0C194O9O8UC834 Mackie cr-x series, three-inch multimedia monitors with expert studio-great sound – pair (cr3-x)

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  • expert studio-fine sound
  • the front-going through headphone jack auto-defeats speaker output
  • flexible inputs – 1/4”, 1/8”, and rca
  • 50 watts of easy, articulate stereo sound
  • hookup cables covered
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from the manufacturer

cr-x collection multimedia video display units

studio-quality sound for each person

cr series innovative reference multimedia video display units offer studio-great sound with cosmetics that praise any desk whether or not you’re making track, creating content material, or simply enjoyable in your favourite tunes. The sleek layout of cr-x capabilities a brushed metal panel and a distinct outline that stands proud. To be had in a large variety of sizes from 3” to eight” with bluetooth choice plus an eight” subwoofer with bluetooth, cr-x has an appropriate in shape in your needs. Improve your listening revel in with mackie cr-x innovative reference multimedia monitors.

expert audio system that healthy your lifestyle

mackie is aware of studio monitors, and each bit of that experience was poured into the cr-x series. First rate sound, less expensive, and glossy seems make these perfect for small home recording studios.

trying to make it huge at the internet? You deliver the expertise, we’ve got the tools. What better location to begin than your audio. An accurate illustration of what your videos, podcasts, and extra will sound like is essential to developing awesome content material.

cr-x is ideal for computer gaming whilst you want to provide the headset a damage. Crisp highs imply you’ll pay attention each footstep, and balanced lows and mids will hold you immersed in each detail and storyline.

once in a while it’s best to simply relax and pay attention your preferred song whilst you sip your favourite drink. One way to make it now not so a laugh is when the sound isn’t quite as much as par. Cr-x brings you towards your song with full, devoted sound for all track styles.


brushed metal faceplate, textured cabinet, and traditional cr inexperienced will improve the appearance of any table.

standard fashions are geared up with 1/four” balanced/unbalanced and rca, and 1/eight” aux inputs. Bluetooth models allow for smooth wi-fi streaming. (see model details for specific input availability)

with the quantity/strength knob at the the front panel, you can without difficulty dial in the proper degree.

need to listen even closer? Cr-x video display units have a headphone output integrated and it is right there at the front panel. Plugging in headphones will also automagically mute the speaker output.

examine greater

cr3-x 3” video display units function a graceful design with a brushed-steel panel and wonderful outline. Convenient the front panel headphone out and volume manipulate make each day use smooth. Bendy rear panel inputs encompass balanced 1/4″ trs, 1/eight” stereo, and rca. Great cables are protected within the box to get you up and going for walks quick. Improve your listening revel in with mackie cr3-x monitors.

  • 1/eight” to stereo rca cable
  • 1/8″ to at least one/eight” cable
  • speaker wire (for connecting essential speaker to the other)
  • pro gear software program and mackie different musician series plugin package deal
  • professional studio-excellent sound
  • sleek cosmetics
  • flexible inputs – 1/four”, rca, 1/8″
  • the front panel energy/extent manage
  • front panel headphone output
  • 50 watts of easy, articulate stereo sound
  • three″ polypropylene-covered woofer and . 75″ ferrofluid-cooled silk-dome tweeter
  • product description

    product description

    cr collection innovative reference multimedia monitors offer studio-pleasant sound with cosmetics that praise any table whether or not you’re making music, growing content material, or simply relaxing to your favourite tunes. Cr3-x 3” video display units feature a sleek design with a brushed-metallic panel and awesome outline. Handy the front panel headphone out and volume control make every day use easy. Flexible rear panel inputs encompass balanced 1/four” trs, 1/eight” stereo, and rca. Awesome cables are blanketed inside the container to get you up and going for walks speedy. Improve your listening enjoy with mackie cr3-x video display units.

    from the manufacturer

    cr series cr3-x – 3″ multimedia monitors


    3-Inch, 4-Inch, 5-Inch, 8-Inch


    Bluetooth, Bluetooth – White, Standard

    8 reviews for 0C194O9O8UC834 Mackie cr-x series, three-inch multimedia monitors with expert studio-great sound – pair (cr3-x)

    1. Andrew Maxwell

      These speakers emit a constant hiss from the tweeters at all time while powered on. It’s loud and remains at the same level no matter how high or low the volume knob is set. I tried multiple outlets including my battery backup/power conditioner and it hisses no matter what. Tried both the included cables, RCA and stereo mini jack with my imac. even when not connected to anything, it emits a hiss. not sure if this was a defective pair or just designed this way.Read more

    2. Res1cue One Quartet

      I want to write an honest review on the CRX-5 monitors because I am hopeful to help someone. I am the sound technician at a 500+ member church and we use a nice 32 channel sound board. I wanted a high quality monitor for “soloing” channels and reviewing the mix before it goes to the livestream and remote video feed (nursery etc…) The Mackie CRX-5’s far exceeds my expectations. They are crisp, clear, and have a pure and clean sound reproduction range. To all of the people complaining about the lack of bass response, shhhhh….. That is not what these are designed to do. If its bass you want, buy a pair of Mackie Thump 18S subs and you will be satisfied. They would rock as shelve speakers or computer speakers. I highly recommend them if you use them in their intended environment. If you want loud, buy some Mackie Thump 12s and 18S. If you want control room or mixing console speakers, buy these.Read more

    3. Sarah Davis

      These monitors are good for the money, but there is a drawback that I personally don’t care enough to make a big deal out of, but I can see why other people would absolutely hate them. There is a constant hiss from the tweeter on both monitors independent of volume/cables/etc. This hiss is no louder than my computer fans, so I don’t care to a large extent about this. Due to the volume of this hiss, when playing something at moderate volumes, the hiss is inaudible. Due to this hiss, I’m knocking 2 stars. Overall, these monitors are okay for my budget home studio.Read more

    4. Michael Otero

      I’m going to start with the cons. With the out of the box wiring, these monitors do not sound well. They crackle, pop the bass sounds muddy and the highs are harsh.Now the Pro. With “premium cables” these monitors really shine. Luckily I had a set of 3.5mm TRS to RCA stereo breakout cables and 14AWG OFC speaker cable laying around. I threw aside the stock wires and instead used the above mentioned. These speakers now sound crisp and clean. No muddy bass or harsh highs anymore. Aside from having to toss aside the out of the box wiring, these monitors are definitely a great buy and definitely will give you that studio sound.Read more

    5. William L Scull Jr.

      First, I want to say this company has excellent customer service. The first pair of these had a speaker that was distorting about a month after purchase. The company replaced after I submitted a short video of the problem. Having said that, the speakers perform to their price point and maybe a bit beyond, but you can hear an audible hiss when there is no music being played through the speakers, even if the speakers have the volume turned all the way down. Sometimes it’s a bit annoying to me, if I’m sitting in front of them and just want complete silence for a moment. It kind of sounds like the sprinklers are on outside my window, only they are not. It’s not super loud, but just loud enough to be annoying. I bought a pair of Edifier R1280T speakers at the same time I bought these, just so I could have a comparison reference in mixes. I like having both of them because they really have a completely different sound and balance each other nicely. The Mackies are a bit clearer and more present midrange wise, and the Edifiers have better bass and stronger highs, although the mids are not as clear. Notably, the Edifiers have no hiss whatsoever. All in all, I like having both sets and would recommend either. If I had to go with one, I’d probably choose the Mackies because of the very clear midrange, but that hiss really needs to be improved, even at this price point.Read more

    6. Cameron

      After reading the other reviews about the hiss I took a chance. I am disappointed to report that my set of speakers also has the hissing “feature”. With nothing plugged in, and the volume at its lowest, there is a hiss. The hiss can even be heard while playing the piano with them. Contacted Mackie support and they said they have never heard of this issue and that my set must be defective, to return them.Read more

    7. Colin Haase

      I currently own the Mackie HR824 MK2 monitors and they are phenomenal. I purchased these to stay loyal to Mackie and have a smaller set for reference. These NEVER stop hissing at any volume and I was extremely disappointed. I returned them instantly. I read reviews of the hiss, but only saw that in the smaller speaker cone models. NOPE! All models from top to bottom of these model create hiss. I’m so sad a great company like this made a cheap version that constantly hisses. Being a speaker company, how can you release a product that never stops hissing? I will no longer be buying more Mackie products.If you love constant loud hiss when mixing, these are the monitors for you!Read more

    8. Audrey Vaughan

      These speakers have pretty good quality sound, especially coming from a small speaker. However they have some pretty loud hissing noise when they are on which is pretty annoying. When they audio is loud enough it covers it up but if I don’t want the volume too loud the hissing is just too distracting. Mine also did not come with foam pads which Mackie said was a fluke. However I contacted Mackie about the issues I had and they sent me a new pair for free. But since they had the same problems as the pair I bought off Amazon (hissing and not coming with isolation foam) I’m pretty sure it isn’t a fluke. Buy Micca or Presonus monitors not these.Pretty good speakers besides the obnoxious hissing and not coming with foam pads twice.Read more

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