0C18X7SZS0N378 ​​​​​​​sonos one sl – microphone-free smart speaker – white

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  • fantastic sound – get rich, room-filling sound with the sonos one sl, and manipulate it with the sonos app, apple airplay 2, and extra
  • for each room – the compact layout suits just about any area. Placed it in your kitchen countertop, or tuck it away to your workplace bookshelf. It’s humidity resistant so you may even put it in the rest room
  • apple airplay 2 – flow sound at once out of your iphone or ipad and ask siri to play apple track
  • stereo sound with 2 – pair with sonos one or any other one sl in the same room for stereo separation and extra targeted sound. Use a pair as rear home theater surrounds with arc or beam
  • build your system – easily connect sonos speakers in one-of-a-kind rooms over wireless to create a domestic sound gadget that brings every room and anyone collectively

product description

get wealthy, room-filling sound with the all-new sonos one sl, and manage it with the sonos app, apple airplay 2, and extra. The compact design fits just about any area. Positioned it on your kitchen countertop or tuck it away on your office bookshelf. It’s humidity resistant so that you may even put it in the lavatory. Circulate sound without delay out of your iphone or ipad and ask siri to play apple music. pair with sonos one or any other one sl inside the equal room for stereo separation and more exact sound. Use a couple as rear home theater surrounds with playbar, playbase, or beam. Without problems join sonos audio system in special rooms over wireless to create a domestic sound machine that brings every room and every person collectively. Setup takes mins, and control is straightforward with the sonos app and apple airplay 2.


Black, White


1 Speaker, 1 Speaker + Sonos One (Gen 2) Speaker, 2 Room Set

8 reviews for 0C18X7SZS0N378 ​​​​​​​sonos one sl – microphone-free smart speaker – white

  1. MC

    The sound isnt the issue here as everyone already knows, 5 stars there every time… No, this review is about the speakers mount design flaw, a massive disappointment for an extremely loyal customer… Over the past few years I have invested in a complete Sonos system, you cannot go into a room that is not equipped with Sonos.. When I received the new SL, having pre-installed the wall mount I ordered from Amazon, you can imagine my disappointment when I discovered that despite the fact this product looks exactly like the Play 1 design, it has no threaded mount option on the newer version, SERIOUSLY???? Waste of time, waste of money. That was everything I needed to know right there, so tired of these companies going from great to “how can we force consumers to spend more money on accessories”, switching a design ONLY to force the consumer to purchase their over expensive mount, which by the way I see is held to the brace by a band? What a joke, a band Sono’s, really? Done with Sonos going forward, this move was the first and last sign to me the company is going to start trading reputation, quality/aesthetics for dollars. Too bad…Read more

  2. Brian T.

    Sonos doesn’t work with iTunes anymore. It won’t play the music on my phone that was supported when I purchased my Sonos speakers. It’s a total bait and switch. Spend a ton of money on nice speakers and end up having features stripped after you’ve purchased.Read more

  3. Vlad

    Speaker is well made, with a small form factor and great sound quality. It is great looking aesthetically and it is able to play about anything. Among little nagging minor complaints, the main negative in my book is that you need to have a premium Spotify account in order to use Spotify with Sonos. Additionally, this unit doesn’t have a 3.5mm input as some of the other older models, which used to add versatility to the system. On the positives, Amazon and Google devices can use this one as a speaker. Sonos is controlled through a app but the app is super easy to use. As an extra, it has its own radio like stations. Great speaker, almost five stars, but not quite…Read more

  4. Tony

    I have no idea what it sounds like because it never connected to my wifi despite 3 phone calls and 4 reps working to fix it. If you have extenders or access points, don’t waste your time with this. It may work with standard router wifi, but I have no way to know that.What everyone should be aware of is the deplorable customer service. Of the three reps I spent time with, one was semi competent, but shooed me off the phone before I could test my system. The second rep told me to call my Internet service provider instantly. The third rep… sweet jesus… I hope it was his first day. I told him multiple times that we had 1 hour to connect the device or I would return it. He knew less about the connection than I did, and finally tried to connect me to his supervisor after 45 minutes of piddling around with everything I knew would not work (and it didn’t). After 15 minutes on hold, I hung up and initiated my return.AVOIDRead more

  5. Chris Barton

    UPDATE: I was so impressed with the speaker that I bought 2 more (on a Black Friday sale). Since I bought the first speaker, they have updated the app so now you can tune the speaker to the room. If you’re on the fence, I can’t think of a good reason not to buy one.This is my first introduction to Sonos and I’m really impressed. I bought this because my 2.1 JBL computer speakers were shot. So I wanted something with good overall sound quality and responsive bass – but not too overwhelming. Since this is a WiFi-connected speaker, it took me a bit to change how I use it with my computer, but it has also expanded how I use it in general. My wife was a bit reluctant to spend $180 on this, but after hearing it for the first time, she really liked it and suggested we buy a couple more!Read more

  6. Marc A. Deliz

    I was a little hesitant to buy this after the reviews. This is my 3rd Sonos speaker that I wanted to add to another room. It sync’ed with my other 2 speakers easily using the app: I had no issues at all and the sound quality is great! THank you!Read more

  7. 3487882

    I am a Bose system guy for a long time. I have to give the credit to Sonos. It sounds good.Read more

  8. PeterRRRRR

    The One SL is a very nice addition to the Sonos family. I suspect most buyers will be adding this speaker to an existing Sonos setup, not sure it would really be one’s first choice starting out with Sonos. Except, of course, for price. Sounds is very comparable to my Sonos Play:1. I prefer real buttons to touch sensitive, but I’m sure I’ll get used to them. This One SL replaced a Play:3 that was moved from the kitchen to another room (where it joined another Play:3 to form a stereo pair). Thought it would be a 10 minute job. Unfortunately, the right-angle power connector that plugs into the bottom of the One SL just wouldn’t fit through the holes I had drilled inside my kitchen cabinets for the straight power connector that plugs into the back of the Play:3. Enlarging a 7/8″ hole to an 1 1/8″ hole, forget about a making a nice, round, clean hole! What a mess. Lesson learned — always drill these hole to accommodate the bigger plug end of the power cable, not the smaller.Read more

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