0C194GDM85X586 50w(70w height) bluetooth audio system built-in 8000mah battery electricity financial institution, w-king wi-fi outdoor portable water-resistant tws, dsp, nfc speaker, powerful wealthy bass loud stereo sound (black)

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  • the gold preferred of wi-fi speakers: the w-king d8 wireless speaker is here that will help you enjoy nightclub-grade audio excellent on-the-pass thanks to its 50w output electricity and a couple of. 2 acoustic drives device.
  • fee all of your transportable devices: below the sleek but rugged exterior, there is a massive 8000mah built-in electricity financial institution so as to fee your iphone, android phone, pill, ipad or motion camera.
  • crisp & crystal clean hd stereo sound: impeccable audio first-class is our primary priority. That is why the d8 speaker is equipped with 2 complete-range speaker drivers, 2 passive subwoofers and a pair of tweeters. It is able to connect to computer, television and different non-bluetooth devices with the included three. 5mm audio jacks. You could also use w-king bluetooth speaker for arms-unfastened calling.
  • designed to undergo any abuse: your loud portable speaker isn’t always best strong and shockproof, however also water-proof, dustproof and sandproof. Take it with you for your subsequent tenting journey or seashore birthday party!
  • get your wireless speaker now 100% chance-unfastened: please use a 5v 2. 0a strength adapter (not included) to charge your speaker. Your universally well matched transportable bluetooth cell speaker comes with an different 18-month assurance, so you can vicinity your order with confidence.

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12.6, x, 4.65, x, 4.65, inches

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5.3, pounds



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4.7, out, of, 5, stars, 1, 687, ratings, 4.7, out, of, 5, stars

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August, 1, 2019



5 reviews for 0C194GDM85X586 50w(70w height) bluetooth audio system built-in 8000mah battery electricity financial institution, w-king wi-fi outdoor portable water-resistant tws, dsp, nfc speaker, powerful wealthy bass loud stereo sound (black)

  1. Sunglass Evaluator

    This W-King Bluetooth speaker box could certainly deserve 5-stars, because it is the best I have found, but there are just a few imperfections. Sound quality is overall very good; it’s very similar to the Bugani, which I recently bought first instead, because the Bugani has a built-in TF/SD-card Music player, and that allows standalone operation, which is what I wanted, but it turned out the Bugani SD-card player has a defect, so I am returning it; see my Bugani review for details about that. I wasn’t able to find a portable speaker box with built-in SD-card player other than the Bugani that looked any good (others are all too small), so I was forced to buy a Bluetooth player, so that I could use what looked to be good Bluetooth portable speaker boxes, like the W-King and Aiwa Exos-9.So, obviously the first imperfection of the W-King is it doesn’t have a built-in TF/SD-card player. Add that, and I’m sure it will sell big time. Another minor imperfection is the dangling strap instead of a handle; I can see with the controls on top, which is where they should be, that a handle might block them, but the handle doesn’t have to go over top-center; it could be towards the back, or even on one end.After the Bugani built-in player didn’t work right, as noted above, I bought a Bluetooth player, and would have bought the W-King next, which I had noticed before, but since it didn’t have the built-in SD-card player, I bought the Bugani first instead, even though the W-King has the obviously better controls on top, where they should be, and the indicator lights very visible too, whereas the Bugani has the buttons on the end where they are difficult to see and press, and the Bugani has a miserable indicator light behind it’s speaker grill, and it’s difficult to see unless you put your head down there, and if you do, then you can’t simultaneously see the buttons!? So if all you want is a Bluetooth speaker box, the W-King has better controls and indicators.However, before I bought the W-King, I noticed the Aiwa Exos-9. Even though it’s larger than I would like, and more expensive, the size should result in better sound quality. Wow was that a disappointment; see my Aiwa Exos-9 review. The Bugani and the W-King both produce better full-fidelity sound than the Aiwa, especially at lower volumes. The Aiwa could be said to have better bass, definitely louder bass, but if you want to hear the rest of the sound, the other two boxes are better, and the other two boxes are plenty loud enough.The W-King has slightly smaller main speakers than the Bugani, and as far as I can tell the W-King has slightly larger tweeters than the Bugani. The resulting sound quality difference is as would be expected, meaning the Bugani has slightly better low-end, and the W-King has slightly better overall midrange sound, but the differences are very slight, with both speakers sounding really good overall, and I’m an audiophile, so that’s a significant endorsement.The W-King EQ seems to have two choices: off and on. Even though the EQ slightly diminishes the overall clarity and volume, I actually prefer it on with most songs, because with it off, the highs are a bit harsh. I think they probably crossover to the tweeters at a lower frequency than they should have, causing the harsh upper midrange, and the EQ helps adjust that somewhat. What works the best is to have the EQ off and try to find a place to place the unit where the harsh highs are not as noticeable, but that isn’t always possible.Which reminds me that the W-King, having side radiators, is far less finicky about where you place it than the Bugani with it’s rear radiators.The top buttons and indicator lights on the W-King make it way better than the Bugani. Not obvious until you see it in person are the three battery-indicator lights on the W-King; excellent, especially since for making the battery last a long time, it’s best to wait for it to drain down low, but not all the way, and then recharge it, so it’s important to know what the charge-level is. I had no idea what the charge level was on the Bugani, even though it says it has some sort of low-battery light color somewhere.I don’t know if the battery/batteries in the W-King are replaceable, which is another serious imperfection, because if they are not, then this will be garbage in a few years. I think there will probably be something much better in a few years, so I guess I might have to get something else when the battery goes bad. Someone please let me know if it is replaceable.Which brings me to the final imperfection. It’s not really an imperfection if this is the biggest size you want, but having much experience in speaker quality, bigger definitely makes better overall sound possible (not for sure, but possible), so they should make an even bigger version, maybe even two more versions, one about 2-inches more in every dimension, and one about 4-inches more in every dimension. No need to increase the size of the tweeters, but bigger mains/baffles/radiators will allow even better sound.Read more

  2. Sean

    Sounds great it actually has some deep bass tones. Highs and mids are good. Overall sound quality is a win. TWS connects faster than any other speaker I have come across. Small amount of latency watching videos. Phone calls are OK occasionally the person on the other end has problems hearing you. Battery life is good charge time slightly longer than average.At first there are 3 EQ settings or sound modes then as you cycle through you lose the one that only accentuates the bass. 🤔 You’re left with a louder and quieter setting. No biggy bc it still sounds good but what happened. Purchased both the green and black. This is the lower priced speaker with deep bass that you have been looking for. Sounds good with actual deep thumpy bass. At the right angle it will boom.Not to crazy about the strap. You can’t remove it. A handle would have been nice. The good far out way any bad. It’s a great sounding speaker and I’ll say it again it actually has bass. 😎👍Read more

  3. AZ Outdoor Lovin’

    After much creative research, I wanted to up the sound on my Yahama Rhino. I was hesitant to spend the money to get some electronically installed. I was looking for a cheaper solution that would give me the same effect. Also, I don’t care too much about the look.After much research on Bluetooth speakers I settled on the W-king. I used four gear tie “reusable rubber twist ties” to secure the speaker in place. We went out on our first off road and The W-King sound, bass, equalizer, battery life, you name is it was AMAZING. I highly highly recommend.Hope this review helps some other side by side owners that want some easy sound solutions. I have researched and researched many solutions and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Pair the speaker, with Bluetooth, with you favorite playlist from your MP3 player or cell phone.Read more

  4. Owen

    (Revised)first day 4-1/2 hrs of playback at max volume if you use the equalizer, 5-1/4 hrs with EQ off activating the equalizer increases the base making it louder, and drains more power do not know how they came up with a 24 hr playback the unit sounds great and lots of base with EQ on, the unit is heavy seems well made but my work day is 8 + hrs so very disappointed with unit. purchased a power bank to give the unit more play time that’s my only real issue with the unit the short playback timeRead more

  5. Sim

    Great speaker. Great sound. Great price. Easy to pair with other devices.Very deep bass great for outdoor parties or anywhere you want very loud music.Charges easily with standard usb wall charger (2 amp minimum).Read more

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