0C18XNUG89R890 Bluetooth audio system with colourful lighting fixtures, portable speaker ipx7 water resistant floatable, integrated mic,crystal clean stereo sound audio system bluetooth wireless 50ft range for home shower outside pool tour

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  • make sure this fits
  • by way of coming into your version quantity.
  • 【ipx7 water-proof floating &rugged】① ipx7 highest score wireless bluetooth audio system can immersion up to 3 toes for 30 minutes underwater. Correct as splashproof, rainproof bathe speaker, a water-proof bathtub audio system, beach speaker and many others. ②this transportable bluetooth speaker adopts unique design which could floate on water, it could be implemented to all water environments. ③ rugged and durable layout perfect for for indoor and outside, party, tour, game, boating, camping and greater.
  • 【spectacular sound】 the bluetooth audio system portable wireless has remarkable excessive-fidelity stereo sound with huge-ranging adjustable quantity ranges. Blufree portable wi-fi bluetooth speaker produces incredible audio and blasts out rich, clean sound. It provides top notch surround sound in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • 【lengthy play time with shade changing mild】① our bluetooth speaker portable wi-fi has lengthy battery playtime up to 8 hours after a full price. This bluetooth speaker water-resistant is rechargeable and calls for no additional batteries. ②the led bluetooth speaker can offer 7 special coloration converting issues and gradual flashing, fast flashing mild modes. Speakers bluetooth wi-fi lighting fixtures up and makes your night time a whole lot extra colorful and glad.
  • 【arms loose calling】①with constructed in microphone, you may not omit any crucial calls whilst taking shower, swimming in the pool(this is a pool floating speaker, it may floating on water); for that reason you no want to take your phone all of the time. ②adopt bluetooth 4. 2 technology, this mini bluetooth speaker can easy and speedy connect with your iphone/ipad/telephones/tablet/pc and all different bluetooth gadgets. The wireless connectivity up to 15 meters, you may revel in favorite tune conveniently in any where.
  • 【what you get】blufree compact water-proof speaker bluetooth, usb charging cable and user guide. We guarantee our wi-fi speaker 30 days a hundred% money lower back or unfastened alternate and 12 month guarantee. Please experience loose to contact us if you have any hassle. We can offer you a pleasant solution within 24 hours.
  • is the battery absolutely protected?
  • is the battery honestly included?

  • does the speaker comes in one or two pieces? Mine is available in half of and turned into questioning if it’s damaged or cones in that way.
  • does the speaker comes in one or two portions? Mine comes in two half of and turned into thinking if it’s damaged or cones in that way.

  • wherein am i able to discover the directions that came with the speaker? My husband threw it out earlier than i ought to study them 🙁
  • wherein am i able to locate the directions that got here with the speaker? My husband threw it out before i should read them 🙁

  • can i solution a phone through it?
  • can i answer a telephone through it?


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    8 reviews for 0C18XNUG89R890 Bluetooth audio system with colourful lighting fixtures, portable speaker ipx7 water resistant floatable, integrated mic,crystal clean stereo sound audio system bluetooth wireless 50ft range for home shower outside pool tour

    1. RuffPops21

      Our Komodo dragon Phillip has been yearning for a more exciting bathtime. Adding this product to his 3 bath a day routine has really made it a lot more exciting. We put his favorite Mongolian Throat Singer Batzorig Vaanchig’s haunting melodies makes Phillip thrashing and spit his venomous spit in pure jubilation. We can’t thank this product enough for bringing our baby boy back to life. Unlike our niece Daphne, who can’t play her piano right at her recitals.Read more

    2. Teresa B

      On first getting the box, I thought it looked rather small. I opened it, and it was very well packed.I charged it for its first test later that night.I was REALLY impressed.Now, I wanted it for my 4 person hottub. I was hoping to play music at a low level, as to not bother my neighbours.PERFECT!While in the tub (jets off) I could hear it at a nice level for myself. Upon exiting the tub, I got about 4 or 5 steps away, and thought it had turned off. It was on, and still at the same level as when I left. HOW COOL!The placement of the speakers made the music bounce around the inside of the tub, but it didnt the sound didnt carry much past that.PERFECT….but now, the pool test.Seeing hos the sound didnt carry much away from the hottub, I placed it on our largish swimming pool. I couldnt hear it playing from the hot tub, but the lights at night really impressed me.On jumping in the pool- MAGIC- music.Somehow the speakers keep it just above water level, traveling the music along the surface, but not radiating out.SO… if you want personal tunes- this is your baby!For a pool party, probably not.Also, lighting wise, it filled the tub great. and about HALF the pool in decent color. For a party, Id want 2 or even 3, just for the cool lighting effects.Overall, it did perform BETTER than expected.I dont think it could handle being dropped on the pool deck, but, well, its not made for that, is it? LOLI recomend this.Read more

    3. REGG

      Speaker is fantastic great lighting at night. Don’t judge it during the day. At night this lights up our entire spa. We don’t have any other lights in the area of our hot tub and this lights it all. Has great colors and and many settings I give the sound lower for the volume. In a pool this may sound great but in a hot tub bubbling it’s hard to hear even at full volume. Great buy for our hot tub that the light went out on and too expensive to replaceRead more

    4. Erik Rose

      The instructions state that there is a flashing red light while charging and a green light when charged but this seems to be incorrect. Initially there appeared to be no indicator at all while it was charging. However, if you cuff your hand over the button panel you can see a very faint red light lit behind the buttons. I missed it completely several times until I was typing this review and went back to check it. I didn’t see it flashing, but at least there is something there. Once it is fully charged, a bright blue light comes on. This lead to some confusion as to whether the device was working or not. The seller stood behind the product and was able to send me a second one, and it functioned just the same. So don’t be alarmed if you don’t see anything at first.Outside of that, the product works well. The lights work great in our small Easy-Set Intex pool once its dark enough outside. My phone connected to the bluetooth right away and the sound is good enough at lower volume levels. I haven’t cranked it up to really test it but keeping expectations reasonable for a relatively inexpensive device, I was satisfied enough. The dual function next track/volume buttons are a little finicky. Works for next track fine, so I just use my phone’s volume controls instead and that works great. If the sound ever gets muffled, just blow out the water that has collected on top of the speaker holes. It floats well, but it’s inevitable that some water will splash over it. Hasn’t bothered it yet after clearing the speaker holes.Overall it’s a good addition to our little pool and the good customer service was appreciated.Read more

    5. MamaKitty

      Doesn’t always pair when turned on. And my phone will say connected but no sound coming from speaker untill a min or 5 if ever that last little beep goes off. Maybe its just my device I’m painting it too. Idk i love the modes the sound volume and the clarity. And love having it floating in my bubble bath. Just wish itd pair easierRead more

    6. Nikole11eleven

      Don’t let the size fool you, this thing is LOUD and the sound quality is excellent! A really cool thing that doesn’t come through in the product pictures is that the bottom half is also sparkly, so when it’s lit up it looks like glitter! Super easy pairing, easy control. I just received it and can’t wait to put it in my pool tomorrow!Read more

    7. Andrea R. Cornett

      I was skeptical at first, thinking $40 was too much to spend on a floating light up bluetooth speaker. But I took a chance on it and was very pleasantly surprised. The light functions are great, it really enhances the ambiance of my little inflatable hot tub. I like the setting where it changes colors. The sound quality is totally passable and not tinny or sharp at all. I would definitely buy it again. Easy to charge up with a long-lasting battery. Just be careful not to let it tip over in the water because then you have to kind of shake it out to sound good again. Don’t use it with the jets bubbling all crazy!Read more

    8. Dustin

      In all honesty when i saw this had speakers and can be hookup up through Bluetooth i said to myself i bet those speakers will sound like crap. But ill tell you what, this product seriously surprised me. I connected my phone to this started playing music and it sounded great. Even had a decent bass to it considering the size of it. Afterwards i got in the pool with this and floated around for awhile. Didn’t have any issues with it in the pool (but i also didn’t throw it in or submerge it) overall i would say this is a fantastic product and would highly recommend this to anyone.Read more

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