0C18Z93CY7Z129 Seviz mn retro wi-fi bluetooth speaker, 10w mono sound, bluetooth 5. Zero with five hours playback, portable speaker, for home, for outside, for journey, fm radio, 10m wireless range, wood speaker

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  • make sure this suits
  • with the aid of getting into your version range.
  • bluetooth version 5. Zero guarantees fast pairing, compatibility with a huge variety of gadgets and boasts 10m of bluetooth assist for seamless streaming. You may play music with aux and tf card further to bluetooth, so that you can revel in track even if bluetooth isn’t always supported.
  • for a clean and excessive quality sound, the frame is manufactured from timber. With the compact length, it creates an emotional and neat atmosphere and fits perfectly in a small area.
  • as a compact 3-inch frequency unit is ported, it’s miles light and compact. You could convey it all the time. Although it is small and mild weighted, the 3-inch speaker lets you revel in powerful, clear sound exterior.
  • if bluetooth is not supported or bluetooth does not paintings with any purpose, you can play tune from outside audio resources via tf card or aux port. You can enjoy music with out traumatic about the net connection.
  • it’s far geared up with fm radio receiver, so you can concentrate to the radio

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product description

1. Expensive design the use of timber and steel substances : the product is product of pp + wood + steel, which is easy and suits properly in any space. And with smooth-to-see operation, you can revel in song freely in the space you want without difficulty. 2. Numerous connection strategies : you can join the usage of bluetooth, but you may easily revel in track using aux or tf card. Even in case your device does not guide bluetooth, you can join by means of trying one-of-a-kind connection method. Three. Stepped forward high-quality of life with advanced sound fine : the 3-inch speaker and the large magnetic circus layout give you crisp, effective sound so you can revel in powerful sound with full bass. 4. Brief fee long playtime : you can play tune for five-6 hours with just three hours of charging. 5. Fm radio feature : similarly to tune playback, you can concentrate to the radio each time and everywhere, as it ports fm radio receiver. 6. Exceptional portability : mini10w-seviz is compact length clean to carry and suitable for camping and out of doors use. Even when there’s no bluetooth, so that you can enjoy song wherever you are, as there are various connection methods. 7. Bluetooth 5. 0 connectivity : bluetooth version five. Zero makes it well matched with a wide range of gadgets at the same time as turning in clean first-class sound. It pairs very quickly. Once it is paired as soon as, it will likely be robotically paired with out additional pairing session.

1. High priced design the usage of wooden and steel materials : the product is manufactured from pp + wooden + metal, that’s clean and suits well in any space. And with smooth-to-see operation, you can experience song freely inside the area you want without problem. 2. Various connection techniques : you could connect the usage of bluetooth, however you may effortlessly revel in music using aux or tf card. Even if your device does not guide bluetooth, you may connect by trying distinct connection method. Three. Progressed satisfactory of life with advanced sound exceptional : the 3-inch speaker and the big magnetic circus design provide you with crisp, effective sound so you can experience powerful sound with complete bass. 4. Quick fee long playtime : you may play song for five-6 hours with simply 3 hours of charging. Five. Fm radio function : similarly to song playback, you can listen to the radio every time and everywhere, as it ports fm radio receiver. 6. First rate portability : mini10w-seviz is compact size clean to hold and suitable for tenting and out of doors use. Even if there’s no bluetooth, so you can experience song wherever you are, as there are various connection methods. 7. Bluetooth five. Zero connectivity : bluetooth model 5. 0 makes it like minded with a extensive variety of gadgets at the same time as turning in clear fine sound. It pairs very quickly. Once it’s miles paired as soon as, it’ll be mechanically paired without extra pairing consultation.

Product Dimensions

3.94, x, 3.94, x, 3.94, inches

Item Weight

1.43, pounds



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1, Lithium, ion, batteries, required., (included)

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4.3, out, of, 5, stars, 347, ratings, 4.3, out, of, 5, stars

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#972, in, Portable, Bluetooth, Speakers, #8, 202, in, MP3, &, MP4, Player, Accessories

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December, 11, 2019



7 reviews for 0C18Z93CY7Z129 Seviz mn retro wi-fi bluetooth speaker, 10w mono sound, bluetooth 5. Zero with five hours playback, portable speaker, for home, for outside, for journey, fm radio, 10m wireless range, wood speaker

  1. 655321

    It’s okay. I use it when I’m watching Netflix all day in my bed cause going outside and experiencing sunlight are mega overrated and I don’t know why people still do that. But whatever I’ve got a cheap decent speaker. The chick that tells you when you turn it off and on again though needs to start using her inside voiceRead more

  2. Dave

    Perfect for what I wanted to do. I was looking to make a wireless Bluetooth speaker in a Cuban cigar box. But to but all the parts separately it would have cost me $30-40. I was able to get this for $16 and take it apart. I installed the components in my cigar box and it works great!However, the wood cube it came in was nice if you want to keep it in that.My only complaint is the amp board they used announces when Bluetooth is connected or disconnected with a female voice. I would prefer just some quiet tone chirp or something. But otherwise, for the price, it’s a pretty good deal!Read more

  3. michael

    AUDIO FIDELITY, for the size AND the ~$15 price tag, is very good — totally satisfied with that. Even classical music plays in reasonable fidelity with reasonably even frequency equalization for such a small and inexpensive device.Also, genuine wood veneer is very attractive, and when you “thunk” it, it even sounds like wood.— BUT —When the device turns on and off, and also when it has acquired Bluetooth (and other onboard functions) it gives a verbal-sound announcement (in English) which is WAAAAAY!!!!—TOOOOOO!!!!!—LOOOUUUD!!!!!!!!!After reading the manual, and looking for manufacturer FAQ online, as far as I can tell, it cannot be turned off nor even turned down in volume. TO BE CLEAR HERE — the music/input volume is totally controllable through the buttons on the speaker itself (and of course from your iPhone), but NOT the device function announcements.So, rather than a soft “Beep-Beep” and flashing blue light like a few other bluetooth devices I have, it announces “POWER ON!!!!”…”BLUETOOTH MODE”…“BLUETOOTH ACQUIRED!!!” at 2 in the morning when all you want is to decompress after you get home from a long night at the restaurant by playing just a little quiet Bach Partita in the family room, which brings out the wife “OH MY GOD!!! THAT’S SO LOUD!!! WE’RE TRYING TO SLEEP!!! IT’S AFTER 2AM!!!”Since this is only $15 I’ll keep it, as I’ll use it during the day, when the “on-off-acquire” announcement, while still offensively loud, won’t keep anyone awake, AND the fidelity is totally reasonable for the price. But, IF it was anything over ~$40 I’d have returned it. Now, to search for a reasonably priced Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t have a loud on-off announcement (this is the 3rd Bluetooth speaker I’ve come across in recent months that has this problem).Also, the FM radio function is not obvious nor easy to use. And requires a long 3.5mm aux line (not included) to work as an antenna. So definitely don’t buy this because it is Bluetooth AND ALSO an FM radio (BTW whose volume is controllable by the onboard volume buttons, so we know not all internal electronic sounds need to be loud).Do amazon product search — < 3.5mm FM antenna >Read more

  4. Rickster

    I am blown away by the sound quality. I listen to music constantly and I have great sounding system a 6 speaker set up with a couple of JBL’s . I bought the speaker because of a 10am to 10pm noise restriction. I just did not think that it was possible to get that quality of sound out of that little speaker anyways a big thumbs up 👍. I did see that the negative reviews regarding the annoying loud voice upon turning the speaker on and off well I would just say this what a freaking joke if that’s your biggest problem. Remember what you are paying for this product brainiacs !!!!!!Read more

  5. Elizabeth DuPre

    It’s not going to be the greatest sound you ever heard, it’s in mono and it’s super cheap, but the sound quality is WAY better than you would expect at this price level. The bass isn’t muddy and the tone is clear. I connected it to my phone to test the blue tooth and it handled music a phone call and podcast with ease. I connected it to my laptop (the primary use I bought it for) with an auxiliary cable. It is true that there was a tiny electric hum when it was on but nothing was playing. Don’t like the hum? Don’t leave it on when you aren’t using it. If you’re getting a loud hiss while playing music, don’t connect to your computer by Bluetooth, that’s what the aux cable is for. I watched a few minutes of a show on Netflix that included some dialogue, a car wreck and opera music in one scene (Vincenzo, which I also recommend. 5 ⭐) and the speaker handled it all beautifully. Yeah, the “power on” voice is on the loud side, but not as loud as what I was gonna be playing and I’ve heard louder. It’s pretty good sound quality in general; for the price it’s flipping amazing.The only real complaint I have is with the cables it came with. They’re short and pretty low quality. (Also, and I know this is petty, but if one of the selling points of a device is the aesthetic, then the accessories should match.) It’s certai ly not enough to cause a problem since I just switched them out for cables I already had and dropped the ones it came with into the box of wires we all live with now.I’ll update if it falls apart too quickly.Read more

  6. cswit

    My granddaughters use it in the bathroom when showering and primping. They are fussy about their music and they like it. Cute retro design. If it has longevity, it will be excellent, but haven’t had it long enough to tell that yet.Read more

  7. L. G. Saya

    I do like this little speaker, and will not be returning it. However, I have noticed that it has an issue with sound. I have to constantly turn the volume up and down on my laptop, to equalize the sound. Sometimes it can go for an hour before I have to adjust the sound volume (I use Youtube Premium Music), other times I have to switch between each song. It is nice that you can place it anywhere in the room, and it can find the laptop pretty easily. It also works pretty well for turning on and off. The radio has no antenna so is pretty much useless, especially when playing indoors. Other than that, decent little item.Read more

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