0C1953RQS20515 Optoma hd146x high performance projector for movies & gaming shiny dlp unmarried chip design better gaming mode 16ms response time

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  • cinematic photograph fine: experience crisp, high-definition snap shots with a local 1080p (1920×1080) resolution and an rygcwb colour wheel for domestic cinema coloration calibration.
  • best image alignment: with the today’s generation from texas instruments, the dlp dmd single-chip layout ensures best picture alignment mixed with high-brightness for an top notch image
  • lighting fixtures-on viewing: enjoy an high-quality 3, six hundred of brightness in any room in your property; leave the lighting on or hold it dim for a cinematic experience
  • rapid response time: more desirable gaming mode enables lightning-rapid reaction time; game display mode boosts shadows and dark scenes for greater visibility of coming near near limitations
  • hdmi-cec for simple on/off: hdmi-cec generation permits manage of the projector and related gadgets the usage of a single faraway, all thru the hdmi reference to the projectors hdmi-hyperlink function
  • more picture intensity: dynamic black technology gives extra depth to the image via smoothing lamp output to create a excessive assessment ratio (500, 000: 1); bright scenes seem clear even as dark scenes remain specific
  • lengthy lamp life: enjoy up to fifteen, 000 hours of lamp existence permitting a mean of four hours of viewing time each day 10+ years
  • complete three-d: the hd146x shows authentic 3-d content from almost any 3-d source, along with three-d blu-ray disc players, 3-d broadcasting, and the brand new-era recreation consoles. Support for 120hz rapid-refresh price offers ultra-clean flicker-loose photos; 3d glasses required
  • smooth set up: forty° vertical keystone correction and a 1. 1x zoom allow flexible placement in any environment
  • hdmi + usb electricity: support for hdmi extender and usb energy supply; connect to apple tv, chromecast, xbox, transfer, ps4 or set pinnacle container for a massive-screen enjoyment enjoy
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revel in crisp, high-definition images with native 1080p (1920×1080) resolution and 25,000:1 assessment ratio.

with a 6-section colour wheel (rygcwb), the hd146x produces shiny, colorful pics for domestic cinema coloration calibration. Experience an brilliant three,six hundred of brightness in any room in your property – home theater, gaming room, or dwelling room.

sport display mode presents a visual advantage by way of boosting shadows and darkish scenes for greater visibility of impending boundaries. More suitable gaming mode promises lightning-rapid input response times of 16ms, best for fast-paced and aggressive console or computer gaming.

enjoy extra depth in your image with dynamic black era which easily adjusts lamp output to create a stunning, high-evaluation picture. Vibrant scenes seem crisp and clean, while dark scenes stay specific with deep blacks and exceptional mild and color detail.

mechanically power on/off the hd146x with hdmi-cec era, which allows control of the projector and hdmi-linked devices the usage of a unmarried far flung.

with the contemporary generation from texas gadgets, the dlp dmd single-chip layout guarantees ideal picture alignment blended with high-brightness for an brilliant image.

a1. 1x zoom and ±40° vertical keystone correction permit bendy placement in any environment.

experience up to 15,000 hours of lamp life in eco mode allowing an average of four hours of viewing time each day 10+ years.

the low 26db noise level in eco-mode ensures movies and gaming are visible, not heard.


3600 Lumens & HDMI-CEC/2020 Model

3 reviews for 0C1953RQS20515 Optoma hd146x high performance projector for movies & gaming shiny dlp unmarried chip design better gaming mode 16ms response time

  1. DougM

    This HD146X is replacing a 5-6yr old Optoma 520 that finally had a problem and would only give a faded pink image.Liked the throw and spread of the last Optoma in our home theater and decided to go for this similarly performing latest model. I am a researcher… you know who you are of you are like me. Especially on sognifxnst purchases like this that are over $300-400 and are technical and electronic. So many choices out there today.I received this unit today n one day from Amazon. Cool!Out of the box, the immediate difference from our old Optoma 529 was brightness. Wow! Some reviews mention that this is bright enough to watch with some lights on on the room and there’s statements are 100% legitimate. Very bright and I’m very happy.Next, the throw on this unit is identical to our old 520. I installed on the same exeoli g mount and had to do NOTHING to adjust the zoom for our screen. I am projecting this on a 120” horizontal screen with a 16:9 screen format that o built myself when screens of this size were over $1,200. I built my own screen for about $180 and that was 6yrs ago.Also, it is FAR more quiet than our old Optoma 520. The fan nose bothered some buyers on the 520, but it never bothered us while watching movies. However this HD146X is VERay quiet even with the fan running.For you shoppers who also may have an Optoma projector you are looking tonrepoace, I’ve got one bit of bad news… this unit comes woth the same crust remote control, with SUPER bright backlot buttons that is way too bright. For me this is a no -issue as we control our home theater with a Logitech programmable remote. Just wanted everyone to know that the Optoma remote is functional and easy to use. However, it is lightweight plastic and the backlot buttons are crazy bright. Like you could use them to navigate your home on the dark instead of your smartphone flashlight.Out of the box I’m stoked. However, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping mine last longer than3-4months loke some other reviewers here. I definitely found the warranty registration card and immediately entry online and registered my unit just in case.This is a no frills unit that appears to have great quality video. I am a big Amazon review person and I believe in buying based on reviews so I pay it forward on stuff I buy. If there is any change, I certainly will update this review.Read more

  2. JustSomeGuy

    I bought this to try 3D. It sounded like fun… I never even got that far. I already had a cheap Bomaker Parrot One… and it in many ways is better than this Optoma HD146X.I have a nice ATMOS Surround system, so the internal speakers are not that big of a deal. BUT… BUT when it comes to sounding like Total CRAP Optoma wins! The Bomaker sounds quite good, the Optoma sounds VERY terrible.The Zoom wheel does nothing… the Zoom wheel is BS. Can’t believe they get away with this.The Color Wheel sounds like it’s going to fly off… and the heat emitted from the bottom of this thing, could start a fire.The Optoma HD146X lens is angled at 15 degrees… so if you are using it straight on… the (MISSING) Adjustable Rubber Feet are quite important. What you have is a joke… one up front and only one in the back. I’m not sure who engineered this… but they certainly must be sacked. Also… I remember seeing a photo that included 4 (Four) adjustable rubber feet… ????Picture Quality… If there really is a better resolution, greater contrast and brightness… It’s not worth it.After all this… I cranked up the old Bomaker and was pleasantly surprised.So the remote and the OSD absolutely suck also. So much frustration… I suppose it has to shut off so quickly because the back light is so bright. Here again… I must compare it to something “very inexpensive” that actually works very well. This certainly sours me on Optoma… :-(I was really excited about the Optoma HD146X… on paper. Fair warning… Do Not Buy.And Now… I see reports of accepted returns officially delivered by UPS with NO Refund ever occurring! OMG!UPDATE: Today is Feb 4th. I was promised in two separate e-mails from two separate “Costumer Service Reps” that I would receive my Authorized Refund by today. Guess what? Nothing! Now I am told I will be refunded in the next 3 to 5 business days by yet another rep… It is starting all over again. I immediately returned this item the very next day. Amazon received it at 1pm on Wed Jan. 27th. Amazon will not even verify this! Nothing… Absolutely no response from Amazon about anything. Do they really need my $528 that bad? This is sickening and deplorable. I see they are trying to sell these for $477 now… I would not pay over $250. Amazon deserves to be sued…Read more

  3. bhughes

    I bought this because of the reviews. I set it up and it is definitely a nice bright picture. Everything was great until I realized that the picture that shows the mounting options – it is literal. The bottom of your screen is exactly horizontal with the top of the table that you set your projector on. The manual states very clearly:Do not operate the projector in any orientation other that table top or ceiling mount. The projector should be horizontal and not tilted either forwards/backwards or left/right. Any other orientation will invalidate the warranty and may shorten the lifetime of the projector lamp or the projector itself. For none standard installation advise please contact Optoma.For us, to get to 120″, the project must be 13′ from the screen, which is fine except that there is a couch in front. We can not ceiling mount and so this means that NO ONE can sit on the couch in front of the projector. I am used to projectors throwing center so you can raise the projector to any arbitrary height. Not this one. The only other option is for us to put the project in front of the couch, which means a much smaller projection.This is a serious design flaw in my opinion. I have tempted to send it back.Read more

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