0C18Y95YO36751 Taotronics computer audio system, wired pc sound bar, stereo usb powered mini soundbar speaker for computer tablets computing device cellphone computer(upgrade), black (tt-sk018new)

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  • ensure this suits
  • by entering your version variety.
  • big range of compatibilities works with any tool that has a preferred three 5mm headphone jack such as computer s/ laptops/ smartphones/ capsules/ projectors
  • spectacular audio superb sound suitable for leisure at work or different small space
  • easy operation plug within the usb port for electricity and plug the pink cable for mic and the blue cable for headphone dial the knob for volume to start the oomph led accents installation the ambience
  • microphone & headphone enabled 3 5mm microphone enter and headphone output make it handy for overdue-night time movies or gaming classes
  • slim design works nicely along with your pc or tv at the same time as letting customers play what they want with out sacrificing valuable table space

Black, Purple

4 reviews for 0C18Y95YO36751 Taotronics computer audio system, wired pc sound bar, stereo usb powered mini soundbar speaker for computer tablets computing device cellphone computer(upgrade), black (tt-sk018new)

  1. Pascal

    Absolutely beautiful design! See the pictures for yourself! Great sound in a tiny box. I didn’t expect it to meet my super sound system but it’s not meant for that. Provides great sound to my computer and has a pretty great hearing experience to it! You can plug in external headphones and mic too! Very useful! I do recommend this product!Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    After a great deal of research on various other products such as jbl charge2+, amazon tap. I finally chose this. I think my effort paid off. This black beauty is really very loud and its beats can be felt anywhere in my whole living room.I loved all of its features which were truelly desribed by the company and some youtube reviewers, specially the EQ modes( surround one is best if you are a movie guy and its party mode really added awesomeness to my house party), in built power bank, which for me is a delight as my battery is always low :-p whenever i had to listen songs in my free time.In nutshell:1: sound is great i didnot experienced any distortions.2: looks are really good and new others just have rectangle and cylindrical.3: battery life is authentic as they claim.4: sub woofer are really strong.5: customer support: this is more than best i mean in my life noone has ever contacted me in person after the purshase of any product to take the feedback. They also helped me out that how can i extend my warranty to 6 months free of cost.I would rate it a must buy product.Read more

  3. Tori Roberts

    It works pretty well on bluetooth, sometimes. There is one important issue. It seems to disengage after 30 minutes but still indicates it has a good battery charge, and does reconnect for another period of time. It is a little annoying to take time out from whatever we are doing to reconnect to the iPhone, iPad or Macbook. The sound envelope can be changed in the bass/treble mix by a selection button to 1 of 3 presets. The 3 presets have a good sound effect and even approach the impression you are listening to a larger sound system. VAVA does have a reasonable volume and is able to connect to an Apple device on phone calls. I do not think I would purchase this item again yet it does a good job during the time it is connected and therefore I would not send it back. When it disconnects I’m usually at the pool and by then I’m ready to get out anyway.Update: October 27, 2016 VAVA contacted me soon after writing this review and expressed their desire to correct the issue as soon as possible. They replaced my faulty VAVA speaker and I have had the opportunity to evaluate the performance of the replacement. The new system is incredible as it latches into the bluetooth mode and stays connected until I disconnect. I can move about freely from room to room in my home and stay connected. What I really like is my original intended purpose which was to act as a sound amplifier for my phone so I can hear all the different phone notifications and alerts. I am just so pleased with this replacement I change my original 3 stars happily to 5 star. VAVA did not ask for a change in my review, did not ask for anything in return, they simply expressed their desire to take care of a consumer. I recognize that with technology, there are sometimes unforeseen glitches. VAVA quickly addressed the problem and now I can report I am impressed with this product. I really do enjoy all its features. I would recommend this product and the VAVA Company as solid customer support with a great product. I would like to mention, this VAVA product comes packaged in the same way Apple packages its products, just a different color. Doing so make me feel an added sense of confidence as my household is a substantial technology consumer and well, packaging does say something about the company and product.Read more

  4. Charles

    The sound quality is excellent, first off. So, if you’re looking for great sound, this is great. I’m not an audiophile, but it sounds better than most of the other bluetooth speakers I’ve owned. It is replacing a Jawbone Big Jambox, and it can get just as loud.The reason why only 4 stars:(1) the buttons on the VV21 to control playback are (VV21) volume and play/pause. That’s it. You can’t skip tracks, you can’t go back, you can’t fast forward, nothing. So it’s great audio, but you will need to still use your phone/device to control the music selection.(2) I have no idea what EQ setting I’m using because the three settings are distinguished by some fairly quiet beeps. Is this party mode? Is this surround mode? I have no clue. Sounds good, but not sure what settings I’m using.(3) The bluetooth for me has been spotty. Some days it does well, but some days it drops and skips quite a bit. Not enough to return it, but enough to notice it.If Jawbone wasn’t bankrupt and still made the Big Jambox, I would buy that over the VV 21. But the MSRP of the Big Jambox was much, much higher than VV 21, so I’m not unhappy.EDIT – additional issue. It does not report battery status to my iPhone. Not a big deal for me, but it’s the only bluetooth speaker/headphone I’ve owned that doesn’t do this.EDIT2 (2020/10/04) — It appears that my review (which was for Vava Voom unit) is now listed for a TaoTronics product. To be fair, I actually own a TaoTronics sounds bar in a different color and like it, but I’d take older product reviews with a grain of salt, since many of the reviews may be for the VV21 and not the TT unit.Read more

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