0C18XLTADAI207 Jbl flip five water-resistant portable bluetooth speaker – black (renewed)

(8 customer reviews)


  • wireless bluetooth streaming
  • 12 hours of playtime
  • ipx7 waterproof
  • pair multiple audio system with birthday party enhance
  • premium jbl sound satisfactory

product description

jbl flip five water-proof portable bluetooth speaker


Black, Blue, Camo, Pink, Sand, White

8 reviews for 0C18XLTADAI207 Jbl flip five water-resistant portable bluetooth speaker – black (renewed)

  1. Kevin Doerr

    I have owned many wireless Bluetooth speakers over the years and this one is absolutely amazing. It puts out incredible sounds and even bass in a small size. Might by a second to utilize the party mode of playing 2 speakers at once.Read more

  2. Spencer

    I was in the market for a new Bluetooth speaker, mine was the first gen Bose soundlink color. So because amazon is awesome and I can return things easily, I ordered the Bose soundlink revolve ($200) and this JBL flip 5 ($70) i was convinced I would like the Bose more cause it was more expensive so it would sound better, right? Yes and no. I use Spotify constantly. A lot of people don’t know but there’s a mix board function on Spotify where you can control everything about the sound including bass. With the mix board function turned off, the Bose sounds somewhat better than the JBL. With it off, the JBL sounds WAY better than the Bose regardless of the mix board, especially the bass. The one thing where the Bose does win is that the sound does project evenly in all directions as it’s designed to. However the JBL does too if you turn it up loud enough. Needless to say, the Bose that I thought I’d keep was sent back in favor of the more affordable, more durable (waterproof), and better sounding JBL. Bravo JBL!Read more

  3. Sam Zionts

    Cannot pair with Flip 4 for some reasonRead more

  4. Aaron

    My first JBL product I got as a Sony fan boy. After comparing this to the Sony XB33, I realized how much I enjoy this speaker. The JBL is definitely louder than other speakers for its size, it’s compact, and the sound quality is pretty good.I definitely think it’s worth a buy and I haven’t had much issue with a renewed product.I do have a few complaints.1.) The most annoying problem is that when this is played at full volume for an extended period of time, it will end up overheating and just shut off. Not sure why it runs so hot. I thought this was just an issue with getting a “renewed” product but the same thing happened with my friend who had a brand new unit as well. It could also be the heavy metal constantly playing causing this issue. I’ve found soaking it under cold water can help somewhat reduce temperatures temporarily.2.) The bluetooth range is limited here. I couldn’t get more than around 15ft away before getting audio started cutting out.3.) The JBL connect app is so finicky. I have trouble connecting multiple Flip 5 speakers together even when I have everything connected fine through Bluetooth. But when it works, it works great!4.) The most minor issue is the lack of an integrated mic into this. Sometimes I don’t like switching from the speaker to my phone/airpords in the middle of a jam session.I would still buy this again, all things said. Very solid speaker that outshines the others I’ve seen for this price.Read more

  5. Alexey Z.

    Awesome sound! Flip 4 had a voice assistant, this model does not. However, I assume, the voice assistant did require a mobile device with Siri or Google anyway, so it was working like a speakerphone rather a native built-in Google / Alexa / Siri / Cortana assistant.Read more

  6. Heather

    The product is great my daughter loved it for Christmas I had issues with the delivery which was their UPS they delivered the package and left it outside which they were not supposed to leave my package it ended up getting stolen within being outside for only five minutes I called UPS they gave me a lot of problems I contacted the seller the seller contacted UPS to file a claim without even hearing from UPS they approved and sent me a new speaker I give the seller a 10 star rating I will definitely purchase products from them again The customer service was absolutely amazing! They worked fast and communicated quickly to make sure that my daughter had her present for Christmas Day! Thank you!!!!Read more

  7. KevC

    This JBL flip 5 sounds great with all genre and packs a punch in its delivery. I purchased a renewed product from Amazon and this item looks brand new and sounds great. Sonically the Flip 5 is solid and you can really hear the bass. The highs are a little rolled off. Also the mids are accentuated a tad and there is definitely emphasis on the bass. (JBL’s sound signature) I can understand why JBL did not go with stereo drivers (Flip 4), but instead went with a single (mono) more powerful driver. The small stereo drivers wouldn’t make a difference in an open field, BBQ or small party where people are holding conversations along with other outside noise. You will not notice the imaging at such venues. But instead JBL used a more powerful single driver. And the result is a solid clean sound with great bass. Here’s a tip, use Dolby Atmos, or the like, to open the sound a bit. Some people complained that it doesn’t have a microphone, input or can link to other old JBL speakers. Those items are inmaterial to me. As such this is a solid buy and I would recommend it to anyone looking for portable fun speaker with solid sonics and a deep punchy bass. The Flip 5 rocks. 🎶👍Read more

  8. Stillwater

    The speaker sounds awesome! More durable than the Flip 4. Great bass and volume. I battery life is good. I only need to charge my speaker about every 2 weeks, and I use it A LOT. My only complaint is that the Bluetooth and power buttons are very close to eachother so I sometimes hit the Bluetooth button when I’m trying to turn it on. Overall awesome speakerRead more

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