0C18YZAHY4X443 Lukasa portable bluetooth cd player built-in speaker stereo, personal walkman mp3 players 2000mah rechargeable compact vehicle disc cd track participant usb play anti-shock safety (black)

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  • make certain this suits
  • through getting into your version wide variety.
  • transportable cd players: 1) transportable cd player 2) audio books getting to know three) bluetooth hifi speaker four) mini domestic speaker five) usb flash drive play 6) aux in 7) memory characteristic eight) three. 5mm aux in/out 9) headphone jack.
  • compact & portable: demension:five. 6*zero. 8 inch (14*2cm),weight:zero. 7lb (330g),it’s miles compact and light weight enough to be able to deliver round each time you move.
  • built-in bluetooth (transmitter and reciever): concentrate to your song from your bluetooth like minded device quite simply. Just connect and play! Unable to attach automobile stereo via bluetooth
  • cd participant support format: the cd player aid cd, bt, usb, aux, four audio playback modes,extensively compatible with cd, cd-r, cd-rw, mp3, wma, wav codecs.
  • pefect items: easy appearance with lcd show, it’s miles compact and light weight enough for you to deliver round every time you pass. Ideal for events, gyms and dance studios, yoga/massage or bedtime song playback, analyzing audiobook cd, prenatal education/prenatal education, toddler language studying, vehicle automobile audio playback, and so forth,very appropriate as a gift for parents , baby or pal.

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8 reviews for 0C18YZAHY4X443 Lukasa portable bluetooth cd player built-in speaker stereo, personal walkman mp3 players 2000mah rechargeable compact vehicle disc cd track participant usb play anti-shock safety (black)

  1. E.F.

    Save time and expense by buying this one. I was looking for a cd player and shopped all around town looking for one with Bluetooth for my car (my car does not have a cd player).I bought two other bluetooth players from Amazon where one bluetooth didnt work in my car, and the other one looked overpriced and felt cheap and was fragile. Poor packaging too on the other ones.So after shopping around town and Amazon times I finally came across this one. While I haven’t tested the bluetooth yet, this one actually feels good for the price, and has a good enough volume where I haven’t needed to test the bluetooth. I got tired of having to keep testing out other ones so one with a speaker was a solid choice.Also it has a pretty decent charge on it. I only rate this a 4 because I have not tested the bluetooth yet therefore I cannot fully rate it a 5. But if it works, it is well worth a higher rating!Read more

  2. Roberta R.

    After exhaustive research I chose this cd for its ability to do many things, such as stand alone play with decent speaker. Most of all you can play this in your car, regardless of Bluetooth, and charging. New cars don’t have CD players. With this unit you can play it because it has its own speaker and runs on its own rechargeable battery. It also has usb Port that can play mp3 . I loved the carry case , earbuds, and great quality of the player itself. It has EASY to play buttons,in other words you can press buttons quickly instead of scrolling through an onscreen menu,which is really handy . Here is an important fact. I have not been able to connect with my 2020 Honda car speakers with Bluetooth, possibly I don’t know if I’m doing it right. Same with connecting with Fm. This is ok as again you can play through the cds player. I suspect that because it has Apple CarPlay One cannot use anything but Apple products and phones in the car. I don’t blame this product , rather Honda ,for not making equipment that’s compatible with other products. One thing to note, you can use the headphones jack to plug into your home speakers and it shuts off the cd speaker and you can blast out your home speakers. In turn you can plug into aux in and use the cd speaker,as a stand alone speaker with other devices mp3 ,iPod, etc. All in all it is a good product.Read more

  3. Franklin Jay Moon

    I don’t understand how it can be 2020 and no one makes a CD boom box with a USB-C charger and an internal battery (instead of an AC wall jack or 6 D batteries)If you live on a boat, or an RV, or some other place where you only have DC not AC power, there are very few options for a standalone unit that plays CDs and has its own speaker. Go figure.I just bought this unit and the other two battery-powered, USB-rechargable CD players with speakers here on Amazon ( and ).The Lukasa is the best of the bunch for sound quality. It doesn’t sound great but the other two units had sound that was both muffled and tinny. Like a really old bad mono car stereo, but not as loud 🙁 The Lukasa’s sound quality is reasonable, but it’s not a very loud device. Might not work in a car, depending how loud it is (definitlely isn’t loud enough to work in my 1973 VW bus, but that’s a loud car).Lukasa: – GOOD: Sound quality. Battery actually works and has a rated capacityNAVISKAUTO: – Sound quality pretty lame. I didn’t test batteryTenswall:- Interesting unit that can hang on a wall, and which is also larger (which made me hope it would have better speakers, but it doesn’t). BATTERY DID NOT WORK *AT ALL* FOR ME DESPITE LONG REPEATED CHARGING.Read more

  4. Dale E. Mcdonald

    Our new 2020 Accord came without a CD player (go figure). This fits the bill at a reasonably price. We can also use this CD player anywhere.Read more


    Love this CD player! I normally charge every 3 days after walking an hour each day, and I am not sure if it needs it…just don’t want to run out of a charge in the middle of walking… . Plus a little black bag to store everything in! Also love the white color so much easier to read the black writing without your glasses on….Nice sound quality and no skipping while moving. Highly recommendRead more

  6. Connie

    I bought this product to help me learn the German language. I needed a CD player that had it’s own speaker but that I could use ear buds with from time to time. I have not used it for music but the sound of the voices on the CD’s I’m listening to is loud and clear. I like that it is rechargeable so I dont have to worry about buying batteries. Great product for the price.Read more

  7. Nyweddingal

    Yes Its a cd player with speakers but sound quality is bad. It also does not connect via bluetooth to your car or your cel as advertised. Usb included when connected to the car also does not work.Read more

  8. linda lin

    I got this Lukasa portable CD player yesterday and have tested it for at least 2 hours.I have been using this CD player to listen to books on CD with my child.I own one before but it must output via audio cable to our speaker which is not that much convenient, I am so glad that this one build-in speaker, and Good sound,It has Bluetooth can hook up your phone on it ,It cannot be connected to other Bluetooth speakers or Bluetooth headphones via Bluetooth, so If you want to connect the car stereo, you must connect it to the car speaker, via AUX cable.It is very convenient to charge,It charges from the USB port on a computer or car charging port (cord provided with player) and has all the functions most people have come to recognize on electronic equipment. the most impressive function is it also plays USB drives,This is very convenient for me. I can download any audio books, also I can listen to my old CD collection..overall,5 stars recommendation.Read more

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