0C195HCAZC5846 Philips fx10 bluetooth stereo gadget for home with cd player , mp3, usb, fm radio, bass reflex speaker, 230 w, far off manage covered

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February, 3, 2020

8 reviews for 0C195HCAZC5846 Philips fx10 bluetooth stereo gadget for home with cd player , mp3, usb, fm radio, bass reflex speaker, 230 w, far off manage covered

  1. eurocrank

    I have the comparable Sony CMTSBT100 Micro Music System. This Philips system is in some important ways superior: quiet CD player, quick turning on of the system and loading of CDs, somewhat better sound, louder volume. It’s also of a nice, comparable size. I have a few issues, though. You can’t use headphones with this unit. There is no headphone jack, and Bluetooth-enabled headphones don’t work, either. Also, CDs start to play as soon as they are loaded; “play” is the default–it’s automatic. The speaker wires connect to the main unit via proprietary plugs. EQ is done by choosing one of several pre-sets (Rock, Jazz, Pop, Samba, Techno). There is a bass boost, but no individual bass or treble adjustment. FM only (no AM). The manual tries to do an IKEA (few words), but fails miserably. Finally, I don’t like the looks–I prefer my Sony by a country mile. But I would have kept the Philips if it had a headphone jack.Read more

  2. Stareyed Star

    I enjoy jamming out in the morning first thing when I get up. The sound is great I still have a hard time getting my phone to hook up Bluetooth with it. I just use the cord from my car. I did hear about this stereo system through a rebate site, I really debated due to not having hardly any extra money with corona virus and not being able to work as much, money has been really tight. I do love music and it helps to take my mind off the hard times. I would recommend purchasing this stereo.Read more

  3. JP

    Pro: sound is decent for a system this size & it is very compact. Cons: 1. speaker wires are only about 4ft in length & there are 4 wires per speaker if you want to splice & add wire. 2. The bluetooth will connect to my tablet but not my galaxy phone. 3. Typical of many systems now a days there is no separate treble or bass & the equalizer is pretty worthless. 4. The remote works fine but it is the cheapest looking/feeling remote I have ever seen.Read more

  4. Melanie Newborn

    I received the first unit and the cd player and the USB did not work. Return was easy and replacement arrived in a reasonable time. The new unit was received, but USB still did not work on new unit. Two units back to back with non-working components is not good for the Phlips name or Amazon. Not happy with the quality control from the manufacturer. Sound quality is good and the unit has plenty of volume. Nonetheless, unit is not worth the trouble until they address their end of line quality.Read more

  5. Deb

    My little blue speaker is louder. The Philips stereo has more clarity and bass yet its not louder than my 25 watt blue tooth speaker. So angryRead more

  6. Terran

    The speakers are 8″W x 12″H x roughly 5 1/2″D because of the design. The speaker dimensions hadn’t been listed when I ordered the product so I had to do a guest-ament based upon the photo.I wouldn’t recommend this if you want to have music blasting at a party. Look at the price. For that grade speaker system you expect to put out a lot more $.The look of the thing appealed to me, it’s kind of industrial, kind of cool, has curb appeal. Doesn’t look like all the others. The gold feature is unusual too, you usually find red as an accent on these. But I didn’t want something boring.Speaking of accent colors and functionality, the clock doesn’t show in normal function and so you can set the clock but it’s going to be hidden, not a display dial. When you don’t have the unit turned on you have a red power light to show it’s getting electricity, but that’s all. Don’t know why the clock display isn’t the default. But you do have the alarm function available to you.The weird thing is the display section is a dull white, which barely registers. I don’t know why they went with something dull instead of a sharp color that would pop, like red or blue or green. Even the gold might have been better.The music genre character functions is useful.The Cd is what I am using this for. Haven’t had a problem with it.The remote functions well.The worst aspect about this is the ridiculous instruction sheet. I assume they thought they were saving paper but it’s like you need to get a bulletin board and spread the multi-language sheet out and pin it up there – as if you’re organizing an invasion of territory or trying to figure out the next heavy tech rocket design – then you can maybe put a hi-liter on the areas you need because trying to flip from one instruction to another and you’re passing over and thru various languages to get there, makes it annoying and confusing. Imagine this spreadsheet in your hand! They managed to make a basic function room stereo into something complicated. In the end, I didn’t even want to deal with Bluetooth. I bought it for the CD function and music in a small room area, that’s it. It’s for me, I don’t need to shield my music from others by using headphones, which this stereo doesn’t accommodate anyway.Read more

  7. michael williams

    The CD player worked fine, with very good quality. But, the usb jack would not play any of my flash drives. Nor would the usb jack play my iPod with a cable going from usb jack to iPod. I mainly purchased this unit for the capability of using the usb output jack. Ive contacted Philips, and they said that the flash drives should work, and I’ve used them in my car stereo and they work fine. they don’t seem to have an answer but would get back to me they said.Read more

  8. michelle mcmenimen

    I have wanted a stereo for a long time that could do everything…this product was so worth the wait. I am enjoying the sounds, the quality, and the easy of use.Read more

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