0C18X00LD57712 2. 1 channel 100watt sound bar(2020 model), bestisan soundbar with built in subwoofer bluetooth 5. 1 surround sound structures (32inches, dsp, touch faraway control, bass adjustable)

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  • make certain this suits
  • by coming into your model variety.
  • 🎵2. 1 channel 100watt: built in 2 subwoofers and 2 full-variety speakers, the max goes up to 100watt.
  • 🎵contact and remote: smooth contact display screen and infrared far flung manipulate, the speaker is responsive, permitting you to without difficulty manage this sound bar.
  • 🎵bluetooth five. 1 benefit: 4 times sign variety; 2 times connection speed; 8 times records transmission.
  • 🎵3-d surround sound: the sound area is wide and the left and right displacement of the sound is extraordinarily specific and clean. This makes the flat tv sound stereo.
  • 🎵sleek top class layout & lightweight end: this simple and fashionable design may be included into a variety of home decoration patterns and is the pleasant companion for your television.
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from the manufacturer

there are manage strategies to select. Touch manipulate permits you to experience the ease and magic of generation. And the far off control allows you to function what you want, which could be very convenient.

  • decrease power intake
  • faster transmission velocity
  • farther transmission distance
  • extra transmission capabilities
  • high security
  • this sound bar gives you a hazard to indulge your self in omnidirectional stereo with effective bass, mellow and practical sound. Quality for watching films.

    the suitable length of sound bar permits our clients to healthy one of a kind sizes of tv units, and the outermost layer of mesh material makes the whole sound bar very contemporary, with a ramification of decoration styles are perfect.

    there is a aux out port in this soundbar that lets in you to connect your present subwoofer. This sound bar should allow you to enjoy the first rate ideal bass effect.

    guide 3 sound modes, bass mode produce surround bass sound on your movie, music mode brings stunning melodies and dialogue mode allow you to pay attention each word from television indicates.

    while you watching television,films or listening song, you may preserve the volume regular and avoid the surprising boom in sound.

    with bluetooth or optical input, you could effortlessly connect the audio to the television. Gets rid of the clutter of more than one cables and improves the sound experience, making the sound inside the tv greater clean.

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    2. 1 channel 100watt sound bar(2020 model), bestisan soundbar with constructed in subwoofer bluetooth five. 1 surround sound structures (32inches, dsp, touch remote manage, bass adjustable)


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    4 reviews for 0C18X00LD57712 2. 1 channel 100watt sound bar(2020 model), bestisan soundbar with built in subwoofer bluetooth 5. 1 surround sound structures (32inches, dsp, touch faraway control, bass adjustable)

    1. Iokepa Aloha

      This a review on the Bestisan Model SG01 sound-bar. I have been using the Bestisan Model ST08 which is the prior generation to the Model SG01. I liked the Model ST08 so much that I was curious when they came out with the newer Model SG01. The price was the same as the prior generation and at the time I bought the SG01 Amazon had a 20% off coupon I could use which brought the price down even more…NICE! Right out of the box the SG01 is easy to set up and the manual is easy to read. I’m a full-time RVer and live in a small space. My TV is a 10-year old Toshiba that puts out a great picture but lousy sound. The sound-bar works great for this TV and the small room, but the sound is so much BIGGER. I would like to see someone post a review using this sound-bar in a large room. This sound-bar does not come with a sub-woofer, but does have the plug-in if you wish to use one. I prefer not to use a sub-woofer. It is important to go into your TV’s audio settings and change it to “PCM.” I didn’t do this and the sound-bar still worked, but than it stopped. In looking at the sound-bar trying to figure out what happened I noticed the little message in front of the sound-bar that said to put the audio setting of my TV to “PCM.” This corrected my problem. The first thing I noticed when I watched a movie with this sound-bar is the diction. The spoken words were crisp and clear even with a lot of action going on in the movie. As I am getting older, my hearing is not so good. This sound-bar helps a lot with that. The Bluetooth feature is easy to use, and I use this to wirelessly stream music from my laptop or phone. Here again the diction is so good I can easily pick up the words in a song. I have cranked the volume up all the way to see if there is any distortion and there is none which to me is impressive. The remote for the sound-bar has 3-default audio buttons for Music mode, Movie mode, and Dialog mode. I find myself using the Movie mode a lot even when I listen to music. The remote comes with up and down buttons for Treble and Bass which I have played with which is kinda nice. It has a reset button to go back to default mode if I find myself getting to screwed up with the Treble and Bass buttons. I like that. Overall the price on this unit didn’t break my wallet and the sound is unbelievable. Now all I have to do is find some lucking person to give my old generation sound-bar to.Read more

    2. Mahdi

      At first I thought the built in Subwoofer sounded pretty bad as in really weak and that the volume was hardly loud enough, but that was only because I was using it all day today on Dialog Mode, but as soon as I pushed Movie Mode, the Bass and sound quality sounds much better and much louder as well, so I’m real happy with this now.To me, in order to get the best and loudest sound quality is by setting this to Movie Mode, then from there put your Treb and Bass volume all the way down to 0 till you do not see the light on the Soundbar flash from pushing Bass- and Treb- ,so next push Treb+ 10 times, and Bass+ 12 times. That’s what works perfectly for me.Read more

    3. Jaxhammer

      I am not a sound aficionado by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I have been nearly completely deaf in one ear for many years now. This has made watching television more of a chore than a pleasure. I even started employing the closed captioning. After reading the reviews, it appeared that there were at least a couple people like me who were helped by the addition of this sound bar. I purchased the 90Watt Bestisan Sound bar and what a difference it has made.The sound bar arrived quickly and well packaged to prevent damage in transit. The most difficult part of setting up the sound bar was clearing a spot under the TV. I connected my television via optical cable, CD player via auxiliary jack, and phone via Bluetooth. All three worked perfectly and connected with ease. The sound is crystal clear and for the first time in a long time I can hear every word spoken on the TV, even with background noise/music, without turning up the volume to the point of rattling my windows. I can even understand the lyrics in the music I listen to, something that I’ve not been able to do for years! The premix settings for music, movies and dialog are a huge time saver and make an obvious difference in sound and clarity when engaged in the different activities. The 90Watt Sound bar probably lacks some of the deeper tones provided by a sub-woofer, but I don’t have trouble hearing low frequency tones, so opted not to go with the 100Watt system for fear that it would mask the higher frequency tones and hard consonant sounds that I have so much difficulty with.If you have difficulty understanding what is said on your TV, give this a try. It has made a world of difference for me.Read more

    4. Geeked Out Reviews

      Ok, I have had this thing for about a month now and I really can’t get over how good it sounds. I upgraded from a 50watt in my living room since we wanted to use the 50 in the guest room. I bought this one because I was curious how an 80w would do and my friend has a littler version of this one and has had it for a year. He recommended this one to me. I am absolutely blown away. I will say, it’s big. The last one fit on the floor under the tv stand. This one does not. We have it in front of it until we can mount the TV and speaker. Anyways, the bass in this is ok, the mids are clear and beautiful and it does highs very well. I will say it sounds even better than my 100W ion speaker for outside. This honestly is done pretty well. The one downside is it doesn’t have an indicator to tell you what volume it is on. I had another one of the type that doesn’t tell you and I was annoyed. This one is better. The other speaker that did that showed no sign of volume up or down. This one at least blinks. It’s better than nothing but I really prefer a more visual indicator like a bar or a number. Other than that we use it through an optical cable and no not the one that comes with it. I bought an amazon basics one because the one with it is tiny and absurdly thin. I would absolutely recommend this one for the sound though. Excellent price as well I think I picked it up under $80 with a coupon.Read more

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