0C18XL63CW9374 Bowers & wilkins px5 on ear noise cancelling wi-fi headphones – area grey

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  • make certain this suits
  • through getting into your version wide variety.
  • a cutting-edge sound: the px5 is light and compact while turning in sound quality constructed on bowers & wilkins’ exacting standards. Custom designed 35mm drivers designed and tuned by the same crew behind our 800 diamond series audio system utilized in abbey avenue provide you with music in all its glory.
  • farewell to noise: from a library to grand important station, adaptive noise cancelling routinely adjusts to preserve impurities out of the sound.
  • play 25 hours at a time: one battery fee and just over a complete day of song. If for some cause you want extra energy, a fifteen minute quick charge gives three hours of audio playback.
  • comply with your lead: the px5 obeys your every move. Elevate an ear cup to listen what’s occurring round you and the song mechanically stops. Put it again and the tune plays on.
  • stimulated by using race motors: the carbon fiber composite arms of the px5 mimics the energy and agility of the quickest vehicles inside the global, channeling natural sound to you and protecting up towards everyday put on and tear. These headphones relaxation smooth on your paintings or overnight bag so you can driver into sound everywhere.

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bowers & wilkins px5 on-ear noise cancelling wi-fi headphones

a cutting-edge sound

bowers & wilkins px5 are excessive performance on-ear headphones designed to supply the very best exceptional mobile personal audio revel in blended with the ease of wi-fi operation and the serenity of noise-cancellation.

custom designed 35mm drivers designed and tuned by means of the same team at the back of bowers & wilkins’ 800 collection diamond speakers used in abbey street provide you with tune in all its glory.

product description

experience world magnificence sound with the modern-day adaptive noise cancelation technology. Dip into sound with sleek, on-ear headphones that preserve out the world so you can stay absolutely in yours.


Blue, Space Grey

3 reviews for 0C18XL63CW9374 Bowers & wilkins px5 on ear noise cancelling wi-fi headphones – area grey

  1. Paulo S.

    I really wanted to love these, but alas it is just unusable for me. I bought this for office use (music, podcasts, the occasional calls)—meaning this would be virtually in my head for 5-8 hrs a day. Now the product is of excellent quality. The carbon fiber construction feels nice, cool and smooth in hand. I love the USB-C port with quick charging. The overall headphones feels robust and there’s a nice heft to it that just screams of quality (despite it being made in China, well everything is made in China at this point. I wish the economics in the near future would allow for manufacturers to manufacture their products in their own countries, but I digress). The overall presentation feels luxurious, like opening an Apple product. Now, for the best part: the sound. I’ve been searching for the best on-ear headphones in the market (pity, most companies don’t give much of a hoot to on-ear headphones these days so it’s hard looking for one) and by god, I believe I’ve found it in these. The acoustics are fantastic, the best IMO in this type of headphones. Even the interface is seamless and intuitive. Best of all… an actual usable app that is actually quite useful and free from quirks or bugs! I’ve been jaded with audio apps—shoutout to Vifa. Anyway everything sounds good so why the just 2 stars? Because I can’t use it! I had to return it to my dismay. It’s so damn uncomfortable! When I first put it on, I already knew this probably would not last two hours straight in my head without readjustment. I could feel the hotspots when I put it on, but I tried enduring it throughout the day because I really love the sound and feel. I even tried putting on a hat in the hopes of mitigating the pressure. At the end of the day I was kidding myself, it’s a $300 headphones I shouldn’t be having this inconvenience. It’s such a simple flaw that could have been fixed—adding more soft material or padding in the band. It truly is so frustrating because I wanted to keep this so bad. But if I can’t use it throughout the day, forget it. I’m always on my ears and I’ve owned a plethora of headphones—I know this is doable, Bowers & Wilkins. You were my chosen one… sigh. Bought a cheap $60 from Jabra instead, it obviously doesn’t sound as good but at least I can keep in my head throughout the day.To Bowers & Wilkins, please get back to me when you’ve created a more comfortable product. Your sound engineers did a great job, but the acoustics is just half of it—consider comfort too please :(Read more

  2. hifi80sman

    *UPDATED 11/24/2019*Regrettably, I have some bad news. When using this for calls, I was told I sound monotone (narrow mic frequency range), quite muffled, and was asked to repeat myself numerous times, to the point I just put the headphones down and used my phone. Seriously disappointing for $300 and something advertised as lifestyle-friendly. No word from Bowers & Wilkins on any possible updates to fix this or if it’s just a limitation (or defect) of the hardware. -1 StarORIGINAL REVIEWI own the P7 Wireless, which are a great set of wireless cans. The only issue is they do not have ANC.I previously had the PX, which sounded great, but they did depart a bit from the typical Bowers & Wilkins house sound. Also, the sound was dramatically affected when ANC was turned on, which was a huger bummer. Comfort? Well, the PX were not very comfortable.On to the PX5 and PX7. I demoed both of them at the same time at a local big box store and enjoyed the PX5 more. While the PX7 was overall more immersive, I found the PX5 was ever so slightly more refined. I just enjoyed the PX5 more and felt was just a bit more precise. I also prefer the look of the PX5 over the PX7.If you’ve ever spent time listening to Bowers & Wilkins headphones, you know they excel with strong, yet defined bass, a smooth & natural mid range, and detailed highs. The PX5 is no different. The sound absolutely fantastic with impeccable layering of instruments that really give you that “live” feeling.For the record, I do not have a large head (I think I have a “normal” sized head), so comfort for me is good. They are secure, but not too tight. To given you an idea, I was able to wear these for the duration of the workday (took them off for lunch, of course) and I did not get fatigued. They were also stable enough to use for weightlifting at the gym.ANC, although not as strong as the Sony 1000XM3, is still very effective. Also, the good news this time around, is the ANC has very little effect on sound, in fact, most people I let listen to the PX5 could not hear a difference in sound quality with ANC on or ANC off.Build quality is just marvelous. Nothing to really elaborate on here!Overall, for $299, these compete directly with the Beats Solo Pro. While the Solo Pro are better than the Solo 3 and decent headphones in their own right, the PX5 are just on another level and a strong recommendation for audiophiles on the go. Honestly, these are the best on-ear headphones on the market.Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    First of all, I ordered blue but received black, so I’m gonna return the wrongly sent out item.Then, the sound quality is crazily impressive as usual. I like B&W because the sound is way better than what offered by BOSE and SONY. The noice cancelling is improved as well, since I tried at home while turning on the air conditioner. I feel nothing but the music when the cancelling turned on. Definitely better than PX, the previous version.Cons:1. The design of PX5 seems to aim for people with smaller heads/light hair… I cannot wear it comfortably since the clamping force is so strong that I feel pain on my head. However, I don’t think it would be a problem for those who have a smaller head.2. It’s still a little heavier than Sony XM3, as the materials are metal like Carbon Fiber, which is more luxury than plastic like in Sonny XM3.I generally like this product but it is not a fit for me.Read more

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