0C193C70Q27188 Wall mount domestic speaker gadget – active passive mountable bookshelf indoor studio storage patio stereo sound home theater speaker, wi-fi bluetooth speaker set w/aux & rca – pyle pdwr53btbk (black)

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  • three hundred watt strength: this wall mount excessive powered 2 way complete variety audio projection loudspeaker device has a max energy output of three hundred watt with integrated virtual sound amplifier permitting you to play your preferred tracks as loud as you want and with fashion
  • five. 25” subwoofer zero. Five” tweeter: those installed indoor stereo audio system lively + passive bluetooth sound machine indoor speakers have five. 25” polymer subwoofers and high performance zero. 5” mylar dome tweeters for surround sound and spectacular bass reaction
  • well suited with bluetooth: those 300 watt speakers pyle speaker set is well suited w/ bluetooth for wireless audio streaming. Works w/ iphone, android phone, ipad, tablet, pc or pc. Perfect for domestic studio, garage, enclosed patio or porch deck
  • three. 5mm aux + rca connectors: this high powered indoor wireless bluetooth speaker system for domestic capabilities 3. 5mm aux input connector jack (loop + sub) and rca audio connector jacks so you can connect extra outside devices to your speaker device
  • rear control center: the speakers with bluetooth characteristic rear panel controls w/ rotary quantity, bass & treble adjustments. Extra functions encompass adjustable bracket angle, unique standby/vehicle electricity on w/ audio sign enter, daisy chain ability

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6 reviews for 0C193C70Q27188 Wall mount domestic speaker gadget – active passive mountable bookshelf indoor studio storage patio stereo sound home theater speaker, wi-fi bluetooth speaker set w/aux & rca – pyle pdwr53btbk (black)

  1. Jack

    I bought these for my backyard pergola to stream music via Bluetooth from my iPhone. I just installed them and tried them out, so I can’t yet attest to their durability, but here are some initial thoughts on functionality…1. Easy to setup & link speakers. It does have an odd speaker wire connection on the powered speaker, but if you have a straight tip jewelers screwdriver, it’s not hard to wire the two speakers together. The passive speaker has the more traditional style +/- terminals. Once wired together, it’s linked.2. Easy to install brackets. The brackets are pretty well thought out. “Key slot” cutouts both for horizontal and vertical speaker install allow you to hang these with screws. It IS easier to install brackets removed from speakers, but the knobs to attach speakers to brackets are easy to use.3. Sound quality is good to very good. Not great, mind you. These are not Bose, but they are not priced like Bose either. For budget friendly outdoor speakers, these sound nice. Not sure why another reviewer said otherwise, unless his speaker wires crossed polarity (instructions warned that doing so would impact sound quality). Just ensure your speaker wire has either the ribbed or line on one wire so you can ensure you have positive to positive and negative to negative.4. Bluetooth capability really good. I moved around with my phone in hand streaming music, and at 30-35 feet, didn’t lose signal. Also, Bluetooth setup was easy. Once powered on, the Pyle speakers appeared in my Bluetooth connections on my iPhone. Clicked connect and was good to go! There was even an audible chirp over speaker to acknowledge device connection.5. The negative… not everything you need is provided! As mentioned, the speaker wire connection to the powered speaker has this little (removable) plug that has tiny slot head screws, which require a jewelers screwdriver to open a slot to insert wire, then close slot to clamp wire close. It was odd, and the only reason I see for not having traditional terminal posts like the other speaker is that it does allow you to easily unplug the wires from a speaker mounted to a wall. Also, there is zero speaker wire provided. Not even a short one. Not sure why they couldn’t at least include a short, low budget wire to get you started. I keep a spool on hand being an audio guy, but most probably don’t, so be aware you’ll likely have to make a run to someplace like Walmart for speaker wire (and that jewelers screwdriver, perhaps).6. Oh, the instructions, while not overly complicated, is a bit misleading. The way the setup is worded, it reads as if the speaker wire is already on one of the speakers. As I mentioned, it’s not even included at all.7. Material quality. As I mentioned, the speakers, themselves, aren’t Bose equivalent, but for what you pay, pretty good! I didn’t take cover off to inspect materials. Being outdoor, hopefully they’ve chosen a nice moisture resistant cone. I’ll adjust this review if longevity is insufficient. The speaker encasement seems to be a poly/plastic that wouldn’t rust. Seems sturdy enough for what you pay. The knobs to attach speaker to bracket are also plastic, but with a brass insert and metal screw within the plastic knobs. The bracket is a coated metal. Sturdy enough, and as I mentioned, designed to secure speakers in either horizontal or vertical position.8. One more negative… while the sound can be adjusted in regards to bass, treble, and volume, it is via knobs on the back of the powered speaker. I probably would have rated this 5 stars if there were an app that could make these sound adjustments so you don’t have to awkwardly reach in the small space between the back of the speaker and the wall it’s mounted on to blindly fiddle and adjust (although admittedly, the brackets allow you to tilt/rotate speaker to reveal backside).That’s pretty much my run down. Hope this review helps. I’ve tried to put specifics on what I see as the positives and negatives of these, but in summary from my initial thoughts, I’m pleased with the purchase.Read more

  2. M. Jenkins

    I’ll cut to the chase, the speakers sound descent for what you pay, don’t expect to host an outdoor EDM party with them, but at descent volume they are fine for leisurely listening. Any louder and you’ll probably anger your neighbors anyway, and who wants to do that in this crazy world.Some things you need to know:- They pair fine Google Home, they should pair fine with Amazon Echo or other smart devices, although I did not try anything but Google Home- They pair without entering a pin, they paired to my iPhone 7 fine- Once they pair, they stop advertising themselves, so they can only be paired to a single device, and whoever connects first gets the bluetooth audio- The bluetooth does not override the other inputs, as per the manual I scanned in since you can’t locate on Pyle’s site there is no priority on the speakers. This can be a good thing because it would allow you to hook up a mic to one of the inputs if you needed to announce while music was playing (or maybe Karaoke). I will admit I didn’t try the inputs, I only cared about bluetooth.- They have two power ones, always on and power save. In power save the speakers will turn the amp off until sound is detected, and they will wake up. In power save, the bluetooth stays active, and the speakers will go to sleep with bluetooth still paired, and will wake up when sound starts playing again. They take about 2-3 seconds to power up, so if you are doing broadcast audio be aware your first couple seconds you will miss while they power up (otherwise use always on).- They work fine on a switched power circuit. I have them paired with a Google home mini in my barn on a switched circuit. So when I leave the barn, I turn off the circuit. When I enter, I turn on the circuit, the speakers power up, the google mini powers up, and they pair. Exactly what I wanted in an outdoor speaker.- They were very easy to mount, with lots of mounting options on the brackets. They can be mounted horizontal or vertical. They have notches that keep the speaker in the same place once you tighten the knobs that secure the speakers to the brackets.- The bluetooth blue light on the back is rather bright. If light is a concern for you, put a piece of black electrical tape over it.- I used 18ga wire I sourced locally to go 32′ between the speakers. The tiny connector where the speaker wires go into the active speaker would probably take 16ga wire easily, but anything larger and you will probably need to shave the wire down. The passive speaker I believe can take a banana plug, but i will take a larger wire easily as the connectors tighten down like most regular speakers do.- The speakers don’t seem waterproof. I do worry about the knobs over time on the passive speaker getting dust in the controls. The speakers would have been better if they had a dust covering over the backs, especially on the active speaker, to keep dust and moisture off the controls. I don’t think I would recommend these to be mounted somewhere water could spray on them, like under a deck near the edge.- The active speaker is the left speaker, and the passive speaker is the right speaker. Ugh I always wish you could swap this, but when dealing with bluetooth connected devices, you normally cannot. I would have preferred the active speaker to be where I usually keep my ladder in case I wanted to adjust the sound later. Oh well.PS: I wish all this info would have been on Pyle’s site. Pyle you need to tell your marketing folks to provide more information, I would have bought these two months ago had I known all this. This was the second set of Pyle speakers I purchased, the first set I had to return because they would not connect to Google Home or Alexa due to requiring a pin when connecting the bluetooth. The first set of speakers I bought from another store, and had to return them because they would not stay powered on and they would not automatically power on when they were plugged in (i.e. when the circuit was switched on). All of this should be in the product description.Overall very happy with the purchase, as long as they last years to come. These replaced a pair of speakers I had for almost 10+ years that had no bluetooth and a separate amp and were not wall mounted, which was a mess of wires.Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    I was initially very satisfied with the quality and sound of the speakers, however, 3 months later, the speakers no longer work. I installed this on an outdoor covered deck, which was clearly an advertised mounting location. Now I’m outside of my window to be able to return them. Buyer beware, I can afford to spend $120 for speakers that only last 3 months!Read more

  4. Anthony E.

    When I received this, the green connector was loose and gave me issues with the second speaker. After mounting the speakers, I was able to position the connector in a way so the second speaker played consistently.It has been one month now and the speaker will not work anymore. My phone will say the Bluetooth is connected but the blue light doesn’t come on. Plus, the speakers will not play anything. I’ve got a defective unit and it has been a problem since day one.I’ll need to send this in for warranty replacement.Read more

  5. Jaye

    I had never used the Phoenix port in passive or active speakers and for there 1) not to be any explanation provided on how to use them properly without excessive digging and 2) there not being a small screw driver that enables you to make this functionality efficient, is beyond disappointing. This directly correlates with making this product work and I had to google and search extensively just to understand how to connect the 2 respective dormers. I deducted a star for each of these unnecessary and easily unavoidable mishaps.Read more

  6. J James

    Sound quality is very bad. You get what you pay for. Very disappointing. I have a portable BOSE speaker you can hold in you hand that has more volume and better sound quality. I returned them after listening to the 2 min.Read more

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