0C18XX3SWAT787 Skywin wireless convention call speaker and microphone – conference name speaker for cell smartphone or laptop

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  • ensure this suits
  • via coming into your model number.
  • transportable domestic workplace wi-fi convention speaker smartphone
  • clean setup for conference calls and internet calls with your telephone or pc
  • rechargeable battery for up to five hours of talk time and three hundred hours of standby
  • omni-directional 360° microphone with echo and noise cancellation
  • connects to cellular telephone or laptop well matched with bluetooth wireless protocol

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  • wherein is this made?
  • in which is that this made?

  • where the hell is the battery? I’ve plugged it into everything – laptop, wall – after 2 mins of being plugged in it dies.
  • the battery isn’t accessible, and also you genuinely don’t need to access it. To rate the unit, search for the input categorised dc in 5v. It is positioned on one of the aspects of the unit. Alas the unit does now not include a energy cord, but, the wire is a widespread cell smartphone cord referred to as a micro usb charging wire. After connecting the micro stop to the conference unit, connect the usb to a electricity unit, the convention unit will then show a small pink mild on the power on/off transfer. The purple light turns off while it is completely charged. The unit does now not have a battery repute mild displaying how a good deal battery is left. I’ve used it absolutely charged for 2 hours with out being related to usb for electricity. Works actually desirable for zoom periods too. See less

  • is there an audio out connection?
  • is there an audio out connection?

  • mine failed to come with a charger – that need to had been in bold and/or include choice to order. What sort of a charger do i want? Thank you!
  • mine has a charging twine. One quit fits into the device (it’s the identical length as at the charging twine for my fireplace tablet) and the opposite stop right into a wellknown usb port (e. G., on a pc or any ac adapter to be used in an electrical outlet). I don’t know why the “the way to use” directions point out a “strength adapter”; you do not want one. Possibly it’s a connection with a self-contained power unit. See much less

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    10.4, x, 9.2, x, 2.4, inches

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    1, Lithium, ion, batteries, required., (included)

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    August, 21, 2019



    8 reviews for 0C18XX3SWAT787 Skywin wireless convention call speaker and microphone – conference name speaker for cell smartphone or laptop

    1. Keith

      Great product for the price, easy to connect. The only issue I had was when the units microphone is muted, it has an on mute reminder that sounds off every 8-10 seconds. This is extremely annoying and affects the call if you decide to mute out.Read more

    2. Brad

      After trying several Bluetooth speakers that had the microphone as an afterthought, the quality of this device is night and day. On every other device I sounded like I was muffled or in a cave. This microphone is crystal clear and the speaker is solid as well. I saw a lot of reviews that talked about a beeping while muted, I’m not sure if they updated the device/firmware but I have no beeping when muted. Mine beeps once when I press mute and flashes the “mute” icon while muted, but no audible notification. The “pickup” button doesn’t pick up Microsoft Teams calls, but I’m guessing that’s on me to configure in Teams rather than a fault in the device.Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      I wanted a conference speaker with microphone for use in meeting with some calling in on a free conference call service. I need Bluetooth connectivity and portable size. I tested six products and this review covers them all. None were truly great.Emacros wireless conference speakerphone had a nice sound coming from the speaker. Voices coming over the phone sounded good too. However, there was an echo. The person calling in to the speaker hears their own voice coming back to them, not all the time but enough to disqualify this one. Sometimes just a “wah wah” and sometimes clear entire words.Skywin wireless conference call speaker and microphone just sounded bad. It clipped off the ends of all the words spoken near it.Bose SoundLink revolve sadly did not match it’s price. There was an echo similar to Emacros, though not as bad. The volume coming out of the speaker could not be turned up high enough on phone. There was a background hissing.The long shot cheaper Trinity Xsound Go wireless Bluetooth speaker had such a loud background hissing that we didn’t test it much.Finally the one we kept- miniJambox by Jawbone. If you hold it like a cell phone with the mic on the top, it doesn’t echo so bad as the others. Voices were clear on each end of the call. Volume was good. Sound quality was not great but better than cell phone. It was only $35.Read more

    4. halelina

      When I got this mini polycom I really was not sure how this was going to work. I received the order a day before a board meeting with 7 attendees, in person and mindful of social distancing so we weren’t sitting close to one another. The polycom was purchased to accommodate 3 attendees who would be joining virtually. I first tested the connection using the bluetooth on my iPhone. That worked fine. At the meeting today, the polycom connected perfectly once again. Not only could we hear the those who called in, but they could hear us as well. We were in a room the size of a 10 person conference room. I give this polycom a thumbs up! Battery was fully charged and lasted through the 2 hour meeting with no issues. I paid $49.99 while other models are retailing well over $100. If you are looking for a polycom for smaller meeting sizes like mine, this will work just fine!Read more

    5. Chris W.

      This is great for a mobile solution to conference calls at a remote jobsite. The microphone and speakers work surprisingly well for the price point. The only negative is the beeping while the unit is muted. This can be prevented by using the mute function on the cell phone instead of the unit.Read more

    6. angela

      This speaker phone is awesome. It was super easy to sync with my iPhone X. It can be used while charging. It syncs when I walk back into the room automatically. The clarity of the sound is excellent, andI am told by callers that my voice is extremely clear and resonates perfectly. Its small enough to fit on my desk and as I said so easy to use. Buy one you will not be disappointed. I would say that one could easily use it for groups of up to 8-10 people.Read more

    7. SheTriedIt

      The buttons are hard to see on the fly if you want to go on mute or increase or decrease volume during a call. Unless your office is super bright. I work from home and mine is not.Charges and charges and then cuts off after a couple minutes. I think there’s a timeout feature. I’ll have it connected to my laptop for a call a few minutes before the call and by the time people start talking, it cuts off. Then I can’t get reconnected in a decent amount of time. So it’s embarrassing.It could stand to be smaller/more compact – I think they were trying to mimic the 1990s Polycomm speakers. But those speakers had high functionality, not just looks.This seems to work really well with my mobile phone – but not with a PC. At all. I don’t do conference calls on my cell phone, I do them via Zoom on my company laptop.I wish I could return it – but it’s too late.Read more

    8. Indy Dave

      We needed something better than the cell phone’s speaker function for our organization Board meetings. Looked at several similar devices at three and four times the Skywin price. Out of the box, this is an excellent product. It’s simple to use, it has great volume and sound quality.Wish we’d purchased it much sooner!Read more

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