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bh 770

  • professional-grade, closed-returned studio reference headphones
  • 53 mm dynamic drivers offer ultra-wide frequency response (10 hz
    – 38 khz) turning in prolonged bass performance and unique highs
  • extremely-lightweight and comfy for those long studio periods
  • affords herbal speaker-like monitoring with spacious sound staging
  • over-ear circumaural design with ultra-gentle ear cups and adjustable scarf
  • closed-back design ensures regular listening environment with exceptional sound isolation
  • braided-cloth, oxygen-loose copper cable for prolonged reliability consists of 1/4″ (6. 3 mm) adaptor
  • optimized overall performance for use with a huge variety of professional and purchaser audio gadgets
  • whether you’re mixing a recording, tracking a bass line – or just sitting lower back playing your preferred music, you need headphones that deliver a wide frequency reaction and excessive dynamic variety. Our bh 770 headphones offer remarkable high-decision performance – at a fee well in the attain of each finances!

    bh 770 headphones offer everything you want for comfy listening. The oval-formed ear cups include high-decision capsules that deliver each nuance of your sound. Offering an extremely-secure headband; and a ¼” adapter for the ⅛” connector, bh 770 headphones are well suited with the whole thing out of your cellphone – to your blending console.

    with the incredible bh 770 headphones, you get certainly-exceptional, high-decision sound reproduction – at a charge as a way to leave money to your pocket for greater tunes, or extra studio equipment! Take a look at out a couple bh 770 headphones at your nearest behringer supplier – or place your order online these days!

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    closed-back studio reference headphones with extended bass response.

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    BH, 770

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    October, 9, 2019

    5 reviews for 0C18ZX8W4ZH783 Behringer studio headphones (bh 770)

    1. Amazon Customer

      I don’t like these headphones. Almost no bass. I really wanted to like them, since I use the Behringer HPS3000 headphones, which are pretty good. I thought these 770’s would work for me to double-check my mixes. Nope. Completely inaccurate, harsh, and annoying to listen to. I compared these to several headphones I own from Audio Technica and Yamaha as well. These 770’s were not in their league. On the plus side, they do feel comfortable on my ears. I’m keeping them to use in my vocal booth, as a second set. If I ever have a singer who is crowding the mic and can’t hear why that’s a problem, I’ll make them wear these, because it will make their lives miserable until they learn some mic technique. Yup, they’re gonna be used to punish bad singers. Worth the price if you need to teach a few lessons. As an alternative, my Audio Technica ATH M20X phones are far superior for mixing. I do like my Behringer HPS3000’s for tracking, though. The good singers can use those.Read more

    2. Music Lover

      Firstly, these are 80 ohms Headphones with 50mm Drivers. So these headphones will either require a decent Audio Interface or Headphone Amplifier to really get the most out of these. They MUST be powered by an amp of some sort.Sticking these into your phone headphone jack or Hi-Fi headphone jack will not give these the “Power that they NEED!”These are “Studio Monitors”, based on another brand that are very well know and respected in the industry and I can confirm that when “Used Properly” in a “Studio Environment” with the proper Interface and/or Headphone AMP, for the example the “Micro-Amp HA400”, these are absolutely amazing for the price, comfort and build quality.The negative reviews are probably from people who do not understand what different Headphones are meant to be used for and also don’t realize that Headphones with 80 Ohm’s and higher, in most cases, actually need a decent Audio Interface and/or Headphone Amplifier, which these actually need to work effectively.The sound is “flat”, as it is supposed to be. The Bass really Kicks in at HIGH VOLUME’s on a decent Audio Interface and my Headphone Amplifier and the mid’s and highs are perfect for “My Ear’s” while monitoring my mixes and tracks.I also plugged these in and made a “Burn In playlist”, with various Genre’s from EDM, Rock, Pop, Techno, House and so forth, to give these a good “over-night burn-in” at around 70% Volume and the sound was definitely sounding better the next day. Especially the Bass and general clarity. Do not burn in at 100% volume, as you can damage the drivers.These are damn close sounding to the “original manufacture’s 80 ohm version” of these and I think a LOT of people make the mistake of comparing these to the 30 ohm version, which are much louder and don’t need any special audio interface and/or headphone amplifier. The 30 ohm cans can be directly plugged into any headphone jack and are really meant for recreational listening and also have that deep bass that recreational listeners are looking for. Especially for Electronic Music.These are NOT for that purpose.These are meant for Music Studio’s and Music Producer’s and NOT for “commercial music listening” and they are 80 ohm’s, with 53mm drivers for those that do not know. So please do your research about “Ohm’s and Drivers” BEFORE buying a set of headphones. Also think what you will be using these headphones for, BEFORE buying.Otherwise, for those that “Know Headphones”. These are really great for the price, build quality, comfort and the sound, “if” used properly. So I can personally and highly recommend these “Cans” for the aspiring “Music Producer”. BUT NOT for the casual music listener.Keep that in mind when buying these particular Studio Monitoring Headphones.Read more

    3. Donald E. Turner

      I’m an every day head phone user movies and video games but why I was initially looking for a good pair of head phones is for tracking music with my guitar. I wanted a good pair of studio quality headphones that would give me a full range of sound in order to do this. I say this because not all headphones do, flat out sometimes you can hear how cheaply they are made with a lot of high tingy treble to them with no compensation for bass to even out the tone.I previously had a pair of behringer headphones but that model has since then stopped being made. For the price i paid (around 30 bucks) I was impressed with the quality. At that price you’re really taking a crap shoot what your getting for quality wise but I was pleasantly surprised, the clarity of the tone they produced worked with any application. I even bought a second pair of them when they finally bit it due to normal wear and tear. As I said they stopped making these ones….which lead me to buy another pair i’d never used before and only slightly cheaper then my previous ones. The sound quality was noticeably different, they sounded prone to high winy treble and didn’t have the full sound of the other ones, I was disappointed and splurged on other name brands for headphones hoping to get something similar to the first pair I had. What really stood out about the first pair was the bang for your buck at 30 bucks, versus me now having to drop a little over 50 bucks or more at times on other branded headphones just to try and attain the same sound quality.FINALLY……I went back to behringer and decided to splurge, these were around 50 odd dollars and I’m normally hesitant about that seeing how quickly as I go through headphones. Here you can clearly see where that extra money is going in the attention to design of it, nylon braided cable attached to a solid headphone base (doesn’t allow it to get all twisted up and kink at the end. Super comfy leather headphone piece, cloth earphones for the material (a first for me that I love now) almost makes you forget your wearing headphones that’s how comfortable they are. I also like the fact they’re made of cloth because the leather parts of the ear pieces in headphones always starts to crack and break. Overall these are my favorite headphones I’ve ever bought they deliver sound quality as well, just as good as the first ones I bought way back if not better.If your looking for a good quality set of headphones and aren’t sure to pull the trigger money wise…..go ahead and do it these are a far cry from your standard over the ear headphones design, comfort, quality and efficiency were all taken into account here and its apparent just as soon as you put them on.Read more

    4. Christopher S. Smith

      These are obviously knock off Beyerdynamics 770s but the difference between the two is night and day. I own the Beyerdynamics but wanted another pair to keep at my rehearsal so that I could just leave a pair there. Since I have both, I compared them back to back with the same noise source each time. The Behringers lack overall definition, warmth, and bass. Not a bad price but the sound quality just isn’t there. Also, the speaker wires looks very cheap compared to the Beyerdynamics and like it would not take much to damage them. My advice is to save up and buy the Beyerdynamics. They are well worth the extra cash.Read more

    5. Jennifer Louwers

      My son bought these for gaming. He said they are great and I can attest to the noise cancelling because he can’t hear me when I call for him.Read more

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