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  • this product consists of 1 router unit
  • nest wifi is a scalable and flexible wireless device. Those nest wifi devices work together to blanket your whole home in speedy, dependable wireless and dispose of buffering in each room – with coverage as much as 4400 rectangular feet.[1]
  • the wireless router plugs into your internet company’s modem to create your wi-fi community. For more coverage, upload nest wifi routers or factors to your device.
  • nest wifi routers are sturdy sufficient to deal with up to 2 hundred connected gadgets, and rapid sufficient to move a couple of 4k films at a time.[2] compatible with google wifi; ethernet ports covered on each router. 15w energy adapter.
  • intelligently works backstage to ensure your wireless remains fast.[3] walk from room to room on a video name with an uninterrupted signal. Nest wifi automatically updates itself to get new features and assist your community stay safe and sound.
  • nest wifi is simple to installation within the app.[4] without problems create a visitor community and percentage your password in only a few taps. Decide which devices to prioritize for quicker speeds and use parental controls to manage on line time for the children.
  • control the temperature with your voice the usage of clever domestic gadgets that work with google assistant or alexa[3]
  • please seek advice from the product description segment under for all relevant prison disclaimers denoted by way of the bracketed numbers inside the preceding bullet factors (e. G., [1], [2], and many others.)

from the manufacturer

entire-domestic wireless.

a nest wifi router covers as much as 2200 rectangular toes, and you may always add routers if you want extra.[1]

the brand new way to wi-fi.

nest wifi works backstage to maintain buffering at bay in each room, on every device.[5] it’s clean to manage your network, proportion wi-fi with friends, and test your wi-fi speeds from anywhere, right on your cellphone.

easy setup.

create a network and get on line in minutes. Just comply with the easy steps in the google domestic app.[4]

parental peace of mind.

control online time for the children, limit express content material, and pause wi-fi on any device, whenever.

circulation with velocity.

move a 4k video in one room and make a video name to mom from any other without disruption.[3]

safety that’s a step ahead.

automated updates and a sophisticated safety chip help keep your wi-fi community safe and sound.

build a basis in your connected domestic.

nest wifi blankets your home in rapid, dependable wi‑fi to help your devices work better collectively.[5]

choose your nest wifi.

nest wifi router

nest wifi router 2 %

nest wifi router three percent

complete-home coverage[1]

up to 2200 square toes

whole-home coverage[1]

up to 4400 square ft

whole-domestic insurance[1]

up to 6600 square toes

ideal for

small and medium areas

perfect for

single-family homes

ideal for

big houses


1 router (no points required)


2 routers (no factors required)


3 routers (no points required)

ethernet ports

2 ethernet ports

ethernet ports

4 total ethernet ports

ethernet ports

6 overall ethernet ports


works with all nest wifi and google wifi devices


works with all nest wifi and google wifi devices


product description

google nest wifi is the smooth to set up whole-home mesh wireless gadget. Nest wifi routers work together to blanket your complete domestic in speedy, reliable wi-fi and take away buffering in each room, on every device – with coverage up to 4400 rectangular ft.[1] that is wi-fi the manner it should be. [1] home length, materials, and layout can affect how wireless sign travels. Larger homes or homes with thicker partitions or lengthy, slim layouts may want more nest wifi devices for complete coverage. [2] this is based totally on only the usage of related gadgets at a maximum data charge of 1mbps. Requires sufficient broadband internet connection and connected gadgets must be positioned within wireless coverage vicinity defined at g. Co/nestwifi/coverage. [3] power and velocity of sign will depend on your net issuer. [4] minimal os requirements are to be had at g. Co/nestwifi/req. [5] controlling sure gadgets and capabilities in your private home calls for a compatible clever device.


1-Pack, 2-Pack, 3-Pack Bundle, Nest WiFi 2 Pack + Google WiFi 1 Pack

8 reviews for 0C18ZNLE7TN544 Google nest wifi – ac2200 – mesh wifi machine – wifi router – 2200 squareft coverage – 1 percent

  1. Wen B. Chu

    base on review of expert new Nest version suppose to be faster and give more distance thats how I spend $170 to get something cost me 4 hours of running around and testing, at the end its either the same or worst.1. distance did not improve any at all! my basement router only have bar half full even with nest still half full where is the more coverage part I hear??!@!!!2. nest claim to be faster… yeah right I have 42 – 55 devices connected to Google wifi so yeah if you take 50 device offline sure a iphone can hit 400MB on fast dot com but so is old google wifi? in real life after all smart home product connected speed is down to 20-45mb each devices that exactly same number I used to have years ago.3. Smart home device is complicated lately since nest \ apple \ amazon dont want to make it easy for us or just wont supported or not compatible, So your smart home product will go nuts (happen to 5-10 of my device either dead or cant be discover) after google try to take over all smart device with their nest router must use app call google home.4. after total over 20 hours of painful conversion \ repair \merge \ new automate device at the end My speed drop cause I end up with lot of older smart home product dont work anymore and on-hub no longer supported so I lost about 5 different product gone and my internet speed drop at least 15% and tons of no response from many other smart product…specially amazon echo just disappear or not show up in alexa app.stay away from this junk!!Read more

  2. Rbbrdcky

    I upgraded to the Nest Wifi from the original Google Wifi because it has stronger antennas that give it a larger coverage footprint. Granted, my apartment is only 1000 sq ft but for some reason, the wifi signal was not reaching all the way to my home office where my desktop computer is. I technically got a signal but it was a fraction of the bandwidth every other room was getting. My new setup has drastically improved everything! I not only switched out the Google Wifi for the Nest Wifi as my main hub router, but I was also able to then use the original Google Wifi now as one of the “beacons” located in my office. The bandwidth increased well over 1000%! Needless to say, I’m very satisfied with those results (~‾▿‾)~Read more

  3. Ethan

    You should really disregard the low-star reviewers who are complaining about the difficulty in setting up –if you read their reviews, you’ll see that their confusion came from ordering two routers. They then had trouble connecting the two routers and getting them to work. There’s an easy solution: just order one router! I know Amazon is selling the 2- and 3-packs, which is confusing, but you only need one. If you want more coverage, then separately purchase a Google Nest WiFi Point, which will easily connect with your Nest Router and extend your coverage.Now, on to the actual review. Set-up was a breeze. Download the Google Home app before disconnecting your existing wifi – you’ll need this for the set-up. After making an account (if you don’t already have one), it will walk you through the steps, which are very simple and straightforward. The whole process took me about 20 minutes. Afterwards, my wifi was so much better than what I previously had. My download rate changed from 13 mbps to 225 mbps. Granted, that might say more about how poor my previous wifi router was but still, I was extremely happy with the results. Bonus points for the aesthetic of the unit. No more antennas poking out of a weird rectangle –this thing is sleek and modern.I highly recommend getting this router. It’s easy to set up (just buy ONE router), easy to scale, performs flawlessly, and looks great.Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    Save your money. Bought this as an upgrade to my existing Google Wifi in an effort to better extend coverage to the corners of my house. Setting this up with an existing Google Wifi in place was NOT easy and required several efforts to finally make it happen. Also, you cannot use the easy and functional Google Wifi app, you are forced to use Google Home which is trash. With the set up and app issues, the cherry on top is that Google Nest Wifi did NOT increase my coverage. In fact, I was forced to relocate my other pucks closer to the new router. Google totally screwed up such a good thing.Read more

  5. Logan

    I upgraded to Google Nest Wifi today without a hitch. Everything set up seamlessly and I am getting speeds that are exponentially better than the Google Wifi. I had 4 Google Wifi units, and the two Google Nest Wifi units I activated are outperforming them all. I’m using all router units, as the access point units are AC 1200, not 2200 for some reason. AM going to add one more unit to support the third floor.Read more

  6. Allen Hahm

    I bought this to replace my aging Apple Extreme network. Set up was easy but be careful to name this the same as your existing wifi system or you will be spending many hours reseting passwords on your cameras and stuff. I found that it does no cover the cameras I have outside or in my garage as I would have expected since it is advertised as covering 2200n sq feet and my home is 1600. I called google and they want to sell me a WiFi Router Point the is compatible for $ 165.00 I am not that happy with thisRead more

  7. Rox

    I already had 4 Google WiFi pucks, so I used a Google Nest Router to integrate everything. I ended up having to reset my entire network to get everything setup. I couldn’t just reset the main Google WiFi puck. I have the Google Nest Router wired to the other 3 Google Wifi pucks. I setup the last Google WiFi puck in the garage. I’m debating wiring the last Google WiFi puck, but everything works and it’s solid.ATM, I’m unable to rename the Google WiFi pucks and Google Nest Router. I also had an issue with setting up Google WiFi and the Google Nest Router with my original names from my previous network in the Google Home app (iOS). If you receive an error during the setup process, try using a new name for everything. I got everything to work and 4/5 are wired with Ethernet. Despite the bugs, I love Google Nest WiFi. It simply works and I can set it up and forget about it. I’m looking forward to the Thread capabilities Google is going to update in the future, because I’m heavy invested into Google Nest.Read more

  8. L

    google home app is trash. stuck on “restart modem” in setup. Factory reset bricked the unit.Read more

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