0C18YWU7GZ8835 The everyday raycon bluetooth wi-fi earbuds with microphone- stereo sound in-ear bluetooth headset e25 genuine wireless earbuds 24 hours playtime – black

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  • 🎧 the authentic wireless revel in welcome to current technology in true wireless audio with the raycon e25 ear buds! Wearing the ultra-modern bluetooth five. 0, which ensures a solid connection, they connect seamlessly with all bluetooth enabled gadgets as much as 33 ft away. The end result? Wi-fi freedom and no trouble!
  • 🎧 light-weight, comfy & at ease suit light that you’ll overlook which you are wearing them! They’re ergonomically designed to ensure a secure in shape while ensuring fatigue-loose ears and long-lasting consolation. That’s one small gel tip for guy, one giant soar for wi-fi bluetooth earbuds!
  • 🎧 ipx6 waterproof thanks to its ipx6 coating, the raycon e25 are water-resistant earbuds and are built for any way of life. Cross beforehand and put on them inside the rain, existence span, perfect as workout earbuds , for running, walking, hiking, yoga, sporting activities, gymnasium earbuds, traveling.
  • 🎧 24 hours of high-quality sound – fee at the pass the raycon e25 wi-fi earbuds can ultimate for over 6 hours playtime on a unmarried charge. The complimentary compact charging case boasts a integrated 400 mah battery which could charge your earbuds up to 3 times while on the go when absolutely charged; it’s 18 hours total! You could go through a maximum of the day with non-forestall utilization without any strength scarcity!
  • 🎧 bass you could feel every so often, big matters do come in small programs! The e25 wi-fi earphones immerse you in wealthy and high-fidelity sound with a effective and deep bass that makes you experience all the tune for proper ! Notice: for finest listening enjoy, locate your match from one of the e25’s five one of a kind sized tender silicone gel pointers.

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raycon regular wi-fi earphones e25 earbuds

advanced actual wireless technologyditch the wires and pay attention to track with cautious ranges optimized for true wi-fi audio. Those authentic wi-fi earbuds are actually wireless earbuds as they honestly have no wires whatsoever! These pinnacle 10 bluetooth headphones and pinnacle 10 wireless earbuds can also take calls easily with a integrated microphone. These ear telephones wireless ear buds are our most important wireless bluetooth headphones.

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like minded with both ios and android devices. The raycon e25 headphones wireless earbuds can ultimate for over 6 hours of track playtime on a unmarried price. The compact charging tablet fully charges the e25 earbuds up to 3 times while at the move. You may name them bass headphones or bass earbuds perhaps just blue tooth ear buds furnished they’re pinnacle 10 earbuds and tws earbuds. The e25 telephone bluetooth earbuds are blue teeth earbuds which are run earbuds and some say wirrless earbuds but definitely wirless bluetooth earphones and bluetooth headphones

the bluetooth five. 0 technology, which makes the relationship to your tool short and smooth wi-fi earbuds bluetooth five. 0. They can be paired with any bluetooth enabled gadgets at a distance up to 33 feet bluetooth variety.

the case is completely well suited with a qi-like minded charging mat so that you can charge on-the-move.


Black, Blue, Red, White, Rose Gold

8 reviews for 0C18YWU7GZ8835 The everyday raycon bluetooth wi-fi earbuds with microphone- stereo sound in-ear bluetooth headset e25 genuine wireless earbuds 24 hours playtime – black

  1. Joshua

    *I bought these off the website with a 15% coupon. My review wasn’t put on their website, which is why I’m leaving it here.*The sound quality and Bluetooth connections are great, but the phone call quality to the recipient is horrible. I called several friends and they all say it sounds like I am speaking in a car with the windows down. Kind of disappointed, because this is why I bought them. I make many business calls and quite upset that it sounds like this, when cheaper sets have done me better.UPDATE(3 stars): I have contacted support to possibly troubleshoot the issues maybe its user error. It has been two days, no answer yet. Moving to a three star. Will update if it changes.UPDATE 2(3 stars): Support got back to me with only one response, return the item. This in itself is upsetting. I’m happy they offered free return shipping, but they didn’t offer any troubleshooting to help make the speaker quality better for the recipient. I will be returning and not purchasing again, until they publicly release a update for this issue. Keeping at a three star, only because the Bluetooth connection and music audio are good.UPDATE 3(2 stars): I requested additional information as to why the speaker quality was horrendous and making sure the company is aware. My request was never responded to and the support ticket was closed without a response. I did receive my refund once my package hit the facility, and luckily it was fast. It didn’t involve me calling anyone to speed it up. I urge everyone to stay away if you want to use them for business calls, and don’t purchase just because some celebrities and news channels are covering them. Trust me, they were paid one way or another. I don’t mean to bash the name, but I am 100% against only showing favored reviews on the website. Moved to two stars, the music and Bluetooth quality were still good, but not good enough to make up for the lack of phone call quality and support team.UPDATE 4(11/9/2019, good news): I was contacted by a Raycon operational associate, named Jason, about my experience. Jason was very professional and truthfully believed I received a defective product. He apologized for how the support staff didn’t offer the option for a replacement pair. He offered to send a pair, for free of course. I have used the product for a couple hours and quality for the calls is superior than the last pair. So the last pair were defective, which happens, nothing will be 100% perfect. It is all about how the company communicates afterwards. I didn’t want a refund, I wanted a nice set of earbuds. I will update if anything changes in quality for this pair. I am very happy with this outcome and glad the company reached out to show they care! Thank you Jason, and I am changing to a 5 star.FINAL UPDATE(4 stars): Thank you for all the up votes guys and I do have to say that the issue did come back with the current earbuds that Jason sent me. They are not as bad from what people tell me, but I definitely will not be using them for business purposes . I will be leaving it at 4 stars. Jason was extremely helpful and definitely did more than he needed to. I appreciate the follow up call and definitely do think these are good earbuds for working out and relaxation. To add, they sound way better than AirPods and last as long, if not longer. So you will not be disappointed if you chose them for music or audio books.Read more

  2. gregg

    This is my second pair of raycons. Also have the e50. I brought these to use at work. Great for listening to music indiscretely at work. People think I am on a conference call. Compared to the e50 the e25 have better audio and pairing is easier. I think these are definitely worth the money and would buy again. Also fit is way better than my wife’s Apple AirPods. Don’t like the way the AirPods fit in my ear.Read more

  3. Neva Again Jack!

    The fit was pretty decent but the sound quality is awful. I’m trying to find the words to describe the sound but the only thing I can come up with is “sucky.” I won’t lie. I was a little swayed by the celebrity endorsements but its just further proof that if you put enough hype behind something you can get anyone to buy it. I do not recommend these at all. Major room for improvement.Read more

  4. Harriet Featherstone

    I have been writing to RayCon for two months – almost every week. These earbuds stopped working after 9 months. They have a one-year warranty so I started writing right away. The warranty expires in one month and I believe they’re putting me off so there’s no warranty. Amazon tells me to go to RayCon – RayCon tells me to go to Amazon – they both write to see how my service was and I say ‘terrible’ and explain why. Nothing. I bought these for my granddaughter who wants this brand. I don’t want to buy another pair for her if this is what I get. I’m angry. Both Amazon and RayCon have customer service – neither works.Read more

  5. Robert martinez

    I love how they feel, great range of bass and ambulance. I actually bought this before I saw any ads on YouTube so I just went head first to something I didn’t know anything about. One of my best decisions I’ve ever had I highly recommend.Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    So pleased with my Raycon E25 earbuds! The charger case is sleek and well engineered with great magnets to ensure that they don’t fall out. Sound quality is very clear. They are really comfortable, much more so than their competitors.Read more

  7. DC Smith

    Skepticism was in full effect at first. Definitely worth the price though. None of the devices I use can make it to max volume with these earbuds in, which was EXACTLY what I was lookin for. Excellent quality. I haven’t dropped them or thrown them across the room to test the strength but as far as clarity and bass, you’ll be good with these. Phone calls I had no issues. Good look RayconRead more

  8. Devyn Gordon

    The playback quality is fantastic and worth the price. If you plan on making important calls with it, forget it. I honestly just bought these to work out with so I’m good with the playback quality, especially for the comfort and price. Ear buds are not my friend, there is never a piece small enough to fit in my ear. The xs work PERFECT for me and don’t fall out. For the price they are great and I like the look as well.Read more

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