0C192UD9IUN805 Pyle transportable bluetooth pa speaker machine – 600w bluetooth speaker transportable pa device w/rechargeable battery 1/4″ microphone in, party lighting, mp3/usb sd card reader, rolling wheels pphp1044b

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  • rechargeable battery: speaker karaoke pa gadget is geared up with wheels and extendable handle making it easily transportable. Make use of the usb flash pressure and sd card reader a three. 5mm aux input, and 1/four” mic/ guitar input for karaoke
  • 600 watt electricity: this high powered wi-fi karaoke pa transportable bluetooth speaker is equipped w/ 10″ subwoofer and 1″ tweeter with 600 watt peak energy/ 300w rms at 4 ohm for complete variety surround stereo sound reproduction and amazing bass reaction
  • like minded with bluetooth: the field type loud bluetooth speaker system is well matched w/ bluetooth for wireless audio streaming and works w/ gadgets like iphone, android cellular cellphone, ipad, tablet, computer. Perfect for private indoor domestic and outdoor use
  • flashing dj lights: the bluetooth birthday celebration speaker with lights on wheels functions multi-color flashing disco led lighting fixtures so that it will upload existence to any event that’s extremely good for patio events or gatherings at night whilst a colorful presence is noticeable
  • mic priority ‘communicate-over’: this pyle pa speaker with microphone precedence ‘talk-over’ function is wonderful for karaoke, degree performances, & crowd manage. Equipped w/ a rear manipulate panel for mic extent, treble, bass, & echo adjustment
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  • rugged & durable housing production
  • join & movement audio from external gadgets
  • usb flash & micro sd reminiscence card readers
  • mp3 virtual audio file guide aux (3. 5mm) enter
  • 1/4’’ -inch microphone enter
  • rear panel button manipulate middle
  • portable bluetooth pa speaker machine

    our transportable pa speaker with led lights is transportable and can be carried with you everywhere. Smooth and appealing layout to fit any decor. A wi-fi boombox speaker that streams song with bluetooth connectivity. This transportable pa speaker with led lighting and built-in bluetooth receiver lets in you to effortlessly connect and play audio from all of nowadays’s state-of-the-art devices (which include smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computer systems).

  • excessive-powered pa speaker
  • indoor / out of doors loudspeaker gadget
  • bluetooth wi-fi tune streaming capability
  • multi-color led flashing dj birthday celebration lighting fixtures
  • integrated rechargeable battery
  • fm radio with digital display
  • audio recording function
  • microphone priority ‘communicate-over’ button
  • the bluetooth birthday party speaker with lights capabilities multi-coloration flashing disco led lighting fixtures with a purpose to upload lifestyles to any occasion which is incredible for patio events or gatherings at night time whilst a colorful presence is important

    the bluetooth audio system with lighting fixtures for the party have the capacity to file vocals through mic, fm & bluetooth audio w/ easy one-button activation. Also functions integrated rechargeable battery & handy cope with.

    this high powered wireless karaoke pa transportable bluetooth speaker is geared up w/ 10″ subwoofer and 1″ tweeter with six hundred watt top energy/ 300w rms at four ohm for complete range surround stereo sound replica and brilliant bass reaction

    the field kind loud bluetooth speaker device is like minded w/ bluetooth for wireless audio streaming and works w/ gadgets like iphone, android cellular phone, ipad, pill, pc. Perfect for private indoor domestic and out of doors use

    speaker karaoke pa device is ready with wheels and extendable deal with making it without problems transportable. Ideal for on-degree performances, crowd manipulate, public gathering events.

    pyle bluetooth speaker karaoke pyle pa speaker is equipped w/ usb flash force port & micro sd card reader so it could function an mp3 player, three. 5mm aux enter, ¼” guitar enter & ¼” microphone input. Consists of stressed microphone for home karaoke


    10 Inch, Handheld Mic

    8 reviews for 0C192UD9IUN805 Pyle transportable bluetooth pa speaker machine – 600w bluetooth speaker transportable pa device w/rechargeable battery 1/4″ microphone in, party lighting, mp3/usb sd card reader, rolling wheels pphp1044b

    1. Meka

      Straight out of the box, I noticed what appears to be water stains all over the speaker. I figured I could wipe those off so I plugged it up to get an idea of the sound quality. STOP right here…. this is garbage! Says it has 600Watts, more like 25W. My Alexa Echo has more bass and clear sounds. May be a good laptop speaker but don’t get this for parties or anything requiring good Mids and Highs. Sending it back immediately which is probably how it got stained before, someone else sent it back before me. Pyle should close their doors if this is the product they are producing now!Read more

    2. megan hicks

      So I was hesitant in buying this speaker due to reviews reporting non-existent bass but I have grown up with the Pyle brand so I took a leap of faith and this speaker is worth its price tag. The bass this speaker produces isn’t monumental, it doesn’t stand out or fetch a good selling point but its appropriate. It all flows very naturally the bass doesn’t pound out the vocals nor is the sound flat, it has body I hear fantastic harmony with the treble for this wattage speaker. This speaker even took a 3ft drop from the trunk of my Armada on a steep concrete driveway face first and nothing is lose inside of it no loss of sound quality. It is exactly what it should be for the cost I use mine at work and am totally satisfied with the quality.Read more

    3. Don

      I was looking for a small portable battery powered speaker for my son to use during his wedding ceremony. I did not use the speaker because it sounded so bad. I repackaged and returned to Amazon and ordered a LyxPro 12 inch speaker which seems a lot better but I will no more after this weekend when I use it at my son’s wedding. Anyway, my quick evaluation of the Pyle speaker is as follows:Pro – Priced CheapPro – LightweightPro – AttractivePro – Color beat lights that can be turned on or offPro – Battery, 120, or 12 volt external powerPro – Roller wheels and a collapsible pull handlePro – May work well for a child toyCon – Every knob on the unit was turned to full blast. When I turned it on, the feedback was ear piercing.Con – Echo was always on high and could not be turned downCon – Cheap non-durable construction (Less money, less quality)Con – Sounded terrible (severe lack of bass) on every mode except the radio which sounded okayCon – Not good for important eventsIn conclusion, it is worth an additional $80 to $90 to get something that has a lot better quality if you can afford it. Thankfully, Amazon’s return policy is stellar and I was able to quickly correct the mistake of buying this product.Read more

    4. BronzeMaster

      First let me say , I am not a paid Amazon Reviewer . I seldom write reviews , but just had to today on this item .On a scale of 1 – 10, I give this 1/2 for the quality of sound . It is loud no doubt , but not much bass for a 10 ” speaker .It is very light and rolls nicely , watch out not to pull the handle up too hard as it will come out of the track and almost impossible to get it back on the track. If you are thinking about buying one of these , i really suggest you buy a boombox instead with a built in cd player and bass boost , save your money on this one , I don’t think I got my money’s worth .Read more

    5. (Seller) Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.

      First, be careful when you turn it on…I almost popped my eardrum because it was turned up all the way and I will give it credit for having power! Unfortunately, it was the screeching sound of feedback that played the minute I turned it on. When I went to use the microphone, that was all static and delay every time I talked into it. I wound up going to the local store and purchased a Kustom PA PA50 Personal PA System with Gemini microphone and that worked amazing! What a difference that you can first feel with the Kustom PA weighing like 5 times more, but still be light enough to carry and feeling more solid. The sound was so clear and powerful on the Kustom and so junkie on this Pyle, so I am not sure what all the good reviews are about here.Read more

    6. Tony

      The speaker connected to my phone right away and it sounds great. The pictures are a little deceiving though, the speaker is smaller than it appears in the pictures.Read more

    7. Gabriel Brooks

      Do not buy this item if you value your money as it fraudulently claims 600 watts. The seller must had added an extra zero as I was not blown away by the sound of my brand new Pyle 600 watt PA sound system, seems as though instead I was whispered to. The whisper like quality is amazing. You won’t have to worry about breaking any noise ordenances at 3am with this model. I’ve had am clock radios that were louder. Fortunately Amazon was speedy with the return but clearly a rip off for customers and amazon. Bluetooth connectivity was great, radio worked, but as you can see, I was not impressed with the sound quality at all.I fourtunately had a PA system that I could guage it against. I had an ION 500 watt PA speaker that I purchased a year prior that I lend to my brother and wanted to get another for when we travel and don’t have access to power. It held it’s charge pretty good but it at MAX output was horrible as it delivered about 10% of it’s claim. Sounds hollow as plastic casing is very thin. Just a bad buy and I was shocked because I have purchased other really good Pyle products prior. This one was a DUD for me and I would want anyone else to be scammed by this product and I hope this review is helpful, but if you purchase it after this review …I tried to warm you❗Read more

    8. Kindle Customer

      Purchased this speaker for my kids so they could listen to music in the driveway while playing basketball. Ended up using it for pump up music at their baseball games as well. PROS – It has great sound. Volume is sufficient. The blue tooth connection is great and only takes seconds to connect. This is extremely lightweight and easy to carry or roll. CONS – There is not much bass. Even with the bass turned most of the way up, it will quickly distort the sound instead of add more bass. The handle extension is similar to a rolling suitcase but it simply doesn’t work very well. It’s difficult to extend and one side does not release for extension and fights the other side of the handle which can pull out of the speaker box. Overall, I would purchase this again for the sheer ease and sound it provides. If you are looking for bass, this is not the blue tooth speaker for you.Read more

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