0C18Z56M8RY605 Aomais cross bluetooth audio system, 40h playtime outdoor portable speaker, 40w stereo sound rich bass, ipx7 waterproof bluetooth 5. Zero wi-fi pairing,10000mah electricity bank, for party, travel-crimson

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  • ipx7 water resistant speaker: aomais move has pinnacle level water-proof capable of face up to full immersion of as much as 33 feet for half-hour. Different audio system may also claim water resistance however can handiest guard in opposition to the smallest splashes. Aomais go is included enough to go on, it’s dustproof, snowproof, mudproof, water-proof or even being dropped. Confidently take aomais cross for bathe, boat, trekking, tenting, danger, to the beach, pool, or just your outdoor. With sporty appears, first rate gift for summer time vacation.
  • bluetooth v5. Zero wireless speaker: capsules, cellphones sync in a snap with bluetooth 5. 0. Works exceptional with all varieties of clever mobile phones. Stressed out connection with laptop, tv and different non-bluetooth gadgets with 3. 5mm audio jack. Connect any tool with a playlist to have a continuous sound for any event. You can aslo use aomais go for fingers-free calling.
  • booming bass & complete quantity: get 40w sound with aomais pass’s two 15 watt complete-range drivers & 10-watt tweeter, and two passive radiators. Exceptional bass booms with less than 1% overall harmonic distortion. 40w quantity level now not enough? Without problems pair audio system, developing left and proper channels, for a powerful 80w stereo surround sound. Don’t sacrifice accurate look, overall performance that holds up to even the hardest use. A great present for tune lover with an active lifestyle
  • 40h lengthy playtime, rapid price: get the play time you need with a 10000mah rechargeable battery which could go for as much as forty-hour (at 50% extent, playtime varies in keeping with quantity degree and audio content material) short price gets returned to complete in about 4 hours. Emergency energy supply prevents fadeouts. You may even use the aomais go to fee your aomais game ii speaker or drugs, smartphone in a pinch, no want to fear approximately your gadgets death when you revel in your tune
  • what you get: comes with aomais pass bluetooth five. Zero water-resistant bluetooth speaker (notice: because of new design of the logo, objects can be delivery out randomly from two versions), a micro usb charging cable, aux cable, quick begin manual

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  • how do you pair both audio system
  • how do you pair both audio system

  • se puede emparejar con el aomais ii?
  • se puede emparejar con el aomais ii?

  • does this have am/fm radio or bluetooth only?
  • does this have am/fm radio or bluetooth most effective?

  • how do you take a look at the battery stage on this speaker?
  • how do you test the battery level on this speaker?

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    4 reviews for 0C18Z56M8RY605 Aomais cross bluetooth audio system, 40h playtime outdoor portable speaker, 40w stereo sound rich bass, ipx7 waterproof bluetooth 5. Zero wi-fi pairing,10000mah electricity bank, for party, travel-crimson

    1. Ed Fitzgerald

      I bought this speaker 4 months ago and my 8 year old has put this thing through the paces, I’ve seen it hit the ground at least 50 times. We’re talking pavement, gravel, dirt, hardwood floor drops here, off the trampoline at high velocity, you name it. The grill came off after about a month of this abuse and I duct taped it back on, so now it’s ugly, but still trucking. It’s been left out in the rain overnight at least once, luckily the port charging cover was closed, no issues afterwards. Battery life is unreal, we’re talking days here not hours, and the ability to use it to charge devices is awesome for canoeing, camping, and by the pool. Minor complaints would be a not very sensitive volume control, it goes from quiet to loud very quickly with not much fine control in between. The sound quality is very good, only marginally less rich and full than the equivalently sized and more expensive JBL equivalent, and I would say equally as loud although only in the direction it’s pointed unlike the JBL. All in all it’s a solid 5 stars, a very tough speaker with good sound and killer battery life.Read more

    2. zuul

      first… make sure when you are ordering that you are getting the six speaker 2020 upgraded V5.0 AOMAIS GO… not the old one that only has 4 speakers… there are still a few of the old ones for sale on Amazon. do your due diligence when ordering.that being said… i have a very hardcore audiophile set up for my main listening rig… tube amps and exotic digital sources and bespoke handmade interconnects… the whole 9 yards…. what most ppl would consider overkill… but high quality music reproduction equipment is something i’m very serious about…i went into this purchase totally blind. knowing nothing about this particular unit nor the company that makes it. as far as i’m concerned… none of that really matters. this thing is fracking awesome. you get a lot more than you are paying for… it is beyond a bargain… and i doubt that you could find anything close to it dollar for dollar. the sound quality is most impressive and bested only by the build quality.edited:as many people have mentioned… the battery life is nowhere near 40 hours. not even close. probably in the 10-18 hour range.it doesn’t work well with older bluetooth devices…. i have an older tablet and the volume control doesn’t work well with that tablet. volume control works fine with my newer phone.low level volume is hard to achieve… you have to do some tweaking of the volume on your phone and the volume controls on the front panel.as good as my initial impressions? not really.worth 70 bucks? for sure. all day every day.Read more

    3. SHouser

      Edit: okay, it’s a decent speaker. When I first got this thing I had all sorts of issues with getting it to charge and to stay charged. I didn’t use the cord it came with as it’s much too short. Instead I used one I had that was much longer. But it would take over twelve hours for the speaker to charge fully and even while I was using it plugged in, the battery would drain down after awhile although it should have been using the juice from the electrical outlet, not just the battery.I’d considered throwing it out and trying a different speaker, but intend decided to try buying a new micro USB cord, instead. I made sure it’s a high-speed cord and I use a spare iPhone adapter to plug it in and, low and behold, the charging problem is solved!It now charges fully in four hours as it’s supposed to and when I play it plugged in, it doesn’t drain the battery down. Using a HIGH-SPEED cord and a newer adapter makes a huge difference (the Belkin cord and adapter I was using are at least a decade old). So make sure you have a good cord/adapter if you intend to use it plugged in.That being said, the charging port on the speaker itself ended up being a little flimsy. It broke after three months. I’m not sure how that happened but it ended up getting completely stripped and mangled. Speaker wouldn’t charge at all so basically was useless once the battery died. BUT, I emailed the company (Aomais, not Amazon) and asked if they could do anything about it. There’s apparently a warranty, so all I had to do was send them a picture of the damage and my name and address, and they sent me a replacement, free of charge. Didn’t even make me ship the broken one back to them. Didn’t give me a hard time about it, either, which I appreciate. So I’m bumping my rating back up to four stars, just because of their good customer service.I just purchased this to use for work at a factory, to replace the Monster Nomad I’ve been using for the past two or three years until the internal battery died and stopped charging. There are things I both like and hate about this speaker.First, it’s JUST a speaker, no built-in radio like the Nomad. But I knew this when I bought it so it’s not a deal breaker for me. There are plenty of apps that allow you to listen to local stations, and radio signal strength is often weak inside the plant building, anyway.Second, despite being smaller and much lighter than the Nomad, it’s got pretty good sound. The factory I work in is very loud. Like, required to wear earplugs at all times inside the building loud. It’s really difficult to find a radio with speakers good enough to blast over all that background noise and, until the Nomad, I never had succeeded. But this speaker does the trick. I need to turn it up almost full-blast to hear it in some areas, but I can hear it. And although I’m not an audiophile by any means, the sound quality is pretty decent even over all the noise. A couple of my coworkers also were impressed with the volume and clarity of the speaker.Okay, next, I’m pretty impressed with the battery life. Upon first use, I left it unplugged to test how long it would last. My shift is a full eight hours and I usually have the radio on for most of it. The Nomad boasted a 30 hr. battery life before needing recharged. That was a load of bunk. To get thirty hours probably means playing it in a quiet room at minimum volume. I never once got more than two or three hours out of the thing and that was on a good day. The standard was about 45 minutes before the battery overheated, drained, and the radio shut off. I’d leave it off for about 30 minutes to cool, turn it back on, and the battery would show a charge of about 75% again. But it would immediately start draining again and in about 20 min. shut off again, so I just ended up leaving the radio plugged in most of the time. The battery was next to worthless.THIS speaker, however, I got a solid 12 hours of playtime out of it before the red indicator light started flashing to show it needed recharged. Even at close to top volume it had lasted that long.But, this brings me to the two things I DON’T like about this speaker, and unlike the no-radio deal, they sort of ARE a dealbreaker for me.First off, I discovered that to recharge the battery, the speaker must remain off to actually charge. With the Nomad, I could leave the radio on and play my music while it was charging and the battery would be fully charged again in about two hours. But with this speaker, if you have it plugged in to charge it but continue to use it, it gets enough power to play, but that’s it. When I plugged it in to charge during the last half of one shift (four hours), then tried to play it unplugged the next day, within 10 minutes the red indicator light started flashing. So, I plugged it in, left it plugged ALL DAY, tried again to run it on the battery next shift, and got the same result. I don’t know, maybe with the volume turned up that high it can’t get enough excess juice to actually charge.This is not acceptable. There are times I don’t have easy access to an electrical outlet so plugging in the radio or speaker isn’t possible, which is why a functional internal battery is a requirement for me.The second dealbreaker is that it does NOT take four hours to fully charge the speaker. I brought it home with me (I usually leave it in my locker so I don’t have to constantly carry it to and from work), and plugged it in to charge it in the morning. TWELVE HOURS LATER the red charging light was STILL on, even though it was supposed to shut off when the battery charged. It finally turned off sometime overnight which I’m going to assume means the battery finally charged up. But I’m really not impressed. TWELVE HOURS, people. I thought four hours was too slow to start with, but over twelve? No. That is just ridiculous.So, I’m torn on whether to just keep this speaker or send it back for an exchange on the off chance I got a faulty one, or just send it back for a refund and try a different brand. But given all of these different speakers probably come out of the same factory to start with, I’m not sure I’d have better luck with that. I may try an exchange and see if the new one will charge faster or charge while being used. Because leaving it off to charge doesn’t work for me. My job sucks. I NEED my music to get through it some days.Like I said, there are things I do like about this speaker. The volume it gets, for one, and when the battery is charged it does last a long time. The Bluetooth is also excellent in that when it connects to the phone, it stays connected and automatically reconnects without me having to manually pair it again, unlike with the Nomad which constantly lost connection.For the money, I suppose it’s not a horrible speaker. The $10 discount was nice. I just wish the charging time was what they claim it is, and that it would actually charge while being used so I wouldn’t have to take it home with me all the time just to charge it.Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      I originally got this stereo for work, since the shipping cooler that I primarily work in blocks all signals and I could not listen to traditional radio. I have had this stereo for over 8 months now and I have no complaints. It has never died mid shift, the sound quality is great, it connects super fast and easy to my old gen IPOD, and it has also been able to connect to some of my coworkers devices when they have tried. I love how easy it is to move around, and the fact that it is cordless. Love that you can control the ipod with the larger buttons on the stereo, since this seems to help my IPOD stay charged longer when I am not looking at the screen every time I need to adjust volume, select a song, or pause/play. Love it, Love it, Love it. If you are looking for an easy and quality way to play you favorite tunes, this little piece of tech is great. Oh, it does NOT have tradional AM/FM radio but if you just bluetooth stream anyway like I do who cares.Read more

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