0C18ZWZ0MD9750 Beats solo seasoned wireless noise cancelling on-ear headphones – apple h1 headphone chip, class 1 bluetooth, 22 hours of listening time, built-in microphone – grey

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  • active noise cancelling (anc) blocks outside noise
  • up to 22 hours of listening time (as much as 40 hours with anc and transparency turned off)
  • functions the apple h1 headphone chip and class 1 bluetooth for prolonged range and fewer dropouts
  • like minded with ios and android
  • built-in microphone permits fingers-unfastened controls via “howdy siri” on ios gadgets, and voice functionality with the rush of the b button on a ramification of compatible devices
  • high-performance wi-fi noise cancelling headphones
  • transparency facilitates you stay aware of your environment while listening
  • speedy gasoline gives 3 hours of playback from a 10-minute rate whilst battery is low
  • car on/off when you unfold and fold your wireless bluetooth headphones
  • what’s inside the box: beats solo seasoned wi-fi noise cancelling headphones, carrying case, lightning to usb-a charging cable, brief begin manual, warranty card
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regularly requested questions

can they be used as a gaming headset?

solo pro may be used for mobile gaming in widespread bluetooth mode. A separate lightning – three. 5mm cable is needed to allow stressed mode for premier performance with minimum latency.

is there an enter for connecting to a non-bluetooth device?

the lightning rate connector may be used to attach a fashionable, non-bluetooth audio source. A separate lightning – three. 5mm cable is needed.

do they move on or over the ear?

solo seasoned capabilities an on-ear design.

how do you charge them?

price your solo seasoned with the aid of plugging the blanketed lightning cable into the port on the lowest of the proper ear cup.

how do you turn them on and rancid?

solo seasoned will strength on by way of unfolding the headscarf, and energy off while folded.

can you manage your music?

solo pro capabilities onboard controls built into the proper ear cup. Use the ‘b’ button to control playback – one press to play or pause, presses to pass ahead, or 3 presses to bypass backward. The use of the extent rocker above and below the ‘b’ button to regulate the quantity up or down.

how lengthy does the battery ultimate?

solo pro can provide as much as 22 hours of playback with lively noise cancelling (anc) enabled, or up to forty hours with anc disabled.

do they have a microphone?

solo pro features dual beam-forming microphones and a speech-detecting accelerometer for extremely good voice readability.

how do i pair with my iphone?

solo seasoned is ready to pair right out of the box. For ios gadgets, truly spread the headscarf, then keep close to your unlocked tool and follow the onscreen commands. The trendy version of ios is needed.

how do i pair with my android device?

for android devices, go to the google play keep and download the beats app for smooth one-contact pairing. You could additionally use the bluetooth menu on your tool.

how do i pair with additional bluetooth gadgets?

to place solo seasoned into pairing mode, preserve the mode button at the left manage module for 3 seconds till the led starts offevolved to blink. Then pick out solo pro within the bluetooth menu for your device.

how do i prompt siri or other voice assistants?

preserve down the ‘b’ button on the proper ear cup to activate siri or the default voice assistant on your device. For ios devices, you could additionally without a doubt say “howdy siri”.


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4 reviews for 0C18ZWZ0MD9750 Beats solo seasoned wireless noise cancelling on-ear headphones – apple h1 headphone chip, class 1 bluetooth, 22 hours of listening time, built-in microphone – grey

  1. Gregg Re

    Overall, really love these — a solid upgrade to the solo 3’s, and songs sound noticeably fuller on the pro’s. They compare favorably to the Sony XM3’s but each has specific advantages over the other. The Sony XM3’s sound a bit better overall for classical/jazz music and are more comfortable, but are less ideal for exercise (as solo’s have punchier bass for rap/pop/hip hop,+, water resistance, pair more easily w/ multiple devices.)IMPORTANT NOTE!!Concerning the fit … these are surprisingly much tighter on my head than the Solo 3’s, and I could see this being a total dealbreaker for some people. It took me a couple days to get used to it, and now I don’t mind as much as I initially did. I’m not sure if it loosened up, but I don’t think so — I just think I adjusted. But, there is no question that for comfort, I would rather listen to my sony 1000XM3’s for a very long period (1 hr+). For shorter listening, I really like these. The clamping force helps with the noise-cancelling, but it’s also very very noticeable, even when I extend these out to their max-level of extension. Note that I have a larger size head, and wear glasses.Probably my favorite little feature: Because these automatically power on when opened, and power off when closed, you never have to fuss with a power button like you do on other headphones. When I go for runs, I just grab these, put them on my head, and start up music on my Apple Watch, and it quickly connects automatically and starts playing. It will quickly join any other Apple device you want, as long as it’s on the same account. With the latest iOS, you don’t even need to go to the device menu — these headphones [like airpods] will auto-connect as soon as you start using another device. For instance, if I’m on my iPad listening to the solo pros, then close my iPad and go to my iPhone, the beats solo pros transition seamlessly to the iPhone. When I’m done, I fold them and put them down. This is more convenient than my XM3’s, which only remember one device for Bluetooth.Some other nice Apple-specific benefits: When these are on, the headphones will automatically read out any texts ou get, allowing you to reply by voice without having to take out your phone. And, you can ask Siri to turn on or off noise canceling and transparency mode by voice, without messing with setttings.The sound quality is similar to the Solo 3’s, but the bass, for lack of a better word, feels ‘tighter.’ It’s still punchier than the bass in my Sony 1000xm3’s, but it feels less like the low rumble of the Solo 3’s. Instead, the bass in the Solo pros feels more like one component of the song. For shorter listening periods, I prefer the Solo Pros to both the Solo3’s and my Sony 1000xm3’s.The Solo pro’s can get very, very loud without distorting the low end at all. The Solo 3’s are not terrible by comparison, especially for workouts, but the bass feels less precise and the soundstage more limited. Given a choice between the Solo 3’s and the Pros, I would pick the Pros every time — BUT, when I use the Solo 3’s, I still think they sound pretty good.One huge plus: The Solo pro’s have sweat resistance — woohoo! I can take these running. For many reasons, I would not take the XM3’s running.These look incredible and have a far better, sturdier feel than the Solo 3’s. As mentioned, a major advantage of these headphones for Apple users is that, like the Solo 3’s, Airpods, Powerbeats, etc, these will pair with your apple account and are instantly accessible from any apple device tied to that account.I do love the passthrough mode, which uses the microphones to pipe sound into your headphones for when you need to hear ambient sounds. It’s surprisingly significantly better than the one on the Sony 1000mx3’s I have, and I think the noise cancelling is roughly similar. Really, the passthrough mode here (which you activate with a single press on the underside button) is almost crazy good — doesn’t feel like you’re listening to microphones at all.The noise cancellation, with or without music playing, is also solid. With sound playing, like the XM3’s, you won’t hear much. It seems not quite on par with my Sony’s XM3, but it’s just very hard to be more specific than that. Jims’ Review Room and Sound guys have a more comprehensive analysis that comes to a similar conclusion, but they do great, especially for canceling the low end.A double press on the solo pro’s underside button will disable both passthrough mode and noise cancelling, doubling battery life to 40 hours. In this mode, outside sounds are partially muffled by the headphones’ seal on your ears.The new iOS update also allows you to control these settings in the menu.I appreciate that music controls — pause, play, Siri, next song etc — are done using clicky and responsive physical buttons on the earcup. The Sony’s touch interface has a big problem in winter and wet environments, due to condensation, and I had a lot of mis-presses with those.Love the way they auto-power off when folded. I don’t mind the lack of a headphone jack.I prefer these to the Powerbeats pro, because those got earwax in them and always seemed to pop out, no matter which of the ear caps I used. The sound quality is a bit better as well. For weightlifers, you might want to check out the power beats pro, as they get in the way a bit less than on-ear headphones like this.Lastly, the carrying case is super cheap and not at all sturdy, which is disappointing.Read more

  2. John J. Curtis

    I was really excited about having these headphones cause I love new toys. They are beautiful but terrible on so many functional levels. I bought them on a limited deal discount and STILL don’t think they’re worth that much. I’m happier with my 2015 Bose quiet comfort noise cancelling headphones.Pros:-beautiful design-noise cancelling-quick connectivity to iPhoneCons-TIGHT, get ready for the headaches, earaches, and DON’T even think about wearing glasses. Switch to contacts.- Small ear muffs that don’t ‘cup’ around the ears, they just intensely press them down.-No OFF button, you have to fold them in order to turn them off. Which means you CANT carry them while they are not in use around your head, neck or set them on the table momentarily without it draining battery. Seriously.. who thought of this terrible feature??- They still have that LOUD thumpy sound when using the manual volume and PAUSE/PLAY on the headset.- for a newer generation of headphones I can’t tell much of a difference in sound quality over my 2015 Bose. The bass to be honest sounds a bit low and reduced.-I’m sure there’s a couple other cons that aren’t coming to mind right now. Trust.Needless to say, these headphones are going back. I wouldn’t even pay $100 for them. What’s the point of paying so much money for something you hate using.Read more

  3. Nick G.

    These are the best beats so far. They sound very good and less bass heavy as previous models. Sound is really crisp. The only downfall to these is they are a little tight on your head and takes some time to get used to. Very worth it. The Noise Canceling feature is so good. You basically can not hear anything around you!Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    This is my first modern headphones purchase. I mostly use old (like from the 90’s) Sony open air on ear headphones.You know, the kind that used to come with portable CD players back in the day. Anyway, I needed something with a mic so when I’m making calls or streaming games, everyone else doesn’t have to hear what’s going on in the background (I’m looking at you cat…) I was using the earbuds that came with my iPhone, but those aren’t really comfortable, and the sound quality isn’t that great for long sessions of gaming and streaming.Rather than just spend the big bucks on a gaming headset I wanted something that I could take “outside” and not look completely ridiculous.After narrowing it down to a couple different brands, these popped up on sale for $50 off so I figured I would give these a try.Turns out these are actually pretty good. The sound is very good, considering that these are Bluetooth headphones. It’s a very balanced profile. Not the crazy treble of the old open air 90’s headphones, and not the extreme bass of an early 2000’s civic rocking 15″ subs.I listen to a much broader variety of music these days, so the balanced profile works well for me.Fit and finish is very good on these. There’s a lot of plastic, but it’s been covered with “soft touch” material.While they don’t show fingerprints very much at all, body oils (bald folks will understand) do build up on them.I find a quick wipe down once a week with a baby wipe keeps them looking good, and keeps them from sliding around.As far as fit goes, this is going to be hit or miss for you. As pretty much everyone has said, these do fit tight on your ears, and it can get uncomfortable. The biggest problem I have had is with wearing glasses. They do very much smash your ears into the arms of your glasses and it doesn’t take long to start hurting and become irritating.Now, I have found that due to how tight they fit, and the fact that my glasses are big, I can just rest the temples of them above the cups of the headphones, and alleviate all the issues. I can usually wear them for a several hours like this and be fine, as opposed to mere minutes wearing glasses normally.Bluetooth range on these has been much better than expected. I’ve tried earbuds that wouldn’t even stay connected to the phone in my back pocket, let alone across a room. I’ve had these stay connected to several hundred feet away (outside in a rural setting) and had no issues in my apartment in a massive complex, with more wifi and wireless signals than a spaceship. Bluetooth has definitely come a loooong way.Now, if you’ve made it this far in the review, you’re probably wondering what the surprising use is.Turns out these are the best thing ever for apartment living, and that’s because of the noise cancelling. I’ve never seen/heard anything like this before.Downstairs neighbors drinking and fighting again, noisy kids playing in the breezeways, people who can’t bother to get their car alarms fixed, barking bass dogs… you get the idea.Just one touch of the little magic button and all that goes away.You can’t really sleep in these, but I’ve used them more than a few times now for afternoon naps on weekends in the recliner. Put some lite rock, or nature sounds stuff on, and next thing you know it’s dinner time.I’ve also used them without any music, just on and connected to block out noise.Be prepared though for a heart attack if you should happen to get a text or call. It’s pretty brutal if you’ve fallen asleep.Now to be fair these don’t block out all sounds, but the do bring it down to a level that is more than manageable.I’ve also found these to be fantastic for doing laundry in the apartments laundry center.I’m one of the few people who stay and wait with their stuff, and the noise cancelling is just outstanding for blocking out broken dryers with belts squealing, off balance washers, banging and crashing of unsecured plumbing etc. etc..Battery life is excellent. These tend to get better than advertised life for me, but I don’t listen to stuff at a very loud volume. I’m at maybe 25-30% volume level, 90% of the time.If you can snag these for $250 or under, I would absolutely recommend giving them a try.With amazon’s excellent returns policy you don’t really have anything to lose. Just be sure and give them a couple of extended wear sessions before that window is up, as the tight fit can be especially irritating if you wear glasses.Read more

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