0C195Q5U3A3466 Osd premium 12″ in ground outdoor 500w subwoofer omni directional, ip66 climate resistant black xsub

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    for ideal overall performance, connect the subwoofer to a mono subwoofer amplifier like the osd smp500 and integrate it with osd’s panorama satellite speakers. Additional device configurations can be created for up to eight pairs of speakers the use of multichannel amplifiers and/or series-parallel wiring, which means you get rich audio with clean, deep bass on every occasion you step outside. The xternal12 is likewise perfect for subject matter parks, buying malls, restaurants, inns, gardens, and different out of doors spaces where bass can enhance the audio revel in.


  • the buried subwoofer disappears into the panorama with only the vent visible above the floor
  • the uncovered vent can be primed and painted to mixture into its environment
  • consists of a 500w energy rating for small, medium and huge backyards or patios
  • ideal for residential and business programs
  • includes a durable 12” polypropylene cone and rubber surround
  • presents big sound in a small and stealthy bundle
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    10", 10" w/ 2x Output, Premium 12"

    8 reviews for 0C195Q5U3A3466 Osd premium 12″ in ground outdoor 500w subwoofer omni directional, ip66 climate resistant black xsub

    1. lux4rd0

      Having gone through a few other options for outdoor subwoofers, I was skeptical about trying another one out, especially without seeing any Amazon reviews. But I did take a chance and I will admit that I’m more than impressed. I have it tucked away in the middle of my new double pergola patio and have it paired up with a bridged Behringer A800 Power Amplifier. This speaker does take a fair amount of power to really give it some volume and headroom.I’ll also say that it is well put together, hefty, and a bit bigger than I had imagined. (Don’t you love reviews like this – as if the dimensions aren’t provided in the description! LOL!!)A few other items to note – sitting it on the ground or hard surface is recommended in order to get the best response from this subwoofer. That does cause it to vibrate and buzz a little from the plastic legs – so I added some 1 1/4″ isolation feet (1.25″ Platinum Silicone Hemisphere Bumper, Non-Skid Isolation Feet with Adhesive) to the bottom of each of the four “corners” – and it solved that problem right away.I have a set of Definitive Technology AW6500 speakers and a set of Polk Audio Atrium 6 outdoor speakers that get played through my Sonos Amp (with this subwoofer getting a 70-80 hz direct subwoofer out crossover to the dedicated amp) and it more than rocks my backyard with clear sound.In all – it is a great low-end additional to my outdoor space and I couldn’t be happier. My friends know me – “you can never have too many subwoofers” and for the price and performance of this one, I’m thrilled to now take that mantra outdoors.Read more

    2. Amazon Customer

      Supposed to be an 8 ohm, single voice coil subwoofer (as clearly stated on the product page). What I received was a sub with 4 wires (and no it wasn’t a dual VC either). Metered out the wires and could not make sense of it. Contacted tech support and was told that “he thinks it’s a 70 volt version” even though the sub does not come in a 70 volt version. Had to send it back. Complete waste of my GD time. Going with a more reputable manufacture next time.Read more

    3. Josh Price

      ***This is 70volt. You have to order the 8ohm from their website*** 8” 8ohm Review: I can not compare this to experience with anything subterranean Subwoofer, but for the only one in the $200 range I think that it is a fantastic product.I have it powdered by a 300 watt mono amp alongside my Sonos Amp which is where I control the crossover and bass levelIf you match it correctly you won’t even know where the bass is coming from. And it sounds totally different (better) once you bury it! And it WILL hit very hard if you crank it up. I keep both the amps at 50% level and the Sonos xover at 80hz.ProTip: add some extra RTV around the seal. It could be better than how it came.Read more

    4. Ishmael Malik

      Sub comes with 4 wires.2 wires are for 8ohm setup and the other two are for 70v setup.Instructions are not clear about this and it took me hours of youtubing to try and get an idea of what the other wires were. Didn’t find anything helpful. I had to get a volt meter and OHM it out and had to wait till Monday to get tech support on the phone to confirm it was correct.Once I hooked it up it sounded good but needed to adjust the amp settings. I got the recommended SMP1000 amp.After I tuned it I definitely have a much better sound system.I have it set to the half way point and it sounds deep enough where it is clear that the sound can’t be coming from the overhead speakers.I would compare the bass level to a car audio system. It’s a clean sound and deep enough to feel it. Doesn’t take my breath away kinda bass but that’s not what I’m after. I’ve had it for a few weeks and like it so far.Down sideI did try to crank it to Max and then the sub cut off. I haven’t tried since but I’m assuming it’s a amp setting to protect the sub from incorrect settings or too much power etc.Other downside is the instructions are minimal on the wiring. Trying to figure out if it’s wired correctly had me upset and wanting to return it because I saw other comments that they got the wrong type of sub. Turns out it’s an optional 70v systemRead more

    5. Josh Walker

      This thing sounds great!Based on the specs and the box that the speaker is mounted in, I knew it would be a good option. It surpassed my expectations!I have 4 AW6500 Definitive Technology speakers, which are some of the best you can get; they produce excellent bass, but this subwoofer really helps with the really deep notes.I looked everywhere for reviews before I made this purchase, and couldn’t find anything. I’m glad I went with my gut on this one. I couldn’t be happier with the product quality and cost. The value is great for what you get.Read more

    6. BKCnKC

      I’m powering with 800 watts. It sounds great. I wish they offered in a bigger sub. It fills in the low end while pairing perfectly with my Klipsch AW 650’s.Read more

    7. D. M. Cook

      This ended up being larger than I’d expected. Not a problem, just a larger (and more tiring) hole to dig.To drive this, I used a: Nobsound NS-03G Subwoofer Amplifier 100W Mini Sub Power Amp (Black) which cost about $25 from Amazon (needed to provide my own power supply – no biggie). This is connected to the Subwoofer output of a Sonos Connect Amp. Adding this made my garden sound much richer.So far so good. I am concerned about the other reviewer’s mention of not being entirely waterproof. We’ll see.Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      The base from this Unit is very well felt and heard!! Would Highly Recommend!!Read more

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