shade with srgb & rec. 709 colour profile
  • speedy response time: more desirable gaming mode permits lightning-rapid reaction time of 16ms with a 120hz refresh fee; game show mode boosts shadows and darkish scenes for greater visibility of imminent barriers
  • more photograph depth: dynamic black generation provides greater intensity to the picture via smoothing lamp output to create excessive comparison; shiny scenes seem clear even as dark scenes stay specific
  • films, gaming & extra: connect with media players and gaming consoles for massive display movies and gaming; connect a 4k uhd hdmi dongle such as the amazon hearth tv, google chromecast, or apple television to play video games, move movies and share pix
  • lengthy lamp life: experience up to fifteen,000 hours of lamp life permitting an average of 4 hours of viewing time every day 10+ years
  • hdmi-cec for simple on/off: hdmi-cec technology permits manage of the projector and connected devices the use of a unmarried far off, all through the hdmi connection with the projectors hdmi-link characteristic
  • wellknown throw projection: whether ceiling mounted or located on a shelf or desk, project a a hundred” – picture from approximately 11 ft away; assignment a 120” photograph from approximately thirteen ft away; venture up to 302″ photo
  • full three-d: the hd28hdr shows actual 3d content from almost any 3-d supply, consisting of 3d blu-ray disc gamers, 3-d broadcasting, and the ultra-modern-era game consoles. Support for 120hz fast-refresh charge presents extremely-smooth flicker-free pics; three-d glasses required.
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from the manufacturer

experience crisp, high-definition photographs with local 1080p (1920×1080) decision and 50,000:1 evaluation ratio.

hdr10 technology (with 4k and 1080p input) allows brighter whites and deeper black levels for an improved viewing experience.

with a 6-section colour wheel (rygcwb), the hd28hdr produces vibrant, colourful photographs for home cinema color calibration. Revel in an amazing three,600 of brightness in any room in your property – home theater, gaming room, or residing room.

get in the sport with better gaming mode. Revel in lightning-speedy, eight. 4ms reaction time with a 120hz refresh rate for lag-free gaming. Game show

mode gives a visual gain via boosting shadows and darkish scenes for greater visibility of forthcoming boundaries.

experience extra intensity to your picture with dynamic black generation which easily adjusts lamp output to create a lovely, high-evaluation photo. Vibrant scenes seem crisp and clear, at the same time as darkish scenes continue to be targeted with deep blacks and outstanding light and color element.

robotically electricity on/off the hd28hdr with hdmi-cec generation, which permits control of the projector and hdmi-linked devices using a single faraway.

whether ceiling hooked up or positioned on a shelf or table, mission a one hundred” – image from about eleven toes away. Challenge a a hundred and twenty” picture from about 12 feet away.

connect with media players and gaming consoles for huge display movies and gaming. Connect a 4k uhd hdmi dongle such as the amazon fire tv, google chromecast, or apple tv to play games, move videos and proportion photos.

the hd28hdr presentations true 3d content from nearly any three-d source, together with 3-d blu-ray disc players, 3d broadcasting, and the modern-day- generation sport consoles. Aid for 120hz speedy-refresh charge gives extremely-smooth flicker-unfastened pics. 3d dlp hyperlink glasses required.


3600 Lumens + 4K HDR Input/2020 Model

5 reviews for 0C195UTOWSK852 Optoma hd28hdr 1080p domestic theater projector for gaming and films help for 4k input well matched rate more desirable gaming mode, 8. 4ms reaction excessive-brilliant 3600 lumens

  1. NortonR3

    Ok, i came from another less expensive model, the HD143X with 3000 lumens and full HD. This model HD28HDR is very different, the HDR and “4K ready” makes a big BIG difference. The colors are far better, this one have 3600 lumens, the 4K obviously it is no a real 4k but, its not a full HD either , it is something in between, i mean, you will see the difference for good!. 4k is a luxury that in my case, i can’t afford it (a 4k projector is $1000 and more), but, this projector is a very good middle point between something real expensive and something very good. 100% recommended. The lamp is very cheap to replace, has 12000 hours lifespam, a good brightness , very very quiet noise. The speaker is really simple, almost weak, but, you don’t buy a projector for the power of the speaker right? in conclusion, this is a good choice for demanding users with an intermediate budget. You will not get disappointed.Read more

  2. Memoria Matters

    Husband and I bought this to replace a similar Optoma DLP projector that we had for ~6 years. For the same price point now, this one is way brighter. We used to have to wait until dark to see anything properly on a projector, but this one is still super clear in the middle of the day (barring direct sunlight of course). That aspect alone is worth the upgrade for us, because we can get way more use out of it. The picture is very good; colors are bright and accurate. I also love the focus knob; since it’s so big, it offers very fine control and it’s easy to get it focused perfectly.The only cons I have are small: (1) It takes a really long time to turn on and switch inputs compared to other projectors I’ve had. Not a big deal, just a little annoying. (2) No dust filter! I don’t know why Optoma doesn’t think dust filters are necessary. Apparently they only include them in “dusty climates,” whatever that means. Without one, dust will collect in the projector and make it more likely to overheat and have parts break down (that’s what happened to our last one multiple times). If you are tech savvy enough, you can open the projector up every so often and vacuum the dust out to make sure the projector lasts a long time. Also just make sure you place it in a well-ventilated spot / not right up against a wall and definitely not in an enclosed space like a cubby shelf. Don’t just rely on the projector telling you when it’s too hot, something could be damaged or starting to melt a little before the built-in sensors go off.For future reference, if something does go wrong, don’t be afraid to fix it yourself. The most common issue I’ve had with DLP projectors is a bad color wheel. If your colors start flashing weirdly and you hear whirring/clicking from the projector, it’s probably the color wheel. You can get a new one online for <$30 and replace it yourself. Just look up a video.Read more

  3. Brian O.

    I’ve had this projector for over 6 months now, so I think my review is pretty objective. I LOVE this projector!! Read below for more.My SetupI set up this projector in my very bright living room. I have 5 7-foot windows perpendicular to my screen, so we get lots of natural sunlight during the days here in Texas. Even with that, the picture is quite clear and not washed out, at least IMO(first two pics).I paired this projector with a CineGrey screen. I highly recommend using the light absorbing screen material if using in a bright room. It really helps with daytime picture quality. I think I spent another $120 for the CineGrey.The next two pictures and video are with my window shutters closed to block out as much light as possible. You can see a marked improvement in picture quality. However, this projector really shines at night or in darkness. It’s theater quality and a bright, crisp picture.Pros1. Bright picture, even during the day.2. The sound is quite clear, especially if sitting below or near it. I have a sound system, so that feature is muted on mine. But during initial install I did test that out.3. Lightweight…easy to handle.Cons1. Ceiling mount options are limited. I purchased a universal mount and had to shimmy it to make it work.2. Limited keyhole adjustment. I spent too much time trying to get it perfect.My overall advice for anyone thinking about using a projector in living rooms or bright rooms is to get the highest lumen projector over 3000lm you can afford. Obviously 4k projectors are better, but you can’t beat this for a 1080p.Read more

  4. Brandon Abell

    The picture and brightness on this thing is good enough. The first thing you’ll notice is the zoom is absolutely useless. You’ll almost certainly have to drill new holes in your ceiling to re-mount it because the projected image won’t come anywhere near what it’s replacing. The next thing you’ll notice is the rainbow effect is horrible and honestly a seizure risk for people sensitive to flickering lights. After that you’ll notice that the power button on the remote doesn’t work, but don’t worry, their support will blame your FireTV stick for that (as though they don’t have control of whether their own device powers on fromits own remote). Oh, and the final insult is finding that it powers itself off with an overheating LED code because they apparently didn’t build in sufficient cooling.What an abomination. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing this doorstop like I did.Read more

  5. JMC

    This should be my second Optoma projector. My first one I bought 6+ years ago and it is still working perfectly.I ended up returning this product, since it had a dust spot inside the lens. I wouldn’t have returned it otherwise. Although it was just barely noticeable, this product is too expensive to have such issue when new.Maybe I was just unlucky, but I would rather pay $10 more and have them doing better factory QA or being more careful when assembling the lens to avoid such inconvenience.Cons: A bit noisy (DH1011 is quieter). QA issues (dust spot inside the lens).Pros: Great image quality. Very bright. Besides that dust spot, the product seemed good.Read more

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