0C192UMX0S4489 Jbl professional irx collection powered 8″ portable speaker with bluetooth, 8-inch (irx108bt)

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8-inch Speaker, 12-inch Speaker

8 reviews for 0C192UMX0S4489 Jbl professional irx collection powered 8″ portable speaker with bluetooth, 8-inch (irx108bt)

  1. Rookie Malhotra

    This speaker awesome !!Anyway here’s my list to simplify everything down!Pros:- Amazing Sounf Quality:Maybe a audiophile will disagree and have their own tastes.However for most people, this is great.It’s loud and has a some really good bass with the boosted bass available with a click of a button.You will feel like your at a club on a dancefloor.- Bluetooth:You don’t need any fancy setup with a computer, you can simply connect it to your cell phone or other smart device and stream the music to the speaker.- Optional Setup:Yes like I said before you don’t need a setup but if you want one then you can have one with this speaker.- Control the Sound:There’s alot of options on the back of this speaker to play with the sound quality.- Lightweight:This speaker is super lightweight for the size and due to that it is very portable.Negatives:- No Battery:Unfortunately this has to be plugged into an outlet but I don’t think you can get this loud of a sound with this much bass with a speaker that runs on a battery.So I’ll forgive it !Final Thoughts?Overall I’m a huge fan and I think that if you can upgrade to the larger size speaker for a bit more than you should.You won’t regret this and the larger one either !Anyway thanks for reading and if this review helped you out, please hit the helpful button!!Have a Fantastic Day!!Read more

  2. Synergy Sales

    All in all, I love this speaker. As the ads say, it really does sound like a 10 inch speaker when it’s really 8 inch. Crystal clear and loud. The build quality is excellent, especially compared to Alto products. The bluetooth works great and so do all of the other functions. One important issue you should consider is how the power button works though. It is not a switch that you can leave on and power from a wall switch or surge strip. You have to physically go to the back of the speaker and turn it on with the momentary push-button switch. So if you have several of these speakers in a room, just know that you will need to walk around and physically get to each speaker to power on. I contacted JBL tech support and they confirmed that there is no way around this. It would have been better if that momentary switch actually pushed in and stayed in until pushed again. Then the user could flip the speakers on with a wall switch or surge strip instead of having to make the rounds just to turn them on.Read more

  3. Dylan Foreman

    Surprisingly, I use this speaker as a job site stereo. It gets very loud and crisp, lacks mids, but as is the case with DJ/PA 2 way speakers. Any speaker that gets this loud will not be battery operated. I wish there was an EQ app you could adjust the sound with, but…..Read more

  4. Sheabyrd1

    Very loud, very clear, beats the Mackie thump series by a long shot. Beats the EV zlx! Not bass heavy, punchy. Can hit you in the chest. Amazing output for the size. Easy Bluetooth connectivity can connect speakers wirelessly to each other and your phone. V5 Bluetooth. 127spl is not a lie.Read more

  5. Robert S.

    Item was a disappointment, sound quality and built is good but speaker keeps shutting off with continuous play. I dont know if mine had a defect or its the entire line. My cheap pyle speaker worked way better.Read more

  6. Orange Crush

    Can get quite loud, nice features. Good bass response. I use as a wedge monitor, sound is detailed and punchy. Bluetooth is a bonus. I don’t love the on/off switch, but it works.Read more

  7. Julio O.

    Jbl never disappoints. For the price of the speaker it sounds amazing. The Bluetooth works great, lightweight, and quality of the sound is great. Definitely recommend if your looking for a loud, good quality, and affordable speaker. 👌🏼Read more

  8. Arlene

    Love the sound. It is definitely very loud.Read more

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