0C18Z3C5OUT180 Tbi seasoned powerful 20w bluetooth speaker – version 2020 – ipx7 water-proof – 24 hours battery – transportable indoor/out of doors deep bass wireless speakers with mic – loud actual stereo sound – bathe, tour, birthday party

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  • 20w powerful bluetooth speaker! Crystal clear stereo sound with deep bass! The pleasant audio components make our loud portable wireless speaker, crisp and powerful whilst maintaining this outdoor speaker.
  • loud speaker with reinforced battery! Prolonged playtime up to 24 hours and fast charging! Our wi-fi speaker bluetooth outside battery potential will assist you revel in your song for lots longer. Stay overestimated with our portable speaker!
  • portable, long lasting & ipx7 water-proof speaker! No adventure is too hard and no conditions too harsh for this bluetooth bathe speaker. Positioned your self to the check – you and your bathe speaker can do it!
  • wireless speaker with stable bluetooth & edr! Are you searching out a perfect bluetooth party speaker? Pair it with another indoor speaker with a microphone and get an awesomely clear 360-degree sound.
  • designed in america with the leading engineers! Kingdom-of-the artwork generation makes bang x7 one of the loudest wi-fi speakers at the bluetooth speaker marketplace.

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effortlessly extend the mood and energy of the party. Exchange tracks and volume, pair effortlessly, and create whole stereo structures from several bluetooth audio system with just a simple contact.

8 reviews for 0C18Z3C5OUT180 Tbi seasoned powerful 20w bluetooth speaker – version 2020 – ipx7 water-proof – 24 hours battery – transportable indoor/out of doors deep bass wireless speakers with mic – loud actual stereo sound – bathe, tour, birthday party

  1. SweetPete

    Superbly crafted, excellent value 20W Bluetooth portable speaker. Hardware and value is actually well beyond comparable $99 up to probably $219 bose or JBL or other high end brand speakers! Works wonderfully with smartphones, my Windows 10 home desktop PC for zoom, no more sending audio all the way out to my living room wall mounted soundbar. Works with Alexa too. Speech is very clear, music at volume 71 out of 100 is already super loud and very rich, and the bass is very clean. The only downside to the product and this might be something with Bluetooth, if you use zoom from your smartphone, the portable speaker thinks you are connecting via phone audio and not media audio, so volume controls are very confusing. Also Windows 10 home sound mixer volume does not seem to affect the speaker, you must use the buttons, and the on-screen volume level out of 100 is not always accurate or does not always update on the screen. Only other downside, there is a extremely large battery in this unit, and it seems there is some way to use this as a power bank USB charger, but the buttons on top to change between Bluetooth, line in, USB flash disk, or something called TWS option are very confusing and don’t seem to work. I guess owner should really read through the entire manual.Read more

  2. sinette

    Good quality,seems tough and also includes a nice beefy nylon case. I was looking at other products with more watts because my hearing is not that good,but those speakers had 6 to 8 hours run time. This speaker says up to 24 hours and that seems truthfull as I can tell. This speaker is definitely plenty loud. My only real complaint would be the directions did not show any LED light to show if it’s charging or charged. I accidentally flipped it on it’s back 3 days into it and saw the little LED light in the face under the screen over the speaker. I would of preferred a bigger light on the top by the push button controls. Sure beats dragging around an 18 volt radio or clunky CD player that runs on 8 size d batteries. For the 50 dallor price tag it really is a quality product,well worth it.Read more

  3. Christina Stanley

    I enjoy listening to music while I’m in the shower. My waterproof Bluetooth speaker stopped working and I needed a new one. I wasn’t so sure about this since it was bigger and didn’t have a suction cup to stick it to the wall of my shower but after reading the reviews I decided to try it. Holy Cow the sound quality is AMAZING! I didn’t realize how terrible my old one was until I tried this one out. Plus the battery life is fantastic. The sound is so great that I use this all over my house and outside while doing yard work. I highly recommend!!!!Read more

  4. fishyfool

    There are certain recording styles that this speaker is better at reproducing, but it’s not bad at any.For instance, it really favors the “Wall of Sound” sound.At the heart of this are the speakers and the internal baffling from each leading to the passive radiator on the back.Simply put, it’s more Bose Wave than it is cheap speaker.I charged it yesterday morning and it played all day (12 hours?) and then again today and it’s still going.Color me impressed.Read more

  5. georgina budney

    I bought a smaller speaker last year but this was several steps up from that one. TBIpro volume will blow you away. Arrived 70% precharged and lasted a few days. Better quality buttons and the case was quite a bonus. I take it to work with me every day. Holds charge for several days. You can also register for your free 5 year warranty coverage.Read more

  6. Liz

    I gave him my granddaughter for Valentine’s Day she says it’s as loud as her dad JBL and that he likes hers as well she’s only 12 but my son is old enough to know which town when he hears it so so far I have not heard any thing bad about it but definitely had it for about a month now but you know kids they played every day and she’s happy and my son says it sounds as good as he is and that’s good enough for meRead more

  7. Alice hall

    I ordered this product for my husband. He works on a farm and he needs something that’s durable and loud enough to hear when hes on the ranger. It’s perfect! I was worried it wouldnt be loud enough but he says he has problem hearing it while driving around and that the battery life is way more than he expected. It’s small but this is a powerful speaker!Read more

  8. MAK And Tess

    We’re 100 % travel RV’ers and being a Low Voltage Journeyman Electrician Foreman I go on many site projects that this Bluetooth portable , durable speaker can go. I use it for meetings to my phone and on my laptop. While working I use it with my XM Radio! It’s Awesome! Love it! Thank you!Read more

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