0C193EN35NR542 Boss wi-fi guitar headphones system (waza-air), waza-air (waza-air)

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  • incorporated boss wi-fi technology affords great sound first-class with extremely-low latency
  • easy-to-use controls for guitar volume and bluetooth audio playback, plus on the spot get admission to to 6 person-configurable tone settings
  • massive, custom-designed 50 mm drivers supply premium audio first-class with wealthy, complete sound
  • versatile -way layout folds down for compact storage or flat transport in a guitar bag pocket
  • built-in rechargeable batteries with automobile standby/wake feature to preserve battery lifestyles
  • as much as five hours of play time with the headphones and as much as 12 hours with the protected boss wl-t transmitter
  • unique onboard tuner characteristic with audible tones that manual your tuning; visual chromatic tuner additionally available in the boss tone studio app

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1.7, pounds

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11.57, x, 9.57, x, 11.61, inches



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2, AA, batteries, required., (included)

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December, 5, 2019



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8 reviews for 0C193EN35NR542 Boss wi-fi guitar headphones system (waza-air), waza-air (waza-air)

  1. MPV

    For the few moments I was actually able to connect and hear my guitar through the headphones… the sound was crisp and clear – very high end. PROBLEM!!!!!! – The APP would not connect via bluetooth to the headphones. My phone and my tablets all see the headphones and will connect, BUT you are instructed to NOT CONNECT your device first, You are instructed to open the APP and connect via bluetooth through the APP. – This is were these headphones FAIL. I have two new android tablets that I use to connect to Spark and other devices. These tablets see the headphones and will connect, however going in to the program to connect there first or last just FAILED every time.I finally got the headphones to connect though the APP using a Samsung Galaxy S8 android phone. Started playing and poof connection lost. So i tried to reconnect – I get an error message “Wrong Device” and it fails to connect.I’ve tried rebooting both the phone / tablets and the headphones, I’ve tried through the APP first, then tried after first connecting through the phone / tablet then going into the APP – no luck.$400 headphones should not be such a hassle to try and use, these headphones deserve a much better APP.Read more

  2. jj2000`

    It sounds great! but it doesn’t work. I had three of these. All would disconnect after 10-15 minutes of playing. Just no sound at all Not blue tooth with streaming music but, the actual connection for the guitar. I own many roland boss katan products and even the Katana Air that uses a similar wireless devicse works great. These headphones I really wanted to work. Super disappointed and their tech support is useless. Easily the worst piece of gear I bought in 2020.Read more

  3. RoninWriter

    I absolutely love these headphones. Super comfortable, amazing quality, and a joy to use. They paired constantly with my Strat without any hassle. I could practice and play without disrupting my household. Heavenly!But I’m returning them. BOSS wont support or update the Waza phone app that controls all the amp settings and effects. I have a Iphone Maxpro and in the three weeks Ive had these remarkable phones I could only pair with the phone app twice. Now I cant pair at all, so I would be stuck with $430 amp that has only one setting. That is if I hadnt purchased it from Amazon. I’m returning them today.Way to go Boss! You built an amazing product and then abandoned it. I have the Katana II that i also love, but cant access all the cool features because guess what? The Katana isn’t compatible with Big Sur. At least the Boss website shows they are working on it. Not the same for the Waza app. No developer replies to the bad reviews is a huge red flag.Read more

  4. Casey GreenBay

    Sounds like my amp, and it doesn’t disturb others in the house.In these Covid times , the spouse is working from home on Zoom, and I can still play guitar wirelessly with GREAT sound. It’s a win- win.Read more

  5. Asking for a friend…

    I like these quite a bit but the connection between guitar and smart phone tends to get disconnected a lot. I think most of that is wifi router interference. When I changed rooms it helped significantly. But I also feel like maybe this is an excellent effort at a first gen product and maybe in a couple more years V2 will arrive and be even better, just like what happened with Katana amps. And I’m just not using it as often as I envisioned. I’ll “suffer” with my Katana amp and wired headphones for now. If I used the wired headphones even 50 times between now and when V2 eventually comes out I’d be surprised. LOL. I will say though that hearing yourself AND the recording/band you’re playing along with is a whole different experience than playing along with it NOT in headphones. YOU are integrated SO MUCH better in the mix, it’s crazy. You ARE IN THE BAND. I did love that! That’s not a direct result of this product as far as I know, just an observation about playing along with recordings while using headphones period. I think this also really sharpens your timing and makes you really clean up your playing. I don’t think average players, myself included, spend enough time using headphones. You’ll notice the studio guys ALWAYS HAVE HEADPHONES ON these days when tracking! I think it helps more than us mortals realize!Read more

  6. Ohio Dude

    This is the perfect practicing tool. I’ve doubled my practice time in the 2 weeks I’ve had these. The sound is great and they can get loud, at least for me. The application has a lot of good options for tones, but unfortunately the app has a lot of room for improvement.The only downside is the app. Every other app I use for my other gear is so much more intuitive than the app you need to use to tweak the sounds. It’s really disappointing. I hope they update the app like Fender did with Tone.Read more

  7. Robert Hodges

    These are a wonderful bedroom amp. I was excited but wary when I ordered these, as I’ve read such mixed reviews on guitar gear forums. And since no one had any in stock, it was impossible to try them out. Once I received them, though, I was blown away. They sound amazing. They have tremendous amount of customization and a ton of different pedal options. Once set up in the app, a simple press of the button on the headphones switches from a patch tailored for my Les Paul to one tailored for my Stratocaster. Do these sound like a tube amp? I don’t know, I’m a bedroom player who has only ever played solid state or modeling amps. Do these make me smile? You bet! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Even at $400, well worth it.Read more

  8. Alon Girmonsky

    For a long time, I was looking for something like this headset. The audio quality is superb! The build quality is fine- more than satisfactory.This is a true unsolicited review.UPDATE: The headset started disconnecting from the transmitter after a few minutes (5-10 minutes) almost every time. When I unplug and then plug in the transmitter again, it works great again for a few minutes. I contacted BOSS support, but no response yet. I’m optimistic that this is a faulty device. I’ll update when I know more.Read more

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