0C195UTMND7782 Divoom ditoo retro pixel art sport bluetooth speaker with 16×16 led app managed front screen (purple)

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  • 【fun machine to kill boredom at home】: clean to create pixel art layout at your finger tip or you can access over 1000+ dressmaker in our loose pixel art network from our divoom app. You may chat, comment, and make pals with other artists
  • 【bluetooth speaker with diy equalizer】: nicely tuned 10w dsp speaker and your pixel artwork design will play and dance to the equalizer. Isn’t it a laugh and funky?
  • 【pleasant nintendo gaming accent】: the front diy led the front panel is your outlet on your introduction. Create characters like mario, spider-man, animal crossing, emoji face…. The only restriction is your imagination
  • 【smart alarm/clock for a terrific sleep】: you may depart it plug in to apply as a desk clock or bedside alarm. Construct in white noise at the free app hold you operating/sound asleep properly. It additionally were given social media notification, thermometer and weather conditions functions.
  • 【perfect gift idea on your love】: pleasant present bundle & personalised greetings works wonderful for a birthday/commencement present in addition to different seasonal excursion event. A special ditoo on your speical one

product description

divoom’s ditoo retro pixel artwork sport bluetooth speaker is essentially a portable, miniaturized enjoyment middle. It capabilities a 10w dsp speaker with a bass port and a 16 x 16 pixel, 256 complete rgb self-programmable led display. The tool measures 7. 1 x five. Four x five inches and weighs 1. 76 pounds

as compared to others wireless bluetooth speaker

our bluetooth speaker others features

brightens a room instantly

this element looks even cooler in individual, the screen is outstanding and plenty shiny enough, the mechanical keys are so dope ,at the same time as it’s not on only for a laugh, and they’re also backlit that is available and looks cool (and may be turned off in case you need )


Black, Blue, Green, Pink, White

5 reviews for 0C195UTMND7782 Divoom ditoo retro pixel art sport bluetooth speaker with 16×16 led app managed front screen (purple)

  1. Jennybee

    Smile maker. So adsorbs and fun to play with. It’s just day 1 but I have to say, I love it so much. I needed a pick me up for SIP and WFH for the long term. This little gadget helped brightens my mood when I’m stuck at home. I use the Bluetooth capabilities to stream my Spotify music through and it actually sounds really good! I also used it for a online yoga class on Zoom to better hear my yogi instructor. And I love all the colorful pixel graphics. I really hope it lasts a long time as it will break my heart if it doesn’t. The price is pretty high in my opinion, hence the 4 stars.Also, the mic is horrible. No one can hear me speak through this gadget. Cute idea but it failed. Don’t use this gadget as a phone.Read more

  2. Bri Bri :)

    I love this! Amazing sound I was surprised how loud it can get! I love finding new animations to have on the screen. Some look like they’re dancing to the music so cute!!! I also love playing the games on there. You gotta buy this so worth it :)Read more

  3. autumn

    UPDATE- after a month of use I have to say I love this little box. Battery life is satisfactory but if you leave the settings in the app to the preset (with no auto off) it’ll run down within a day or two, with my regular use and the correct settings I usually have to charge it every 3-4 days (I use the alarm clock, music for 1-2 hrs, and some mini games). Also the mini games have stayed fun so far, the variety has kept me occupiedKind of pricey, but definitely a fun and functional speaker. I use ditto as my nightstand alarm, music in the bath (and a clock I can actually see!), and for the mini games. It connects really easily to my phone and I love the button controls and the play/pause lever. I even got into the app and made an animation to go with my nightly alarm telling me to take my meds. The sound quality is shockingly good for the size and I’m definitely satisfied considering the price. I would say some cons to consider when buying would be the average battery life (so far, I’ve had it for a week and have had to charge it every 2ish days), and that the games don’t keep score. I think the clap on/off feature is really cool for when you have the clock or an animation turned on but I found when playing games the buttons clicking would turn off the screen so I just decided to disable the feature.Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    Overall, my experience with this product has been wonderful. it shipped quickly, and works great. However, there are some nitpicks I would like to voice.The Good-This speaker sounds really good. For context, I compared it to a JBL Flip speaker, and it sounded just as good. Also, pairing it over bluetooth was easy, and so was swapping it between devices. The display on it was also good, and since I Own a Timebox Evo, using the same animations on this was a breeze. However, this display is slightly smaller than the timebox one is, so the animations do appear smaller. The keys on this model are unique in that it uses mechanical keyswitches usually found in keyboards, which adds to the theme of a small retro computer. Finally, the games it comes with actually play pretty well, and I really enjoyed the pixel racer one. In addition to all this, it charges with USB-C and includes a cable in the box.The Bad-There isnt much here, simply because nothing really bothered me. However, I have some suggestions.Dont advertise the small toggle switch as a joystick. Its a single switch that you can click in one direction. also, I would like to be able to turn off the backlight on the keys, since a bright white light while i’m trying to sleep isnt Ideal, this reason being why I still use my timebox in my bedroom instead of this. Also, I would have liked to see an Aux in port, despite those being absent on just about everything these days. Being able to plug in an echo dot to the Timebox and still retain bluetooth was really nice, but you cant do that on this.Final notesWould I recommend this? Absolutely. Its a great little thing to have on your desk, and the multitude of animations and other art available to put on it is limitless. The sound quality is great, and so is the battery life. It even comes in a little gift bag, and I think would make a great christmas/birthday gift for someone who likes old computers or retro gaming.Read more

  5. Tom

    This really does appeal to a wide variety of ages. Great fun.Adult: price is the only thing that dropped to 4 stars for me. Quality of the build, materials, screen and sound are all excellent. The packaging is great especially if you are giving as a gift (see pics). We own another Divoom speaker and I cannot tell you how good the sound is even compared to other expensive brands that I own for comparison.12yr Old – The games are simple, yet responsive and importantly had no glitches. More pics in the instructions would be nice, kids don’t like to read that much, but understand technology. The buttons and speakers are sturdy and it is a joyful experience to open the way it is packaged. Cool that is has SD card slot as well and I can’t wait to design more custom pixel art! (Does not want to give to sister after helping review:-)7yr old – I love it. When it plays my music the name scrolls across the screen and it sounds good. The games are really fun and the scoreboard is cool too. I liked opening it. (She is saving the packaging!) It is so fun and I don’t even know all of the things it can do yet. I might make a video about it later. Thanks.Summary – Divoom makes some nice products from our experience. We had a couple of pixels go bad on one of our older time boxes but the other one has been perfect, even after falling into a pool after drying out. Electronics aren’t perfect but I would say Divoom is a pleasant surprise and we were impressed.Read more

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