0C192ZOLOUQ794 Golfing speaker with mount, 40 watt bluetooth portable ampcaddy model three seasoned max bluetooth speaker and mount with loud stereo sound and bass enhance, 12-hour playtime, prolonged bluetooth variety, water resistant

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  • ✅golf portable bluetooth speaker – designed in the usa through pga golfers and featured at the golf channel, the ampcaddy portable wireless speaker is the number 1 maximum endorsed speaker for golfing fans. Ampcaddy’s first-rate speaker securely mounts to any golfing cart or push cart.
  • ✅loud, first-class sound and bass subwoofer – the ampcaddy features crystal clear sound that tasks at the inexperienced and bass that amplifies your golf sport. Beautify your golfing experience thru song with the ampcaddy golfing speaker. Powerful 15 watts with bass enhance 2″ resonator.
  • ✅a hundred and eighty° directional audio swivel – mounts securely to any golf cart or bag and directs your music in any route. Different speakers disturb fellow golfers and direction rules however the ampcaddy’s multi-directional audio swivel factors the sound immediately closer to your institution.
  • ✅prolonged bluetooth variety, 12-hour battery existence – synch the bluetooth speakers to any iphone, galaxy or other clever device. Prolonged one hundred-foot connection range. Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 20 hours of playtime. Pair more than one ampcaddy speakers together together with your buddies and control with one tool!
  • ✅ water-resistant ipx7 & surprise resistant – constructed for overall performance with a rugged design, the ampcaddy speaker is a completely water-resistant speaker. 100% cash returned guarantee with 2-12 months assurance.

V3 Pro, V3 Pro Max (40 Watts)

8 reviews for 0C192ZOLOUQ794 Golfing speaker with mount, 40 watt bluetooth portable ampcaddy model three seasoned max bluetooth speaker and mount with loud stereo sound and bass enhance, 12-hour playtime, prolonged bluetooth variety, water resistant

  1. Chris Witham

    So to start, I have never in my life written a review on here but I just felt like I had to this time because this speaker really is fantastic. I am a big audio guy so sound quality is important to me and this AmpCaddy speaker is the best you can buy for sound quality without dropping $300+.What makes it really special though is if you are a golfer and enjoy listen to music out on the course because the clamp is a game changer as is the ability to pivot the direction of the sound if you’re playing with those old grumpy guys who hate music on the course. I also have played 2 full rounds now and still haven’t had to charge it again yet.Bottomline if you like music, appreciate good sound and are a golfer who wants the best bang for your buck… There really isn’t a better option!!Read more

  2. Patrick Monohan

    I was unsure about this speaker, but the mounting bracket intrigued me. I have been looking for a speaker that I can take to the golf course, securely mount it and have great volume when I need it. I pulled the trigger and purchased it hoping for the best. Man, this speaker did not disappoint! The quality of the speaker is top notch and charges with a USB-C charging cable. The speaker is encased in a soft but protective rubber coating with the mount already attached. When I got to the course, I simply mounted it to the golf cart. The mount is very secure and easy to use. The speaker also pivots in any direction so you can listen in the cart or listen to it while you are on the tee or green. The volume is more than enough for the course. I found myself lowering the volume as not to disturb the golfers in front of us! I only have a view gripes about the speaker. First, the flap that covers the charging ports appears flimsy and I could see this tearing over time. You have to remove the cover every time you charge it. Second, the rear woofer on the speaker is exposed with no protective grill on it. When I pick up or move the speaker, I find that my finger are constantly pressing on it. Although its made of a rubberized material, I feel has though it could easily tear. A screen or grill would easily prevent this. Overall, the speaker is perfect for the course and provides for hours of hands free entertainment. A must have for golfers who like to boogie on the course. Since my main issues deal with durability, I will update this review in a few months to review the durability of the speaker.Read more

  3. Wayne

    This speaker! I was toying with the idea of adding a speaker system into our golf cart but i also didnt want to jeopardize battery charge on the golf cart as we like loud music i came across this ampcaddy and toyed with getting the smaller one but went with this and i am through the moon with its quality its clip system is amazing and holds tight it uses a type c charger same as my phone so I dont need to carry around 2 different cords and it comes with an aux and cord in the box but the sound! It’s awesome good sounding bass not over powering but we turned it all the way up put of the box and the bass to vocal sound is perfect contemplating getting another so i can pair them but this is so loud and sounds so good I’m not sure if i need it lolRead more

  4. Richard Gau

    love my new Amp Caddy!have tried multiple different golf speakers – and the Amp Caddy is the best!get lots of positive comments from other golfers who see my Amp Caddy mounted on my golf cart.the clamp device works on any cart – keeps the speaker securethe sound is greatvery simple to connectThe Amp Caddy has all the features you need for the ultimate golf speaker!Read more

  5. Amy Dean

    I wanted a small bluetooth speaker that I could take out and about with me on the boat, in the back yard, on the golf course, etc. This is perfect. The adjustable clamp allows me to fasten it to many things–patio umbrella pole, golf cart canapy, greenhouse door, lawn chair, boat dock or deck railing, or I can stick it in a backpack and take it with me on foot. I am impressed with the range of this bluetooth device. I was in my house and someone called on my phone for my husband. I went out of the house, past the swimming pool, down the sidewalk through the back yard and onto our boat dock to let him take the call. When I got done and went back in the house, the speaker had never lost its connection to the phone. It’s perfect if you take it out on a golf cart and have your phone on your person but the speaker is affixed to the cart. For a small portable speaker, I find that the sound is above average. It’s got a base speaker in it which makes a difference. I am really enjoying this speaker. We have much bigger, better speakers around the house, but I find this one works so well for just me, no fuss, easy to use. I love it.Read more

  6. Michelle

    On my second one due to the screw stripping out within the first three uses, UGH FRUSTRATED! They easily exchanged it but the design is just flawed. I do love the sound and the versatility of either an SD card or bluetooth but man…the mount needs to be updated and fixed.My golf buddy is going to see what he can do to fix it otherwise I will be looking for something I don’t have to worry about losing!Read more

  7. Dan waldie

    Bought the v3 and I’d have to say that it’s the best speaker for glf that I’ve ever owned (have had many prior). The clip and mount are as sturdy as they come, sound quality is great (purchased 2 for stereo sound), battery life at high volume lasts multiple rounds and the fact that you can change the direction of the sound is perfect for when you are on a tee box that’s next to another green or vise versa. Having the controls on the speaker to mute, change volume and skip songs eliminates the need for me to have my phone handy. The fact that you can use this for literally anything you can clip it on makes it the most versatile speaker on the market. I dont think I’d ever purchase anything else ever again. You wont be disappointed!Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    Bought this speaker because I was tired of throwing a speaker in the cup holder or in the back of the cart. The mount is perfect and works on all carts (even my push cart). This combined with the Ampcaddy cellphone holder is the ultimate setup for the course. Sound quality is amazing and battery life lasts for multiple rounds. Get one!!!Read more

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