0C194A44WGU606 Eboda bluetooth bathe speaker, water resistant transportable bluetooth speakers, ip67 water-proof outside speaker wireless with led mild, floating, 2000mah, tws, palms-free for shower, pool, seashore, motorcycle -black

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  • ♬【ip67 water-resistant bathe speaker & floating】 water-proof bathe speaker is thoroughly immune to water, dust and sand. You may get it moist, muddy, blanketed in snow, and then hand wash it while you go in. The water vapor in lavatory will by no means interfere with the sound first-rate of the waterproof speaker. Its ip67 protection even withstands entire submersion in up to 1 meter of water for as much as half-hour, and even flow after taking a plunge.
  • ♬【crystal clean sound & effective battery 】 compact palm sized frame, built excessive capacity 2000mah battery in transportable bathe wireless speaker, assist for music playback lengthy (determined by way of volume ,led patterns and audio content of speaker performed). The shower bluetooth speaker sound turned into first-class and crisp, distortion-loose at maximum quantity 5w motive force output for handing over full variety and effective sound and guide a2dp.
  • ♬【5 led mild patterns】water-resistant bathe bluetooth speakers can mild up your life. You may enjoy the led light display when you the usage of the transportable wi-fi bluetooth speaker concentrate tune. Night time mild converting wi-fi speaker with 5 patterns of led mild permit your lifestyles become greater exciting. Our cool led bluetooth speaker may be as a present for your buddies or kids.
  • ♬【solid bluetooth connection 】 bluetooth five. 0 technology has a better and solid signal and high transmission price make sure the reliability. Eboda shower bluetooth speaker supported to hook up with all ios android gadgets, telephone, computers or even echo series, fantastic connection variety of up to 33 ft and integrated microphone for palms loose calling suggest extra flexibility for you .
  • ♬【tws supported & ultra- transportable】true wireless stereo technology help speakers play song synchronously through a bluetooth connection, shape a wireless left and right channel machine to supply you actual stereo sound. Portable bluetooth speaker with rugged rubber housing, integrated hook with a carabiner so you can hold the transportable speaker on backpack, bicycles, carts and everywhere you want, so it’s perfect for tour, riding, trekking, camping, and more out of doors/ indoors activities.

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Black, Gray, Red

8 reviews for 0C194A44WGU606 Eboda bluetooth bathe speaker, water resistant transportable bluetooth speakers, ip67 water-proof outside speaker wireless with led mild, floating, 2000mah, tws, palms-free for shower, pool, seashore, motorcycle -black

  1. Ziggy

    This speaker is Awesome, I love the sound it produces I love the led lights and how they have different modes, I love the qauality of the speaker it feels premium, I’m definitely going to take advantage of the clip and it’s definitely unique I reccomend it 100%. The only thing I don’t like is that it didn’t come in black only available color are red and grey but that’s just me nit picking other then that it amazing!Read more

  2. Kristy

    I am so happy with this purchase! I ordered this for my bicycle. I wanted to be able to keep my phone in my bicycle bag and play music. This has exceeded my expectations. I didn’t even realize that it had the lights and the battery has already lasted through a Christmas light bike ride and an all day beach bike ride. Not to mention the 3 hour return home because I forgot to turn it off. The light looked so bright in the back of the truck. It is exactly as I want it to be. Enjoy!Read more

  3. kgb

    This is an awesome little speaker it’s extremely loud and clear. it can reproduce some bass, not like a subwoofer but you can hear it. Yes you can skip forward and go back songs if you hold down the volume button +/-. The lights don’t beat to the music, it’s a preset pattern, but there’s several to choose from and it looks cool. So far I’ve had it on a couple hours, loud, with the lights on and the battery still at 70%. Sounds and looks lot better than the smaller ones you can buy.Read more

  4. Gnoman

    I gave these a 4/5 for sound quality because they sound massively better in TWS stereo mode using a Note8 without atmos or anything enabled. I’m not sure why; the phone might be defaulting to a lower quality mono stream without 2 of them, or it might just be that mono generally sounds bad. This is for the price range and accounting for bluetooth’s inherent crappiness as well (especially zero-control SBC low bitrate that the snapdragon variant of this phone has), so I’m not expecting them to sound like my actual stereo setup. They do sound better via audio->usb and a splitter at phone end, although this is unwieldy enough that the marginal gains aren’t worth it. They do the job for what they’re made for.Every negative people have listed is covered in the short manual. Yes, you can turn the LEDs off (or sync them to music), yes, you can answer the phone and control tracks. It isn’t very complicated. Read the 1/4 page on controls and all will be revealed. This was included with both speakers which i bought a year apart, so it’s not like they added this info later so just typical people not bothering to read anything as usual. Turning the LEDs off gives a very long battery life. I’ve not run out yet, and the auto-shutoff when BT is killed is nice.Edit: I’d suggest avoiding using direct device headphone audio out->speaker usb jack. This appears to have blown the speaker on one of my two, possibly bypass of the DAC bypasses level cutoffs, I can’t be sure without either reverse engineering the speaker or digging through megabytes of Android connection logs which are usually less readable than AVX-512 heavy AT&T syntax assembly language transliterated into Arabic then machine-translated to Chinese then back to English.It still works now, but distorts badly at over 70% volume which wasn’t happening before. It may be a phone setting issue as the “ear safe” volume range for bluetooth audio (which is turned off as a hard cutoff but still displayed on Android) got smaller around the same time with no intervention. The other speaker is still fine at full range (and both sound the same under 70% so nothing terrible) so it’s not worth taking one apart to satisfy my curiosity about the cause… If it dies completely and I take it apart I’ll post findings but so far no other degradation has occurred.Read more

  5. Laura Glaeser

    I bought two different speakers so I could compare them.The Torteco F50 (square speaker) was heavier and a little bigger than the Eboda B18P. The F50 had deeper and fuller sound for music. If you’re using this for BBQs and hanging with friends I’d recommend the F50, but the B18P will do the job.The B18P is lighter, easier to travel with, and more user friendly when answering phone calls. I call it the party puck.I love the look of the F50, it’s nice and minimalist and the colors are fun. The Party puck’s light show is more fun in my opinion though. I wish there was an option for you to choose just one color. Neither of these speakers let you choose one color; it’s either a light show or off.I haven’t endurance tested the battery.I bought a speaker so I could listen to music/podcasts in the shower and have hands free calling in my older car. For my purposes I prefer the party puck. The sound came through clearer when in the shower and it’s more user friendly for calling, I just answered my call through the phone while the party puck was connected and the speaker picked up the call. The other speaker requires you to press a button the speaker to use it for the call. Plus, it’s lighter so I can hang it from my phone’s clip in the car.They are both great speakers for the money, I considered keeping both, one at home one for travel, but I’m also trying to minimize my stuff.In short, they both do the job. F50 for music people, B18P for calling and portability.Read more

  6. Anne Lizio

    We bought this for our 16 year old son so he didn’t have to try and sneak his iPhone into the shower to blast his tunes. It works great, sounds phenomenal and looks awesome!! He listens to music and audiobooks while showering and it actually gets him out of there quicker!!! Used to take him forever!! LOL!! Truly a great value for the price!! I would highly recommend this product!!Read more

  7. Squirrel Egloff

    This is a great little speaker. If you are not super picky about sound quality and all you want is to listen to music and sing in the shower, this guy is for you. Strong bluetooth, good rubber case to keep water out.Read more

  8. Arieanna young

    Love this speaker. I wish it was more clear. If you hold the plus or the minus sign down to change the song caus so was upset thinking that is have to do so from my phone. This thing can beat. I love using it in the shower and summer pool here I come cause this is going to be amazing floating in the pool. Love that it floats as well . This speaker can pumps some beats for sure.Read more

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