0C1940HR8XQ125 Demerbox: waterproof, portable, and rugged out of doors bluetooth audio system. Loud sound, forty+ hr battery lifestyles, dry container + usb charging, multi-pairing party mode. Constructed to final + fully serviceable (inexperienced db1)

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  • loud, clear sound & effective bass – now in our compact unmarried speaker: with crisp highs and punchy bass our expert-grade sound excels, imparting the soundtrack loud sufficient to your outdoor adventures. One demerbox is lots to get the birthday celebration began, but pair more than one demerbox audio system to create an outside sound device everywhere!
  • waterproof and extremely portable: the brand new db1 speaker is light-weight and compact, making it easy to take everywhere. It includes a port plug that installs quickly to come to be fully water resistant. Every demerbox is a water-resistant case that opens to keep precious objects like your pockets, keys and make contact with secure and dry interior. In no way fear about rain at your outdoor celebration or the speaker falling overboard once more!
  • a crushproof powerhouse: built in a overwhelm-evidence pelican case, demerbox lasts an superb 40 hours among prices. Plus, it has inner usb charging to keep your devices juiced up on your entire journey! Its rugged and durable creation is designed to courageous any outdoor environment – water, rain, hail, dust, sand, heat, snow!
  • constructed to remaining: you do not like adding to landfills and neither can we. It really is why we built a totally serviceable speaker designed with sustainability in mind. In the not likely event there may be an issue, demerbox can fix it.
  • globally examined, american made: every demerbox is handbuilt inside the united states and turned into advanced from massive sturdiness tests on each continent and environment possible. Anyplace you cross, demerbox has been there!

Barrow Black, Haast Orange, Pesaro Green, Roseau Blue


DB1, DB2

5 reviews for 0C1940HR8XQ125 Demerbox: waterproof, portable, and rugged out of doors bluetooth audio system. Loud sound, forty+ hr battery lifestyles, dry container + usb charging, multi-pairing party mode. Constructed to final + fully serviceable (inexperienced db1)

  1. Compassion13

    Let’s get the Price point out of the way. Yes my feeling is $299 is the right price for this Item. Having said that we are paying for its Unique qualities and performance and ruggedness. Last but not least it’s so cool in every way. Musical Performance? Very good. Solid low end well balanced natural sound. When I say Natural I mean I’m not hearing all sorts of artificial equalization like allot of odd shaped Bluetooth Speakers and I own and have tested so many. I’m a musician and an Audiophile who loves the great outdoors. This is perfect for that type of person. It’s Smooth and Warm to my ears. Battery? Blows away any speaker in its class. No worries period that you will go powerless for an entire day of use and more. Emergency charge for your phone is a nice touch. Built in Storage is just priceless. Great for cables and whatever is important to you. I purchased a small Otterbox case to put my phone in with cables and Adaptor for Demerbox. Fits quite nicely. I’ve taken it to play basketball, Frisbee, in The Woods. Water or damage is of very little concern. I’m pleased in all areas I highly reccomend this to all Adventurers. The unique Qualities of this device helps ease the pocket pain. If you have to save it’s worth the wait.Read more

  2. michael clayton

    This speaker is awesome. Expensive for a Bluetooth speaker? Yes. Worth it? Yes, yes, yes!If you’re comparing the sound quality to an upper level Bose or equivalent Bluetooth speaker then you may be a little disappointed. These speakers aren’t water proof and incredibly durable like the Demerbox is though. The treble leaves some to be desired but that is characteristic of water proof rubber speakers. This isn’t a dealbreaker at all though. While it isn’t the clearest speaker in the world, it makes up for it with punchy bass and solid mids, not to mention it can get super loud. I had a Big Jambox and it gets louder than the big jambox could. When the speaker is turned all the way up it doesn’t crackle at all. The sound is perfect all the way up. We used it on a boat while tubing and were able to jam out to good tunes even with the 150hp Mercury revved all the way up.The added feature of a Bluetooth charging port is absolutely clutch. We easily can jam out all day with the super long battery life and then have the phone charging at the same time inside the speaker while maintaining waterproof status with the plug installed. I threw the speaker in the water with my phone in it and it didn’t leak a drop and sounded cool reverberating on the water.My favorite part beside the killer battery life which will easily last you a week or more on a single charge depending on how many times you charge your phone, is the ease of use. This speaker has 1 button. You turn it on and it links up with your phone instantly. You can control the volume completely from your phone and don’t have to worry about turning your phone up and then dealing with another volume on the speaker too. Literally just turn it on and start jamming. Nothing to it.One last feature I love is the long range Bluetooth. I was jamming in the backyard, went inside to do some stuff and had my phone in my pocket and my friends said it never lost connection at all. I haven’t gone to the point where it disconnected yet.Overall, you have to decide what you’re going to use the speaker for. I am on the water and outdoors all the time, fishing, wake boarding, bbqing, etc and this is perfect for that all weather rig. If you plan to use your speaker inside and don’t plan to move it then id say go get a bose. If durability and practicality aren’t a need then get a bose. If you want to jam out with all your buddies and get sweet sound quality in literally any situation you find yourself in and plan to ever listen to your tunes near water or outside…. get the Demerbox. It’s the only speaker I use now and I have a few other ones. Super sound and solid construction (I break everything) make this the one for me. You won’t be disappointed.Read more

  3. Rob

    Lost a star because of price. If this was $199 it would be the greatest thing of all time. At $299 it would be expensive but worth it. At $399 it is really hard to justify. There are great quality BT speakers out there with similar features for WAY less.Also, would love a way to tell how much battery is left. Can’t even tell from your connected phone.That said, if you have the money and don’t mind spending $100 more than it is worth then this is a great product. Everything comes as advertised. So, I am going to try my damn hardest to get my money’s worth!Read more

  4. Brody G.

    Seriously one of the best speakers I’ve ever had! This thing is super tough and the battery life is just like so many other people said, it will last for days at a time with ease. This thing will get so loud it’s crazy! All this sound coming from two little speakers?? Lots of bright colors too. That helps find it floating the river. WHAT?!? THAT’S RIGHT! Put the plug in the front and BOOSH! You’re waterproof baby!UPDATE AUGUST 28, 2018So less than a year later and I’m on my second DemerBox. I’ve had the same issue with BOTH. For no apparent reason, the sound output has dramatically decreased so that it’s not even as loud as a cell phone! I love my DemerBox when it works. I take it everywhere, keeping my music rocking and my stuff safely tucked inside. So needless to say, the first time was disappointing, but to have the same issue from another one is getting old QUICK. This is supposed to be the TOUGHEST out there, but I’m not so sure any more. The first one I sent back, they supposedly rebuilt and tested. But when I got it and tried to pair it, I was unsuccessful. It wouldn’t connect with ANYTHING, whereas before it connected very well, and quickly too. I’ve contacted the company to hopefully get this resolved. I do hope they have worked this weakness out by now. Other than that, neither of them have ever leaked, or failed in any other way than the sound. Because of this issue I’ve reduced my five star rating to three, since it’s not hardly worth using at the moment, plus when I bought mine it was $400, now they sell for $350. Hopefully they will give me the same good customer service as they did previously.Read more

  5. David M.

    Horrible! All the weight is in the top of the box eo if its in the water the speakers are going to be face fown in the water every time. Rendering it useless. Second volume is so horrible. Its pretty bad. Instead i bought a jbl boombix that fliats is water proof and has tremendous volume. This was garbage. I had really high hopes because the build quality looks so great.Read more

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