0C18WXITDG7871 Comiso water resistant bluetooth audio system outdoor wireless portable speaker with 24 hours playtime superior sound for tenting, seashore, sports activities, pool birthday celebration, shower (malachite inexperienced)

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  • excessive satisfactory crystal clear sound: distinct mids and highs from our precision acoustic drivers offers awesome stereo sound and more advantageous bass from our proprietary passive bass radiator design
  • louder volume greater bass: distortion-free at maximum quantity; room filling sound, ideal for home, dorm room, kitchen, lavatory, automobile, parties; streaming tune or net radio offerings such as pandora and spotify from your smartphone, iphone, or audio tool
  • proper wireless stereo characteristic: way to tws function, pair any two comiso audio system, you could achieve proper wi-fi bluetooth playing for left and right channels separated of sbode blutooth speakers. Simply control the tws grasp device, then audio can be performed in sync on both devices with double superior stereo sound
  • ipx7 rated waterproof bluetooth speaker: splashproof, rainproof, dustproof, sandproof; outside shower speaker, best for the beach, poolside, automobile, boat & golfing cart — ipx5 rating speaker can face up to gentle water spray & splash however can’t be partly or fully submerged
  • ultra portable: below 13 oz., 6. 5 inches tall, 2. 8 inches diameter; excessive ability rechargeable 4400 mah battery for up to 36 hours of playtime at 2/three volume on a full price; designed to be comfortable to carry and not using a square edges, so much higher for travel & hiking, superlight and clean to suit in your bag or backpack
  • does factor make you say, ” woah, this component is quite loud for being that size.”?
  • does factor make you assert, ” woah, this thing is quite loud for being that size.”?

  • how tall is the speaker ?
  • how tall is the speaker ?

  • with two speakers can one iphone connect with each of them?
  • with speakers can one iphone hook up with both of them?

  • does it work whilst it’s plugged in if the battery is dead?
  • does it paintings even as it’s plugged in if the battery is lifeless?


    Blue, Dark Grey, Malachite Green, Mint, Purple, Rose Gold, White, Yellow

    8 reviews for 0C18WXITDG7871 Comiso water resistant bluetooth audio system outdoor wireless portable speaker with 24 hours playtime superior sound for tenting, seashore, sports activities, pool birthday celebration, shower (malachite inexperienced)

    1. Thompson

      The first speaker I received came defective. It wouldn’t hold a charge and refused to turn on. I decided to contact the seller directly via email, and I expressed my concerns to them. Without hesitation, the seller offered to send me out a replacement device at no cost to me. They also replied in a timely fashion, and the replacement device arrived very quickly. Great customer service!Now for the device itself:It is very loud. Much louder than I expected, which is awesome. The sound quality itself is very good as well. Clear sounding music. It is very easy to operate and to pair via Bluetooth. The new device holds a charge for a long time, and I haven’t seemed to have any issues. I want to buy another so I can pair both of them together and have even louder sound.Now for my one complaint:Even though this device is advertised as “waterproof”, take that lightly. If you continue reading in the description, it states that is is more water-resistant than anything. I am happy I read that before using the device, as I assumed when I first bought it that I could use it in the shower. To cut the risk of ruining the device, I hang it outside of the shower where it is in reach in case I want to change what I’m listening to, but that way it’s safe from possible damage.Overall, I am beyond pleased with the device, and more importantly the seller. If you have a problem, try communicating as it can get you very far. Stuff happens. Sometimes things come defective. It’s how it’s handled that matters. I think this speaker is way above the other ones I’ve tried.Read more

    2. Michael

      The sound quality from this speaker was surprisingly good. I have this speaker next to my bathroom sink because I wanted a speaker I could hear while I am in the shower. For the price, I didn’t expect the sound quality to be so good. The speaker is loud enough for me to hear it while I am in my bedroom as well. I like this so much I just ordered a second speaker. The Bluetooth connection works really well too.Read more

    3. Ivie T.

      I bought this speaker the day after Christmas, charged it once and have been using it daily for about an hour each day since then and the battery message shows its only at 80% nearly 2 months later! I have no idea how on earth it is sipping power like this but it’s unreal. The sound quality is great and I feel comfortable taking it into the shower although I have it up on the shampoo rack where it’s not submerged in water. Love this little powerhouse!Read more

    4. LeeLee

      A lot of negative reviews concern the waterproof feature but I purchased it for the long battery life so I can’t comment on the non-waterproof issues. So far I have listened to music streamed through the speaker for a total of about 20 hours and it is still going strong. I am very pleased with that as other inexpensive speakers I’ve used would only last about 4 to 6 hours before conking out. And the sound quality is better than I would have expected for a $30 speaker. I mean, it’s not perfect, but for the price, definitely worth the investment. I’m enjoying it very much!Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      Greatest absolute Bluetooth speaker in AMERICA. I have played no less than 20 full rounds of golf in all weather with this speaker cranking at least one “hank” song a round, and it has not gone dead. I charged the battery the day I got it put it in my bag and use it every time I am on the course. What really makes this product is that every time my shuffle lands on Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A” I let everyone on the course know that this is AMERICA!!! It is so loud that it can be heard throughout these majestic pines here in Georgia. However, when I roll up to the first tee with C.C.R in the cup holder the starter has to remind me that this is a golf course and not a a juke joint. But you best believe that when I pipe one right down the middle with my american flag balls and tees that I crank this beautiful Bluetooth speaker up and have the time of my life. So if you do not want to have the time of your life and you do not love your country do not buy this speaker. But if you bleed RED, WHITE, and BLUE that also loves to press while your down two making the turn then this speaker is definitely for you.P.S if your handicap is over 15 music doesn’t bother so just chill out and let us play through.UPDATE: TWO YEARS LATER- Still holds a charge and sounds just as good as it did day one. It takes the beating of staying in my golf bag year round!! The Starter still gives me trouble about the echo when I get on the back nine. Is it worth getting a fine every now and then in my monthly membership statement. YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! (Stone Cold Steve Austin Voice).Read more

    6. M. Merchant

      Good overall value. This is bigger than I was expecting, as I have had a few speakers at this price-point before, I expected it to be smaller. I like how the sound comes out from all around the speaker – 360 degrees – and it is able to get a lot louder than other speakers I’ve had. The one down side is that there isn’t much for base in the sound, however, that is normal for speakers like this. The sound IS clear, and NOT tiny-y or hollow sounding (again, like other speakers I have had), so overall, I like it. It’s my new favorite carry-around speaker!Read more

    7. Donna P.

      OMG what an incredibly wonderful rich sound out of a small and portable speaker!!! I ordered a second one today. According to the pamphlet you can essentially pair them together to get double the sound. It fits into a cup holder and still emits great sound. This is exactly what I was looking for !!!!!!!!!!Update: The second speaker arrived and is easily paired with the first one. One is great, two is fabulous. Fills my home with wonderful sound. I’m extremely impressed with these speakers. It’s unknown at this time if they will last and be durable, but that is certainly what I’m hoping for.Read more

    8. Sthef

      Me encantó, el tamaño es perfecto y la batería dura eternidad, definitivamente la ameRead more

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