0C193XN7D20563 Monster celeb blaster boombox: excessive overall performance portable wireless bluetooth speaker, rechargeable water-proof with indoors/outside eq modes (updated model (black))

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  • bluetooth audio streaming: connect with the monster transportable bluetooth speaker wirelessly for untethered wireless freedom.
  • monster softplay: our bluetooth portable speaker optimizes and adapts the dynamics and balance to get you the equal effect at low volumes as excessive.
  • water-proof: the monster water-proof audio system are all-weather design made for outside use.
  • clean portability: this transportable wi-fi speaker with bluetooth is designed for handy portability with an included take care of.
  • rechargeable battery: those rechargeable bluetooth audio system come with a chargeable battery that works up to 12 hours of continuous play and a trademark to assist you to recognize how plenty battery is left.

product description

coloration: more moderen model (black)

  • the superstar monster wi-fi transportable speaker is the last excessive-overall performance speaker that is perfect for outside bbqs, pool events, indoor parties, the seaside, picnicking at the park, and plenty greater.
  • the bluetooth wireless audio system have v-sound bi-directional drivers for direct and meditated sound, and the integrated powered subwoofer allows for real bass reaction.
  • indoor and outside eq modes optimize listening in any area, and the waterproof all-weather layout lets in for worry-unfastened for outside use. Plus, the monster blaster has a usb charging port so you can constantly electricity up your cell tool wherever you’re listening.
  • the blaster additionally consists of a 3. 5mm stereo analog enter so that you can hook up with any audio supply, and a 3. 5mm microphone degree enter that turns the blaster right into a transportable pa machine!
  • the blaster is perfect for all forms of track including hip hop, jazz, rock, blues, pop, folks, techno, indie, and greater!
  • the monster blaster celebrates the classic boombox with a modern-day design and the modern day in wi-fi technology. You’ve by no means heard whatever like this before, but don’t take our word for it, listen for yourself!
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    Newer Model (Black), Old Model (Silver)

    7 reviews for 0C193XN7D20563 Monster celeb blaster boombox: excessive overall performance portable wireless bluetooth speaker, rechargeable water-proof with indoors/outside eq modes (updated model (black))

    1. Private

      About the speaker for the express purpose of listening to slapz otherwise known as trap rap or SoundCloud rap. I have to tell you that this is an amazing speaker if you are looking to listen to particular kind of music. You must never play classical on the speaker. You will never play music that employs the use of many real instruments. I gave the speaker to my 19 year old son to explicitly asked me for a slapz speaker to party with his friends. He and his friends really like it. Although like me my son also does not think it’s a good idea to play any kind of music you want on it. If you listen to rap music, if you listen to synth music, perhaps EDM… The speaker will perform wonderfully we’re at the park listening to smokepurpp and comethizine and the speaker performed beautifully. So as long as you’re not planning on listening to Vivaldi’s four seasons as recomposed by Max Richter on this speaker you’re pretty much in the clear this is not an audiophile speaker if you are an audiophile turn away unless you’re an audiophile who needs a slapz speakerRead more

    2. Timothy Fink

      Out of the box great look great sound but after using it just a couple time’s the speakers blew. They offered to replace but I would need to pay for shipping both ways and that cost would equal getting a new one..Update… finally decided to get it replaced. It took 7 weeks but they did pay for the return shipping. Been working and sounding great since. I would have gave it 5 stars but battery at high volume only good for about 4 hours.Read more

    3. Kevin C. Farrell

      Really wanted to like this. Consumer reports seemed to, but after playing about 20 songs I’d say half sounded crappy.Way too tinny and treble sounding and not much midrange at all. I’m not an audiophile, but I can tell decent sound and this just sounded cheap to me.I dont love thumping bass, and the level was good for me. If you like deep bass you only have two settings to control that and they both sound almost the same (saw other reviewers mention that too).Im sending this back. Gonna spend the extra cake and get the big Bose, life is too short to listen to poor quality music.Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      I love this speaker – however it will no longer charge – 5 months old – time to see how customer service is I guess .. I’ll updateRead more

    5. Jenifer Shields

      Purchased June 18, 2020: This was a gift for my husband, who is a musician. A good friend of ours left his smaller, cheaper (can’t remember the brand) bluetooth speaker at our house for a while and I noticed my hubby was enjoying it in our backyard nearly every day. I figured, with his birthday coming up….I looked at many examples of this type of speaker with basically the same features and was a bit nervous about this choice. It’s at the top end of what I wanted to spend, but I don’t regret the money spent AT ALL. Worth it! The sound is GREAT. At top volume or low, there’s no distortion. It’s crisp and clear, whether he’s listening to classical or hard rock. You can crank this sizable (and a bit heavy) speaker/”boom box” and be heard far and wide. That said, it’s very nice at lower volumes. Plug your phone into it to charge, bluetooth connectivity is fast, etc. Every feature is nice to have. It’s plug and play – easy to set up and just go. He charged it up for about 10 hours after taking it out of the box. I’m not sure how long each charge lasts – we haven’t charged it back up yet, and it’s been a week of occasional use.Read more

    6. WDRetro

      The Monster Blaster is an excellent boombox-style speaker for any user, regardless of your taste in music. The down-firing active subwoofer outputs smooth, yet punchy bass with no distortion, even at full volume. The 4 full-range drivers output clean high & mid-range frequencies, even at full volume as well. That being said, the sound quality is phenomenal & the name “Blaster” is certainly accurate. The battery life on a full charge is exceptional, offerings hours upon hours of use regardless of volume. Overall, I’d recommend the Monster Blaster to anyone looking for a speaker that doesn’t have to compromise on volume, quality, or battery life for portability & vice-versa.Read more

    7. Scott

      Absolutely phenomenal speaker. Ive been wanting something with a lot more power for a while as my worksite gets pretty noisy at times (not to mention its outside which adds to sound dissipation) but we cant (technically) wear earbuds and Id rather not. My JBL Charge 4 speaker has been getting me by for a while but it just didnt have enough output to at least be hearable above some things (JBL is roughly 30W, this one is around 72W or so from what Ive been able to find in terms of specs).This thing blows the Charge 4 out of the damn water. Its basically almost the exact same sound quality (Id almost argue its BETTER) but with a helluva lot more volume. I accidentally forgot to turn down the volume before playing and almost every head within a 40-meter radius turned to see what the deal was.As someone whos primarily a metalhead and also a budding audiophile, this thing’s sound is super impressive given how much volume it puts out with no distortion at all. It takes basically any music you can imagine that goes through, and in terms of dynamic range it sounds great with both dynamic and compressed music tracks.I doubt Ill be using the mic plugin and the NFC compatibility I dont really care about, but considering the JBL Charge 4 still costs about $140 retail (got this used for about $172 after taxes) this thing is a STEAL.My only complaint is that for more precise volume control its a bit wonky. The difference in volume when turning it up or down is in noticeable leaps. Kinda wish it had a bit more flexibility there, but its not at all a dealbreaker.If youve been looking for a loud, great sounding bluetooth speaker/boombox for noisy environments, this is the one.Read more

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