0C18ZX94DS6470 Nubwo n20 stereo gaming headset for ps4, xbox one, ps5 controller, laptop, over ear headphones with microphone, noise cancelling mic, bass surround, gentle memory earmuffs for xbox collection x games

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50mm speaker unit provide clean and surround sound revel in, you could listen maximum sound results element and react quickly.

elegant ear cups that rotate ninety° to provide comfort whilst worn around your neck.

in-line controller is simple to reach, making it extra handy to control the volume or mute the mic.

unidirectional mic filters most environmental noise around you and provide real-in-time speaking with none delay. Anti-static tech inner gaming headphones save you static sound from taking place. You could chat to your fellow gamers with crystal readability sound and experience a clean team-paintings play.

why you pick out nubwo n20 gaming headset?

  • 1 x nubwo n20 gaming headset
  • 1 x 1-to-2 three. 5mm jack splitter cable
  • 1 x user’s guide
  • speaker length: 50mm
  • sensivitity: ninety five+/-3db
  • frequency range: 20 hz ~ 20khz
  • microphone size: 6. 1 x 2. 7mm
  • microphone sensitivity: -38+/-2db
  • directionality: uni-directional
  • headset jack: 3. 5mm
  • multi-platform well suited

    this gaming headset with a three. 5mm audio jack is like minded with computer, ps5 controller, ps4 controller, xbox series x controller, xbox one controller (please observe: newer fashions have a headphone jack, older ones require an adapter.), transfer (audio).


    2. Open sound settings, pick out your enter tool as ‘nubwo-n20’.

    three. Open apps can access your microphone. ‘settings’ → ‘privateness’ → ‘microphone’, open the ‘allow apps to get entry to your microphone’, and test the apps you need to apply is opening.



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    Hardware Platform

    PlayStation, 4, PlayStation, 5, Xbox, Series, X, &, S, PC, Xbox, One

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    1.06, pounds

    Product Dimensions

    7.7, x, 4.3, x, 8.9, inches

    Item Dimensions LxWxH

    7.7, x, 4.3, x, 8.9, inches



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    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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    October, 8, 2019

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    4 reviews for 0C18ZX94DS6470 Nubwo n20 stereo gaming headset for ps4, xbox one, ps5 controller, laptop, over ear headphones with microphone, noise cancelling mic, bass surround, gentle memory earmuffs for xbox collection x games

    1. ctsurv553

      Pros/Features:1. Large earphone cups fully enclose the ear to cut out as much background noise as possible.2. Earpieces are thickly and softly padded, should be comfortable for many hours of wear.3. Sound quality pretty good at this price point. Perhaps not quite as good as you would get with a set of $50 Sony headphones, but noticeably better than my $15 Logitech headset. Listening to music in WinAmp, I had to tweak the audio equalization a bit to optimize the frequency responses. Without equalization, the headset sounds “tinny”: music is flat, weak in both the bass (50 hz to 400 hz) frequencies and the highs between 2000 hz and 6000 hz. After fiddling with the equalizer, I was able to get the response and tonal quality of the headphones to more or less match my Sony headphones. I am listening to Bob Segar’s “Night Moves” as I type this, and I have to admit it sounds as good on these Nubwo’s as my Sony MDR-ZX110 phones, which are my go-to PC or Android music headphones.4. When I tested the boom microphone, the volume was far too low for a Skype call or Zoom teleconference session. This headset does not have an on-board, battery powered microphone pre-amp, and even with the Microphone Input setting at 100% in the Realtek Audio mixer panel, the mic still could not deliver more than about -40 db volume when I tried to record my voice in Audacity. This was with the mic about 1″ in front of my mouth, speaking in a normal voice level. I could get the input to maybe -20 db by shouting, but that’s not practical. I then went into Microphone Properties > Recording > Levels > Microphone Boost, and set the Boost level to maximum, which is +30 db. This let me record normal voice at -10 db, loud enough, but the downside of this Boost setting is it introduces a lot of static hiss into the input that some people might find objectionable. However, offsetting this issue is that the boom is very nicely placed, and plenty long enough, and it puts the mic right in front of your mouth, so there’s no question that it’s picking up as much of your voice as possible.5. Comes with a 3.5mm, 4-conductor male plug for use with devices such as Android phones and tablets natively, and it ships with a splitter adapter to let you use the headset with a PC, where the mic and headphones are two separate jacks.6. The headphone shells are clearly marked with “L” and “R”, so you don’t have to guess which cup to put over which ear. My Sony headphones don’t have any obvious marking to tell you which side is Left and Right. The boom mic socket is on the left earphone cup only.7. The headphone cups fold down flat, so you can easily store them in a headphone carrying case (not included), assuming you can find one that is large enough.8. In-line volume control and Mic on/off switch. I actually kind of wish these phones didn’t have this: in my experience, these in-line controls are usually the failure point that causes an otherwise perfectly good headset to have to be discarded and replaced. I hope the manufacturer sourced a good quality part for this switch and volume control, that won’t disintegrate in 3 or 4 months.9 . The cable is long enough for me to plug it into the rear panel audio jacks on my Mid-tower PC chassis; you don’t have to use the front panel audio jacks, or an extension cable, unless you need to sit more than 4 feet away from the computer.CONS:None of any major concern. Maybe one: these phones are big and bulky, and too large to be carried in anything smaller than a back pack or gym bag. You won’t be carrying these in a purse or coat pocket. But the largeness is part of why they are so comfortable to wear, so it’s a trade-off.Summary: This is a decent headset for under $50. Both the headphone and microphone audio quality are not quite as good as what you get on a $400 headset, but you get what you pay for, and for under $50, these are at least as good as any other $50 headset, and maybe better and more comfortable than some more expensive headsets with smaller earcups. The only feature I wish these had is a more sensitive microphone that could deliver a stronger signal to a PC sound card.HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDRead more

    2. otterpopdotorg

      At first, I had a problem with my microphone not working. The issue was not the headphones, but that I had plugged them in after starting the game I was playing. (Fortnite) My Xbox One S did not detect it as a microphone-capable headset but only as headphones. I finally figured this out by hitting the Xbox button and on the home screen in the top right corner, it showed the wrong icon. I unplugged and plugged them back in while still on the home screen and the headset with chat mic icon switched on. Back in business.The sound is shockingly good and the mic was able to pick up my cat purring next to me on the couch (no other sound going on in the room) while I was playing. The sound is full, and if you find it to be low volume, remember that in the console (PS4 or Xbox) settings you can increase the volume which in turn makes the headphone volume knob more responsive.I tried to find something less than great about these headphones and I guess the only things I can come up with are (nitpicky) that they have a vinyl head cushion which will eventually break down in time, and that they are slightly on the heavy side however they are not uncomfortably so. In fact, the ear cushions are really nice and they don’t pinch my glasses too tightly. If they break I will buy another pair of the same ones without hesitating.Read more

    3. Matthew Robert

      How cow! These went above and beyond my expectations! The cord is totally over threaded which is amazing for the price I paid for them. Such care for the build quality went into these.The earcups are perfect on my ears with no discomfort at all which is exactly what I hoping for. The Bass is smooth and not overwhelming. They don’t get ridiculously loud but definitely loud enough. Sound quality is good, obviously wont be supreme but for the price of these I have no complaints AT ALL!These are perfect and totally will buy another pair just incase they stop selling these for any reason.Read more

    4. melmeister

      This headset really surprised me for the price. Unboxing it was easy and all parts were there including the owners guide with clear, though obvious, instructions. It was securely packed without rattle space. I do have a couple of minor issues but will note those later.Likes: Solid construction. The cables are covered with braided mesh making them strong and resistant to the twists and abuse we put wires thru. Including the mic/headphone adapter for PC’s. The earcups are padded and feel pretty comfortable covering my entire ear without putting pressure on them. This eliminates concerns of califflower type ears. I don’t game very much but they isolate without total exclusion of outside sound. I can still hear my wife talking to me. Because they cup my ears I get full range of audio without feeling as if the sound was being forced. When listening to movies I seem to experience nice surround. The bass is very clean as are the mid and highs response. Very little outside EQ was needed for my taste. The Mic: sensitive and provided clear production (I was told) when making calls from my PC. The inline volume and mute are very responsive and not too far down the line.The Negatives: The headset is bulky and did feel heavy after a while. The mic is short. Not a problem for some, but I do like my mic to be in front of my mouth. But this in no wise affects the response. In fact it helps to eliminate the sudden pressure of air when pronouncing “P’s”. The mic is detachable and may be easy to misplace. Also + or – it can only be place one way otherwise you won’t be heard.Highly recommended.Read more

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