0C18X5YZUQZ534 Tile sticker (2020) four-percent – small, adhesive bluetooth tracker, item locator and finder for remotes, headphones, gadgets and greater; water resistant with three 12 months battery existence

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  • ensure this fits
  • with the aid of getting into your model variety.
  • find remotes, gadgets & greater — decal capabilities an adhesive lower back, so you can easily stick it to remotes or other electronic gadgets and use our loose app on ios or android to find them. Maintain tune of greater for less or supply them as a present.
  • discover close by — use the tile app to ring your decal when it’s inside a hundred and fifty feet. Or ask your clever home tool to find it for you. Tile works with amazon alexa, google assistant, xfinity, and siri.
  • locate a long way away — whilst outside of bluetooth range, use the tile app to view your tile’s maximum recent area or enlist the comfortable and anonymous help of the tile community to useful resource for your search.
  • locate your cellphone — use your tile to locate your cellphone, even when it’s on silent.
  • upgrade your locating enjoy — join premium or top rate guard for proactive finding functions and more advantageous services together with object reimbursement, clever signals, and free battery alternative.

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sticker without problems and discreetly attaches to remotes and different digital gadgets, out of doors leisure gadget and journey gear, and every other smaller object that you need to song for a long time. You’ll benefit peace of mind knowing you may open the unfastened tile app and tap ‘locate’ to find your stuff. Tile calls for installation of the tile app on ios or android, registration for a tile account and popularity of tile’s privateness coverage and terms of provider (to be had at tile. Com). Charge required to get admission to additional premium offerings.


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8 reviews for 0C18X5YZUQZ534 Tile sticker (2020) four-percent – small, adhesive bluetooth tracker, item locator and finder for remotes, headphones, gadgets and greater; water resistant with three 12 months battery existence

  1. Rachael

    Bought for very low-energy/trauma wildlife research (grassland tortoises within enclosure). IPhone6s won’t sense the Tile within 25′ with direct line of sight, not within 10′ if there’s a bush, skinny tree or chair in the way. To press the “find phone” button and my phone rings, but the phone can’t find the Tile when I’m basically standing over it… so not particularly useful. Advise? Let’s see if it lasts through a rainy day…PS: the glue didn’t last 100hours, either. Let’s see if the battery’s actually good for 3years, particularly once you actually power it on.Update: Battery didn’t last 3months. TILE customer support has been good, but the reality is the device is a gimmick and not fit for any use erring towards “serious” so save your money. It did make 100′ with an update, but still only with perfect line-of-site. The signal still won’t go around a potted-plant and the glue is… not special, so if your Sticker falls off behind said plant then you’re out of luck. If you can find it you should expect to re-glue, maybe with an epoxy putty. I’ve now either burned-out or lost both from the packet in short-months, if not weeks. Tile has sent me one replacement (no two), but I’m not impressed and not hopeful. I’d prefer to have the money back…Read more

  2. Aleksandr

    I needed to connect my cat to Google Home because she was the only “device” that was not connected to Google in my home. Before these babies, she was tagged with RF tracker but you can’t connect it to Google Home obviously. But now, the future has finally arrived for me and my cat is connected to Google now. All I have to do is to say “Hey Google, call my cat, an two of her tags (for safety) start to ring so that she knows that I am looking for her. Speaking of locating cats, the app is very good and location tracking is very precise (in a range of a good RF tracker). Oh, these are the smallest and most capable trackers on the market as of today. So I highly recommend these trackers.Read more

  3. Jessica J

    Great in theory, adhesive is terrible. Fell off my remote the first day I put it on.Read more

  4. Sarah

    So I use these stickers so I can find my cats. I used to have the tile mate which was clunky and in the way. I attached the tile stickers to the collar using velcro and it works amazing! I wrapped the softer side of the velcro around the collar and then cut a small piece of the spiky side of velcro and attached to the tile. The sticky side of the tile plus the sticky side of the velcro has worked so far and the tile has not came off. Not sure how far away the tiles will work but it works within my house.Read more

  5. Raf

    These Stickers are AWESOME!!! They are even smaller than we’d imagined. When applied, it’s easy to keep it out of the way. Well built and look GREAT! The adhesive is surprisingly well above average. I bought 8 of these (x2 4-packs) and have them placed on equipment such as tripods, a DSLR camera, a motorized slider, Ronin gimbal, and studio lights. Battery supposedly lasts for 3 years. The app to sync to your device is AMAZING. no latency or lag, very easy to use and you can customize your icons. For instance, for the Ronin gimbal, the icon not only displays the gimble’s title I chose, but I’ve added a picture of the gimbal, and can choose the tune I wish it to play. The Sticker works even when I have it on the opposite end of the house while I’m outside at the end of my driveway (about 150ft away). If you lose signal with the Sticker, the app will notify you (if you activate this option) and will show you its last location before connection loss. I’m a HUGE FAN of the community support. Well done Tile. We’re in the process of ordering a few more!Read more

  6. Alan Kmiecik

    I’ve had them about a month or so. Works well for finding mom’s purse but, I’m shutting them off. The app is constantly reminding me that location services are not set to always. I don’t want always, don’t like the battery drain, and certainly don’t need a constant notification that location services are not set.All four died in about a year.Read more

  7. J. Tompkins

    I have been a tile user for a few years, and it absolutely helped me find my girlfriend’s keys when she lost them at the mall and someone turned them in at the mall service desk.The app and sharing functions are not great, having shared tiles with her, I often use my tile to find my phone and it rings her phone instead.This review is primarily about the sticker, which could have spent a longer amount of time in the design/test phase.This is not a good form factor to stick on a remote. If you look at the dimensions it’s almost as tall as it is wide. It’s a wort. And a big one. Which makes it pretty impractical if the remote has a lot of buttons and not a lot of open space.In addition, as many others have noted, the sticky portion of the “sticker” is horribad. I attached it to the surface, and then went to reposition it a little and it was no longer sticky enough to stayI have zero faith that in the shown uses such as on a cordless drill or scooter that the sticker would stay on long enough to be usefulRead more

  8. rubybarboza

    This is way too quiet to ever be able to find my keys. I might as well buy a regular size tile and hook it on my key ring. I will be returning it and buying something else.Read more

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