0C18YRLDOSK461 room set sonos one sl – the powerful microphone-unfastened speaker for song and extra – black

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  • sonos one sl (2-%) bundle : get wealthy, room-filling sound in up to 2 rooms with a couple of powerful sonos one sl audio system.
  • manage is straightforward with the sonos app, apple airplay 2, and extra.
  • the compact layout suits just about any area and is humidity resistant.
  • circulation sound directly out of your iphone or ipad and ask siri to play apple track.
  • revel in immersive surround sound when you pair with playbar, playbase, or beam.

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(2) Two Room, (4) Four Room


Black, White

8 reviews for 0C18YRLDOSK461 room set sonos one sl – the powerful microphone-unfastened speaker for song and extra – black

  1. Mdspurbe

    I am picky about my audio and was concerned that, like a lot of well-rated speakers, the output would be a loud, thumping, muddy output. I was also concerned about the set up since I have a Netgear Orbi system and in doing my research, it appeared a lot of SONOS users had difficulty getting their home Orbi network to recognize SONOS. My speakers were quickly identified and set up was a breeze – another surprise! I started to set these up later in the evening on a Friday, anticipating I would finish up on Saturday, fully expecting to run into snags. The interface, setting up the service, pairing two speakers to act as stereo speakers went quick. I got the SL since I didn’t need Alexa built-in, she’s all-over my house already. I was able to connect with my Echo stuff and now I can tell Alexa to play BBC news from Sirius in the Kitchen – no tweeking, it just works! I set alarm for different times depending on the day of the week and set to play different music. I’m really impressed with the sound – nice, crisp and balanced with the right amount of bass. These speakers exceeded my expectations in appearance (beautiful look – I got the white color), sound, interface and capability. Solid build quality!! I have these mounted on my wall in my kitchen and while I’ve only had them up a few days, I have used them (and enjoyed them) a lot!!! I’m a believer in this product and would highly recommend it if you want a diverse speaker that not only looks good but sounds amazing as well.Read more

  2. No name

    When it works, the sound is good, and it is convenient for guests to be able to play their music BUT I can’t tell you how many times my speakers have lost their network settings, making them totally worthless. I have two pairs, at two different properties. They all have similar problems. Once the network is lost, literally hours are spent trying to get Sonos to find the network. Wireless, wired setup… it doesn’t matter. The connection to the network is virtually impossible to restore. I hate these speakers.I wish I had a simple bluetooth enabled speaker!!Read more

  3. Pillow Police

    Was not a fan of the wireless speaker thing and spent a ton of money wiring up my primary residence. Purchased a second home recently and wanted a quick way to get speakers into a few rooms. So went with Sonos, I must say I was blown away by the great sound and flexibility of setup options. In short much better than I ever anticipated and if you have enough of these speakers installed in a room it will rival the output of a wired setup. You still have to deal with the power cords to each unit but it’s a great way to go for great sound and literally instant install.Read more

  4. Abby Gayle

    I returned these because I did not like having to (try) to get everything to work through their app instead of streaming straight from the app I wanted to use. I tried to get Sirius XM to load in their app, wouldn’t work, so I boxed up and sent back.Read more

  5. Kayla

    I bought this speaker set to use as a surround sound system for my living room/dining room/kitchen area. We have a large open space concept and when we have people over, I wanted a way to play music that sounded good no matter where you were sitting. I am really pleased with the sound quality and the easy set-up. The speakers are small enough to not take up too much space or look bulky but also large enough to provide excellent sound. I would definitely buy these again and confidently recommend them to others! Hope that helps!Read more

  6. Michael Pasich

    I bought these to add surround speakers to my Playbar and Sub. Let’s just say they are amazing! Setup was easy, just plug in and use the app to set them up. As Surround speakers they work flawlessly. Great spatial sound from such a little speaker. The only advise I can give is to make sure you turn on Dolby Digital on your satellite or cable box and make sure your TV outputs compressed multichannel audio to your Playbar to get discrete 5.1 Surround from your system. Sorry I can’t review them as a stereo pair, but I would assume (especially when using a Sub) that they would sound great as wellRead more

  7. Henry

    I was pretty hesitant to pull the trigger and buy these, but I’m so glad I did.At first I was worried – it wasn’t worth the money. I wouldn’t get that much use out of it. The product would be glitchy. I didn’t need that quality of sound.Sound Quality – great, although to be fair I’ve not compared it to a comparable product that can be moved around.Remote Control – with Spotify sometimes it can be a little glitchy, but if you use the Sonos app it’s perfect. I’ve been using it to play the sound from my Apple TV which has been taking my movie experience to the next level . This is the only potential downside.Versatility – On the day to day basis I keep the speakers in my bedroom, but it’s a great product to move around. If I am having dinner parties I’ll move them to the living room, if I’m working out on my patio then I’ll move one outside.This version does not have a microphone. In the 6 months I’ve had these speakers, I never even thought about needing that functionality.Read more

  8. Cory Smith

    The SL1 microphone free version is awesome it is 3D dynamic Sound it paired fairly easy with the other Sonos products in my house great for listening to music of any variety or movieRead more

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