0C18Z937I3Q298 Seviz four retro wireless bluetooth speaker, 40w stereo sound, bluetooth 5. Zero with four hours playback, portable speaker, for home, for outdoor, for journey, fm radio, 10m wireless variety, timber speaker

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  • bluetooth version five. Zero guarantees rapid pairing, compatibility with a huge range of gadgets and boasts 10m of bluetooth assist for seamless streaming. You can play track with aux and tf card similarly to bluetooth, so that you can experience song even when bluetooth isn’t supported.
  • this bluetooth speaker may be used every time, everywhere. It could be connected to a smart tool through stressed/wi-fi connection. It’s miles geared up with a hands-loose microphone within the speaker so that you can acquire a name at the same time as being attentive to song.
  • the 52mm outside magnetic speaker offers a powerful 40w high-electricity sound. With deep bass layout, it provides you deep bass sound and clear and herbal high-pitched sound.
  • . It could be used for five hours with 1800mah lithium battery.
  • it is prepared with fm radio receiver, so you can listen to the radio.

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product description

i placed the feeling of nature into the audio system that make me fall in love with the sensibility of tune. The 4 audio system and passive radiator provide a effective 40w output and a easy feel.


four40w-seviz has 4 speaker devices to provide wealthy and live sound. It’s clean to function and smooth to apply. You may stay together with your song with out worrying approximately the net with a diffusion of connection methods.

use 52mm outside magnetic loudspeaker, 40w high output, twin sound unit, stereo sound high-quality, deep bass, clean treble, sound clear and herbal, full and sensitive sound

  • 40w energy sound
  • 4 speaker units
  • bluetooth 5. 0
  • diverse connection methods
  • smooth to apply
  • large capability battery for longer time use
  • aux / fm radio / arms-unfastened to be had
  • four speaker devices deliver smooth and clean sound using wooden frame for rich and clean sound.

    the wooden body for clear sound and the 52mm outside magnetic speaker deliver 40w effective sound.

    easy-to-understand button section makes it easy to perform.

    in addition to tune playback, the integrated fm radio receiver helps you to listen to the radio each time and everywhere.

    1. Plug in aux wires. (use it like an antenna.)

    2. Press the mode button to enter fm mode and press the preceding song or next music to exchange the frequency.

    3. Press and preserve the pause button or double-click on to robotically retrieve the channel. The first channel routinely performs after the channel seek.

    click the subsequent or previous music button to replace to some other channel.

    (the radio frequency is better caught through the window.)

    it makes use of bluetooth five. 0 and boasts 10 meters of distance of bluetooth for seamless connectivity.

    it is a bluetooth five. 0 model tool that can be related to numerous gadgets. It is able to be connected in numerous ways together with aux and tf card.

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    3.54, x, 14.96, x, 3.54, inches

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    2.69, pounds





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    1, Lithium, ion, batteries, required., (included)

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    7 reviews for 0C18Z937I3Q298 Seviz four retro wireless bluetooth speaker, 40w stereo sound, bluetooth 5. Zero with four hours playback, portable speaker, for home, for outdoor, for journey, fm radio, 10m wireless variety, timber speaker

    1. Gilbert J. Rodriguez

      The look of the speaker is great and I always get comments on what a great looking speaker it is. Sound quality is not bad and it works perfect for a small room or office. Don’t expect any bass with the speaker but for the size I was not expecting it to hit. The reason I gave it 3 stars is the when you turn it on or connect the speaker to your device the voice is soooooo loud! “SPEAKER ON!” “BLUETOOTH CONNECTED!” I try and tell her that I am sorry and to please stop yelling at me but she never does.Read more

    2. David Burton

      This is a really good sounding speaker but every time it is powered on a voice says “Power on!” at maximum volume and then says “Bluetooth mode” at maximum volume. If you switch modes it will go back to the voice at maximum volume with “FM Mode”. trying to use this at night is hopeless, you can hold the volume down but that will only lower her first voice clip, the next comes immediately and at maximum volume. Whoever designed the software for this just made it almost unusable. It will literally scare you if you forget that it talks for every mode change or power on. Mine seems to have an auxiliary jack that doesn’t make a great connection and sometimes it will switch back to “Bluetooth mode” and its just so loud. I will probably return this for all the reasons, I love the speaker and the looks but that VOICE is just awful.Read more

    3. Jimmy B

      As the first reviewer of this SEVIZ Retro 40W Compact Sound Bar, I want to make note: This is not a full-size Bose quality sound bar. This is not a 5 channel home theater sound system. It doesn’t tell jokes or give appointment reminders.Despite the things this sound bar is not: It IS a portable 40w sound bar with a Bass Reflex enclosure, four quality 2.5” speakers; connects via Bluetooth / 3.5mm aux cable / USB cable / TF card; Boasts 4-5 hours battery life (play time) and has built-in mic for hands-free calling.I bought this with fingers crossed, hopeful that I could improve the sound from my 10 year old flatscreen TV for $20. Now, I’m getting clear and balanced sound at louder-than-necessary volumes. Whether it’s used for a college dorm room or living room TV – this will do the trick and do it well.Could it be better? Sure. Solid wood instead of laminate would be great. EQ knobs would be fantastic. A speaker grill/grill cloth would be a nice touch. But would it still be $20? No? Never mind. It’s great as-is.If you can appreciate this compact sound bar for what it is, and can buy it for $20 as I just did… just click “Buy it Now” and put your audio solution needs to rest.Read more

    4. Garbage Collector

      i was looking for a bluetooth speaker to have in my reading room. i didn’t want a stupid plasstic travel speaker. this looked like it would sit nicely on my wood furniture and not stick out. the ratings were spot on, price is fair so i went ahead and bought it. the sound seems muffled, like there’s no tweeter and week midrange. the other 3 bluetooth plastic travel speakers all sound better and clearer. the big annoyance is the volume every time i turn it on it’s on full blast. there’s no quietly turning this on at 5 am without waking up the whole house. the other thing that would make this way better is the usb plug. obviously this was designed to sit on a desk or shelf, made to blend in with furniture and be easy on the eyes……..so why on earth would the designer put the usb outlet on the top????? put it in the back, so if i want to have this plugged in there’s not a big ugly wire sticking straight out the top of it. it is what it is. it had so much potential but ended up being a pretty big let down. i’d return it but i didn’t really see anything else that would fit the purpose so i’ll keep it until i get fed up and smash it.Read more

    5. Drain Haus

      Based on others’ reviews, I spent the $22 to have an extra bluetooth speaker around.I have six: two pairs of the Edifier RT1700BT (an incredibly fabulous speaker for $150), a DOSS Soundbox XL (good, big all around sound, even with volume, but the mid-base is a little boomey), an older Sony SRS-X3 (so old the battery won’t keep a charge and I have to keep a USB cable hooked to it – but a fabulous little speaker with incredible base and a smooth midrange), a Taotronics TT-SK06 (a lot of mid range, but good for bluetooth voice like podcasts, or low volume music), and an Oontz Angle 3 (good sound from such a tiny little speaker, but the pictures on Amazon make it seem MUCH larger than it is, and it costs $4 MORE than this and doesn’t sound nearly as good).I say all that so you know I like having bluetooth speakers around and have gotten used to the ins and outs of them.The Seviz Four is a pretty straightforward idea: put four ~2″ drivers in a 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 15″ wooden (as in wood) box, with a flared 1.5″ port on one end. The small drivers do a good job with upper base through highs. It isn’t particularly bright or shrill, being pretty smooth. At first I thought the bass response was going to be crap, but I realized the relatively large port saps all the bass response at low volumes. Sitting near you, on a low volume, the Seviz Four doesn’t have much bass.But if you turn it UP, the $22 becomes undeniably easy to spot for the value it is. This speaker loves mid to high volume. The mid range does not become over assertive, but the bass comes alive as you get more movement out of the four drivers, pushing mid base at you. This would be a good, capable bluetooth speaker if it was $49.95.For $22, you can’t beat it. Period. I haven’t heard ANYTHING (either bought, or in stores like Best Buy or Target) that has this well rounded a sound for a mere $22. I like it enough that I bought a second one just to have around in case Seviz decided to fold up shop or something.One last note. This speaking does not have a grill cover. As a result, I keep it up high, away from my small children. They would inevitably collapse the domes. But it is, as a result of no cover… very attractive, with four copper coated drivers and a very nice wood finish.Worth more than $22. I’d like to buy a AOMAIS Life and compare the two – with the AOMAIS running about $70.Read more

    6. Argie Hill

      Wow! For the price its beatiful and big the 4 speakers sound is off the chains. Its like a full home stereo sound system. I love it!Read more

    7. QueenShopper

      This sounds slightly better then my cell phone speaker lol. The bluetooth wouldn’t connect and the aux cord it came with would static if you touched it. It is pretty but I returned it cause I’m more of an it’s what inside that counts type of person…..Read more

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