0C1920IY84C690 The mini genie for google nest mini (second multi-p. C. Disc. Ugly vertical or horizontal percent)

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  • this version is like minded with the google nest mini 2nd gen (vacation 2019 launch) best. In case you need the unique google home mini 1st gen model, see the hyperlink under.
  • works everywhere. Vertical, horizontal, the wrong way up, on slim breakfast bars, around backsplashes, below cabinets and extra.
  • covered is our patented “dummy” ground adapter for stores needing extra balance. Your mini might be greater cozy!
  • lowest profile mount in the marketplace – seems smooth and forestalls bumps
  • when people ask, simply tell them you bought the mini genie.

product description

our task is to create merchandise that assist make your property electronics less complicated and less difficult to use.

mount genie designs fantastic mounting products for voice assistants and other smart era. Whilst smart domestic products are enhancing our personal and expert lives in countless approaches, additionally they result in ugly wire muddle. Mount genie aims to resolve that problem with smooth mounts that cover cords and make your smart domestic smarter than ever.

streamlined layout and capability to satisfy all of your nest mini needs!

the mini genie for google nest mini (2nd gen)

a area saving solution for your smart home speakers. Smooth get entry to mute button for when a quiet room is wanted speedy.

the wall mount comes with room to keep the five foot long google mini wire.

works in any plug orientation providing many extraordinary set up configurations. Patented floor adapter provides extra stability to keep your mini more secure!

  • smooth layout – seems awesome everywhere
  • takes up minimum space
  • terrific for any room within the residence
  • works with any outlet orientaiton
  • installs in 10 seconds
  • floor adapter for added aid
  • color_name

    Black (1-Pack), Black (2-Pack), Black (3-Pack), White (1-Pack), White (2-Pack), White (3-Pack)

    8 reviews for 0C1920IY84C690 The mini genie for google nest mini (second multi-p. C. Disc. Ugly vertical or horizontal percent)

    1. stephen quinlan

      I got the Mini Genie and 2 others and the 2 others were actually the same mount but in 2 different boxes. It looks like there are sellers getting these from a distributer and then just packaging it up themselves. That would be fine but there are very big and quite an eyesore. I had thought the Mount Genie was a little “flimsy” when I took it out of the packaging but its actually just very minimal like they claim. Its very slim and the design is not offensive. I don’t want to see any extra plastic or weird rubber colors. This plugs in and looks like it could have come with the Mini. There was a review where someone said there was nothing to it, as a complaint but that review was one of the reasons I choose it . I added some pics so you can see exactly what it looks like.Read more

    2. DeluXXXe

      Let me save you the frustration… Take it out of it’s package and break the tines. Then take your Google nest and shred the fabric around the edges with a serrated steak knife.This thing is cheaply made garbage. Putting in the Google unit is a lesson in frustration. Their plug adapter doesn’t actually work unless the grounding prong is on top of the polarized prong (yours wont be either). You’ll rip the fabric of your Google unit trying to “pop it in” as told in the 3 step instructions.Its so cheaply made and flimsy that the unit fell out of the holder fifteen minutes after I plugged it in and went into another room.Just don’t bother with this crap garbageRead more

    3. BB

      I have old outlets and most of these new “outlet mounts” for little gizmos just fall out. This mount comes with a genius adapter that slips on the plug to use the ground to help support the weight a little bit. it reminds me of the old plastic outlet covers that people would stick in to block the plug from kids. Very smart.Read more

    4. Matt

      Works great and has every installation option available. Check out my review.Read more

    5. Eduardo Diosdado

      It’s the only outlet mount in the market for now, that’s why I purchased it. But overall the mount is low in quality of materials used and how it’s made. Cheap plastic. The tabs that hold the wire in break VERY easy, had to hot glue it back together. The mount also doesn’t hold the mini very well and falls out very easy.It’s relatively cheap in price, so you get what you pay for – works ok for now.Read more

    6. shari everist

      Easy to install and sounds better mounted.Read more

    7. W. Brown

      I was careful while installing my mini, and still it ripped the speaker cloth. The cord isn’t kept in place at all well. Take a pass on this one and try something else.Read more

    8. Tech Dude

      Very cheap plastic. It’s not 360* mountable like the description says. You need the included safety/stability piece but limits it to down or to right. Returning.Read more

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