0C1944XRNZQ888 Asseso hp1 gaming in-ear earbuds; hello-decision audiophile headphones with effective bass and stepped forward noise isolation; secure for exercise, walking and exceptional for gaming (blue)

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  • effective bass & energetic sound level: equipped with extra massive 1/2” / 13mm driving force (vs ordinary 7-10mm) that enhances heavy bass and ultra-thin speaker diaphragm to supply exact crystal clear treble, asseso hp1 brings you huge sound enjoy and heavy bass performance unprecedented at this price range.
  • hello-resolution licensed audio: asseso hp1 grants detailed, high-res audio in a small, stylish and inexpensive bundle. Extensive frequency degrees from 10h to 40khz.
  • stepped forward noise isolation: continual testing and improvement ended in advanced passive noise cancellation of as much as 30db (as compared to ordinary earplugs at18db).
  • relaxed & ergonomic layout: to be had in 4 silky smooth earbuds that make sure a snug fit, asseso hp1 is comfy and light-weight to wear for the gym, going for walks and workout routines. They’re also best for an prolonged gaming session and daily use.
  • wide compatibility & our promise: like minded with maximum telephones and tablet going for walks ios and android and gaming gadgets (e. G. Nintendo transfer). We are confident you’ll love hp1, but, if you don’t, we additionally offer a 12-month guarantee in your worry-free buy.

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asseso hp1 hello-decision audiophile in-ear earbud headphones


Black, Blue, Orange, Silver

5 reviews for 0C1944XRNZQ888 Asseso hp1 gaming in-ear earbuds; hello-decision audiophile headphones with effective bass and stepped forward noise isolation; secure for exercise, walking and exceptional for gaming (blue)

  1. J.Es.

    I wasn’t sure what I was doing to get with these headphones. But I was amazed by sound and clarity of the music 🎶. The bass sound really great, it’s heavy sounding and the vocals are very clear. I think of getting a other pairs of me and family. Worth price you paid for. You won’t be disappointed.Read more

  2. Katy

    Better sound quality from my 20 dollar pair.Read more

  3. Ian D.

    I got these headphones mainly to use with my Nintendo Switch since they’re advertised as gaming headphones. My thoughts are as follows:The sound quality is fantastic, not just for gaming but also for music. At this price, you’re getting much better sound than you might expect (though it won’t be confused with top-of-the-line Sony or Bose, etc.). That said, as someone who mostly uses Bluetooth headphones, it’s hard for me to compare the value. Bluetooth earbuds at the same price point ($30-something) just don’t sound as good. In fact, it’s not even close. Sometimes bass that’s advertised as “powerful” can be overpowering and muddy, but here this is not the case. The sound is quite balanced for various types of listening.These earbuds also fit very comfortably. They’re extremely lightweight, and the tips are easily malleable enough that they sit comfortably in the ear, almost as if there were nothing at all. Even for long sessions, they remain comfortable without causing any fatigue or pressure.Beyond the sound and comfort (certainly the most important aspects), these are nice looking as well. The two-tone design is pretty minimal and attractive. And the build quality seems solid despite the fact that these are so very light. They even come in a fairly nice tin.The only area I’ve found a bit disappointing is the short cable length. This reinforces the fact that much of the time, I’d prefer to use Bluetooth earbuds. The cable is so short, in fact, that I can’t comfortably connect these to my PC on my desk while sitting at the desk (just a few feet away). Even when using my Switch with these, there are times that I might want to extend my arms a bit more than the cable will allow. Another 6 inches to a foot would have been a big plus.These have a lot of positives. If you’re not too worried about the relatively short cord length for your uses, these are very nice wired headphones!Read more

  4. Knowlengr

    This set of buds has a reasonably full spectrum. For hip hop, the bass (good, but not “powerful” as claimed) won’t satisfy, but if tailored for hip hop, then these buds wouldn’t work for classical music. Definitely a cut above the ones handed out back in the day with your basic cell phone package.TEST CLIPS (flac lossless)–Alice Merton’s “No Roots”–Anne Akiko Meyers Copland Sonata for Violin & Piano–Evanescence “Weight of the World”–Hans Zimmer “Now we are free” from “Gladiator”–Holst “Mars” from “The Planets”–Joan Baez “Diamonds & Rust”THE BESTThe Asseso delivers very crisp and even performance with solo ensemble mixes, with good overtone rendering for solo violin. The Copland violin and piano mix was near perfect and extremely well articulated.For straight ahead pop with distinct solo parts like “Diamonds and Rust,” it’s quite good. The Merton sounds great pounding out those ROOTs.THE NUANCEThe Evanescence song sounds like it’s doubly compressed somehow.In complex orchestral passages, especially with active string parts accompanied by flute & piccolo runs, I’d hear a sort of tinny bleed on the high end, or just distortion. For instance, in “Mars,” the trumpet (think military riff) parts render very well until the rest of the orchestra enters. Then it gets a little muddy. The Zimmer classic from “Gladiator” was similarly affected, though in some passages, it was fine.PHYSICAL–The jack looks well made (this can be the first thing to break).–Still comfortable after a couple hours of listening–Supplied with several fittings; this is important and definitely affects the sound quality delivered–Really nice tin case, though a little large for a purseCONCLUSIONThere’s little doubt that additional fussing with level and EQ helps to get the most out of these buds. One setting won’t work for all kinds of music, so if you’ve got a heterogeneous playlist, and if you’re fairly picky, expect to stay close to the controls.***Recommended. At this price point, you get your $ worth with the Asseso.TEST PLATFORMS–Realtek HD audio subsystem on an Acer All in 1 desktop computer running Win10 Pro–Oculus Quest 1Read more

  5. Richard Ballard

    I enjoy hi-fidelity sound and am disappointed even by the better-quality ear buds packaged with some small electronics. I ordered these ear buds to upgrade the sound on my MP3 player and I’m not disappointed: comfort, improved noise reduction, deep bass and clarity. And the ear buds are solidly constructed.These ear buds have a downward tilt that somehow better fits my ears, and the cushions are properly sized (no slipping) and comfortable; I appreciate that the OEM provides three smaller cushion pairs for people with smaller ear canals. The properly fitting cushions also noticeably reduce extraneous noise. The sound quality is superior. There is no “bass boost” but with a clear full-fidelity recording (e.g., A Hot Night in Paris by Phil Collins’ Big Band) you can hear deep bass nuances that you missed before and the percussion clarity is remarkable.The ear buds are solidly constructed with strain reliefs at each ear bud, at the plug-in jack, and where the individual ear bud cables separate. The plug-in jack is gold-plated for a reliable connection. And the ear buds and extra cushions come packaged in a sturdy metal can similar to a loose tea leaf container. I got an extra benefit here: the metal can is sufficiently large to store my MP3 player and charging cable in addition to the ear buds and extra cushions, so now I can store my entire MP3 player system in one sturdy metal can.Read more

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