0C1948L5XYC894 Denon home one hundred fifty wi-fi speaker (2020 model heos integrated, airplay 2, and bluetooth compatible layout

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  • the superb wi-fi entire-domestic audio speaker – set up your own home 150 over wi-fi community & heos app to experience seamless multi-room listening experience with the equal song gambling throughout the home, or unique ones in each room
  • hi-res audio, without the hi-fi device – providing a dynamic 1″ tweeter and three. Five” mid-bass driving force, the new denon domestic one hundred fifty is designed to breed accurate denon sound with clear highs and deep lows – experience excellence in each beat
  • circulation your preferred track from spotify, apple tune, amazon music hd, pandora, tidal, tunein, and more thru wi-fi, airplay 2, heos or bluetooth. Revel in palms-free operations with amazon alexa voice instructions from any echo tool (offered one by one)
  • for all of your tune wishes – on-line or offline – usb, community help with a huge range of wi-fi connections can help you connect this smart and glossy speaker to any av receiver, sound bar, network player or extra audio system for splendid stereo sound
  • top class pre-selection – keep your favourite internet radio stations with 3 short select buttons. Now you do not ought to seek thru the thousands of stations whenever you want to listen your preferred track
  • get the superb heos experience – with heos built-in, each room in your property can have its very own sound. Or, group extra denon domestic speakers, sound bars, subwoofers, community participant or av receivers to fill the residence with the same song
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from the manufacturer

play your favourite tune wirelessly throughout your house for a continuing, multi-room listening experience.

with advanced acoustic hardware, expertly tuned dsp and premium full-variety drivers, the denon domestic a hundred and fifty offers amazing, room-filling sound from a compact layout.

stream your favourite song from spotify, apple track, amazon tune hd, pandora, tidal, tunein, iheartradio (us), sirius xm (us), deezer and extra via wi-fi, airplay 2 and bluetooth.

(*availability varies by using location.)

enjoy tune with advanced detail and precision. With heos built-in, the denon domestic 150 supports alac, flac and wav files as much as 192khz/24-bit, as well as dsd 2. 8mhz and five. 6mhz tracks.

use the heos app to resultseasily set up the denon home a hundred and fifty on your own home wi-fi community.

founded in 1910, denon has a deep history of “firsts” in audio era — from japan’s first audio electronics manufacturer, to producing the arena’s first commercial cd player and dolby atmos enabled av receiver. This centered funding in audio r&d ensures you get the cutting-edge generation and maximum pleasant with each listening revel in.


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5 reviews for 0C1948L5XYC894 Denon home one hundred fifty wi-fi speaker (2020 model heos integrated, airplay 2, and bluetooth compatible layout

  1. Folger

    The rendition of voice is beautiful. The mids and highs have the character of being sung live. Voices are not just precise and separated from other instruments, but you can hear them resonate right from the speaker. My young daughter literally went to check who’s inside.It is only unfortunate that the bass is all too pervasive (for classical audiophiles like me). Is this good for pop? Check. Electronic? Check. Rock & metal? Sure. Jazz – mostly yes. But definitely not for classical music. The bass problem is deep. In Una Furtiva Lacrima, Luciano Pavarotti is at times inaudible while being accompanied by a mere harp. Basically any piece with as much as a chello will be dominated by the bass.Further, string instruments lack softness and roundness. Piano sounds lovely, precise and lively. In mid and high tones the instrument separation is superb. It’s just such a pity that the otherwise soothing bass overpowers everything else.The speaker has serious connectivity issues. It worked on AirPlay once and then never again. Plays hide and seek on bluetooth. Requires a bluetooth reset every time it’s supposed to be connected. For me, that involves bending down and finding a small button at the back. Not seamless operation at all.Read more

  2. scott yarnell

    *Updated after a month of use*First and most importantly, this ONLY plays music/podcasts from your PHONE (or audio playback device). Denon admits this cannot be used for any TV sound or surround sound unless it is paired only with their Denon sound bar. Nope, not even if your receiver is a Denon. I can play music/podcasts from my phone to my receiver and the Home 150 at the same time using HEOS, but you cannot broadcast from your receiver to this speaker thru wifi, bluetooth, or HEOS. I bought this initially to bring my TV audio into my kitchen while I’m cooking…which you can’t do. So, music and cooking it is…I guess.If you are between Sonos and a Denon whole-home wireless system, go Sonos unless you enjoy solving finicky puzzles or confusing your wife. The problem above and the HEOS app issues are inexcusable. Sorry, Denon.HOWEVER…I do recommend this if you want a nice small size speaker for the kitchen, enclosed porch, or for BBQs as a standalone unit.The sound is surprisingly good for its size and clear at loud volumes. Has great bass, but can be a little too low for listening to voice (podcasts, audiobooks). If bass heavy tunes are your thing, winner. You can adjust the equalizer, but the former statement holds true regardless. Finicky connection issues on bluetooth, but better/faster using WiFi. The Heos app needs to be updated or replaced – it’s not intuitive, doesn’t always work the first time, and if you have multiple wireless and wired connections, good luck. I’m re-configuring and trying new apps to avoid HEOS as much as possible. If you are using wired connections on your receiver and use this thru WiFi there is a slight delay in the sound, so if you’re playing both of them at the same time you better make sure they’re far enough apart so you can’t hear the echo – it’s frustratingly disorienting. Also, setup was fairly easy but the user guide is complete garbage. I’m still not 100% sure how to use or program the Quick Select buttons.Read more

  3. Leonard D Nelson

    ***Updating to two stars from the original 1-star. Denon shipped me a new one after lots of hassle and plenty of additional troubleshooting steps. Their software should provide more descriptive errors at this price point.***Absolutely horrible software. Doesn’t connect via Bluetooth or WiFi except intermittently. Save your money and avoid this piece of garbage. The sound is very nice but if you can’t play it then who cares???- Red light blinks red after reboot and reset.- Doesn’t connect with Bluetooth OR wifi.- Submitted support request in the “Heos” app and got a server error.What kind of garbage is this???Update: I have been trying to call the support line during the time that the website says that the support line is open, and the support line says it is closed. Not happy with this expensive paper weight.Read more

  4. Genma Saotome

    Set up of two speakers via WIFI was very easy to do, no problems at all. I’ve used WIFI, Bluetooth, and Spotify to play music w/o much fuss.The sound quality perplexes me; There are times when it sounds wonderful and at other times I”m sort of going “have I ever heard it this way before?”. That can be an better,,, or worse I suppose.I notice when drum sticks are tapped together they are as sharp and in-your-face as a gunshot. Not so good, IMO. Yet in many other instances I’m hearing supporting instruments clearly that were muddied out on other hardware and I’m liking that.They can be played rather loud so if that’s what you want these can do quite well in that regard.I pushed the treble to 10 per a suggestion I read here… sounded good. That said there are times when I think the bass is not as punchy as I think it should be so I dropped the treble back. Subjective of course, but others do say it is a real good idea.Bottom line: My pedestrian advice is go listen to them first, you’ll probably be very pleased. But listen to a lot of different examples of music before making up your mind. I’m not regretting the buy — I really wanted decent sounding WIFI connectivity due to where they are placed and these have exactly what I needed.Read more

  5. LouisKarol

    Easy to setup wirelessly, easy to tune base and treble settings via app, hacker friendly network commands, easy to use and reuse bluetooth. Ignore the astroturfers and folks who didn’t read the manual.Read more

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