0C18WW7XG0R700 Oontz angle three pro dual bluetooth speaker, 21-watts louder quantity, brilliant sound & bass, 100ft wi-fi range, water-proof by means of cambridge soundworks

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  • play your song to 2 oontz attitude 3 seasoned edition audio system – wirelessly connect two audio system together to play tune with remarkable left-proper stereo separation from the amazon echo, amazon echo dot, iphone, ipad, cellphone, tablet; play music in dual stereo in extraordinary regions as much as a hundred unobstructed feet apart. To play audio from a video your device or television desires to be related to the oontz attitude three seasoned aux-in jack using the 3. 5mm audio cable.
  • definitely notable sound and bass – our high-quality-sounding speakers. We started with the exceptional audio overall performance and design of our oontz attitude three extremely and made it larger, higher and greater powerful with the seasoned edition. Engineered with forty% large custom neodymium drivers, for natural, crystal clear sound. The stereo enclosure has 2x the acoustic air space and a 30% large passive bass radiator, for deeper and richer bass. Expertly balanced sound and adjustable bass and treble with the oontz app.
  • louder extent – the oontz angle 3 pro functions 50% extra output energy with our high overall performance 21-watt virtual amp. You can pump up the extent to fill even big rooms and outside areas with high first-class sound and rich bass. Our advanced virtual signal processor guarantees quite correct tune playback that is distortion free even at maximum quantity.
  • definitely water-resistant – great one hundred foot wi-fi bluetooth variety – ipx7 water-resistant bluetooth speaker makes the best outdoor speaker for the pool and seaside. Can be submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for as much as half-hour. Play as much as 100 ft far from your tool – superior antenna and bluetooth five. Zero connects quick on your echo, echo dot, iphone, ipad, telephone, cell phones, tablet, macbook, laptop and all other bluetooth devices; and plays as much as one hundred unobstructed feet away
  • seasoned functions – play up to fifteen hours at 2/3 extent; oontz app – download the companion app to your iphone or phone to govern the superior features and get the ultra-modern software improvements; usb energy port – iphone charger and cell telephone charger, fee your tool with playing; built in mic for talking to siri in your iphone; consists of a type c usb charging cable and a 3. 5mm audio cable ……. An appropriate presents for girls and presents for guys.

product description

sincerely extraordinary sound and bass – our first-class-sounding speaker

we began with the amazing audio performance and design of our oontz perspective 3 extremely and made it bigger, higher and extra effective with the pro version

  • engineered with forty% large custom neodymium drivers, for pure, crystal clean sound.
  • the stereo enclosure has 2x the acoustic air area and a 30% large passive bass radiator, for deeper and richer bass.
  • 50% more output power with our excessive performance 21-watt digital amp.
  • highly accurate track playback this is distortion loose even at most volume.
  • completely water resistant ipx7 certified may even be submerged, the proper waterproof bluetooth speaker.
  • play up to a hundred unobstructed ft out of your echo dot, echo, iphone, cellphone or different bluetooth device.
  • our increase antenna designs, and bluetooth 5. 0 delivers remarkable wi-fi connection distance.
  • capabilities, overall performance, fashion and portability make it a certainly exquisite bluetooth speaker.
  • play your track to two oontz angle 3 seasoned audio system together for remarkable stereo separation.

    play song with exquisite terrific left and right channel stereo separation

  • blast your song with the loud, powerful sound of oontz attitude 3 seasoned audio system which could fill large rooms or outdoor region with excessive first-rate track, distortion-unfastened even a max extent.
  • awesome excellent left and right channel stereo separation
  • fills any area within the domestic with excellent stereo sound
  • each speaker has 21 watts of electricity for a blended general of 42 watts for room filling sound
  • play your tune as much as a hundred unobstructed feet apart in two different areas concurrently!

  • area one speaker in the kitchen and the second within the residing room, bed room or birthday party room and fill your own home with high first-rate track, distortion unfastened even at max extent.
  • permit the song waft from space to area, with complete sound performed from every speaker
  • area one speaker inner and location the second one speaker outdoor inside the outside, at the deck, patio or balcony and play your song concurrently interior and out.
  • permit the tune glide from inside to outdoor, with complete sound played from every speaker
  • we designed the oontz app to make it less complicated than ever to govern the advanced capabilities of the oontz angle three seasoned.
  • connect audio system collectively in oontz wi-fi dual stereo
  • independently control the extent
  • modify eq, switch among aux in and bluetooth sources, and plenty more .
  • optional oontz bluetooth adapter – bluetooth transmitter for low latency wireless audio (offered one at a time)

    a ruin through wi-fi stereo gadget from your tv to two supported oontz speakers

  • transmit low latency wireless audio from your television and video tool for your oontz perspective three seasoned bluetooth speakers.
  • wonderful bluetooth wi-fi range play up to sixty six unobstructed toes among your oontz angle three pro audio system and the oontz bluetooth adapter.
  • easy to attach the oontz bluetooth adapter through three. 5mm audio cable or digital audio optical cable on your tv or device.
  • connects with a single button to your oontz attitude three seasoned audio system.
  • location the oontz bluetooth adapter hidden away out of sight.
  • play audio from your television, video and music device with extremely good awesome left and proper stereo separation on complete stereo in different areas simultaneously.
  • inside the package: two oontz perspective three pro speakers • usb type c charging cables • two three. 5mm audio cables • english quick start manual
  • the oontz perspective three seasoned helps buttons for play/pause, music forward, music backwards and includes a committed switch to trade among aux in and bluetooth audio source.
  • one speaker will act because the play manipulate speaker and is used to modify extent, play/pause, song again, song ahead, answer and end smartphone calls. These controls are disabled on the second speaker whilst paired together.
  • use the play control speaker for connecting to special audio devices via bluetooth or aux in. The bluetooth and aux in are disabled on the second speaker while paired together.
  • for gambling audio from a video, your device or television needs to be linked to the oontz angle 3 pro speaker serving because the play manipulate speaker using the 3. 5mm audio cable. This presents for the nice enjoy to reduce the delay inside the audio playback while you are looking a video on your tool or looking television and gambling the audio via the 2 oontz angle three pro audio system.
  • region your tool inside one hundred unobstructed feet of the oontz attitude 3 pro serving as the play manipulate speaker to pair and join. The second oontz angle three seasoned can be in a separate vicinity within a hundred unobstructed toes from the oontz angle three pro serving because the play control speaker.
  • the oontz attitude 3 seasoned will play up to fifteen hours on a completely charged battery.
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    Black, Dual Black

    6 reviews for 0C18WW7XG0R700 Oontz angle three pro dual bluetooth speaker, 21-watts louder quantity, brilliant sound & bass, 100ft wi-fi range, water-proof by means of cambridge soundworks

    1. AJ

      It’s twice the size of the OontZ Angle 3 Ultra so while it is still portable enough, I won’t be packing this on a trip. I use the new OontZ Angle 3 Ultra Pro in the bathroom. It takes up more space than the Ultra because it must be played bass firing down as that’s the only place that has the appropriate silicone/ rubber as rubber feet. So you can’t place on the side like the ultra. Also the controls are along the ridge facing up when placed that way and it would be awkward to place on the side.I use it in the shower. It streams music from a HiBy R3 to the washing area and the bedroom. It was a treat hearing such clear, improved sound in the shower. The volume controls of each unit operate independently, not like my pair of regular OontZ Angle 3 Ultra. The impact of hearing the Pros for the first time was not as pronounced as the first time hearing the OontZ Angle 3 Ultra. Those regular 14 watt Ultras pack quite an amazing punch for such a small package. The Pros are twice the size and I expected about what I got initially. Then I fine-tuned the MSEB system in the R3, the regular R3 with the plain old single ESS DAC that sounds so good! Wow how fantastic these Angle Ultra Pros sound.It was easy enough handling them during my shower routine. I put the control unit in the shower and the other speaker I placed outside the shower but with independent volume I cranked that one a little more and I had true stereo taking a shower. I leave the system streaming and I turned the brightness all the way down in the R3 and leave the screen on with the pop-up volume on the screen always ready. I simply turn up the volume on the screen to listen!That is how I adjusted to not being able to control the volume on both speakers with the control unit.I would not ever want to drop these Pros from the window ledge in the shower like I did about 10 times with the Ultra. I kept putting the Ultra on its side on the window ledge in the shower and it kept surprising me by loudly crashing onto the hard tile floor. It had no detectible damage at all from such abuse. I have learned to use the rubber feet, and that a window ledge in a shower slants down to let the water drain (duh).The sound is great. The OontZ Angle 3 Ultra Pro makes an awesome stereo system. Take a Shanling M0 and two OontZ Angle 3 Ultra Pros and that is one really cool, fantastic sounding music system. I tried the M0 as well and decided not to risk getting the M0’s leather case wet from the washing area. The R3 has a hard, waterproof enough for my purposes case. Both of these players and probably any decent, lossless, quality player (Fiio, iBasso, Shanling, HiBy, etc.) will sound great as well. The sound is twice as good as the OontZ Angle 3 Ultra and the sound of the OontZ Angle 3 Ultra is in itself extraordinary.To summarize, twice the size of the Ultra, twice (maybe even more) as good sound, and twice the price. Well worth the price. The only factor is durability which only time will tell. The regular Ultras so far seem to be wear-proof after a year and some rough handling. They look and work like they just came out of the box. These new Pros are a real treat.Read more

    2. DorkPro

      Absolutely love this speaker. I love using their products and have owned everything from the angle 3 to the angle 3 ultra. But I was hoping they would release something a tad bit bigger around the size of the JBL charge 4. Finally a device was made and it’s absolutely great. Its base and treble is present strongly and the highs and mids are pronounced perfectly. All around if you’re not looking to spend too much money on a JBL charge 4 this is a great substitute at a fraction of the cost I highly recommend it.Read more

    3. Christoph Cordes

      This speaker packs a punch for its small size, and easily fills a large indoor or outdoor space with music. Siri integration allows you to play DJ even if your phone is on the other side of the room, or the other side of the pool. Arrived fully charged, and ready to go. And the best part, great sound and more functionality at a lower price than Bose Revolve and UE Boom, and more bang for your buck than JBL Flip. This is my second OontZ device, and I love both of them.Read more

    4. Aaron Carino

      The app makes it easy to control the EQ and speaker modes (Stereo together [One speaker = Left Channel, other speaker = Right Channel] or Independently). Easy to control the volumes of each speaker separately if used independently.I recently used the 2 Angle Pro speakers in stereo in a 8,000 square foot yard with about 25 people and got rave reviews about the performance. People approached me asking what kind of system I was running and how much it costs. They were impressed with the sound quality and price. In the past I’d use the bulky Ion Block Rocker speaker, but it was too loud for the people too close to the speaker in order to reach the people at the other end of the yard. Because I had two Angle 3 Pro speakers (compared to 1 10 inch speaker), I was able to reach more ears at a lower volume (75%) making it easier for people to talk to each other while still enjoying the ambient music. The sound imaging when used in stereo mode is excellent.I used the speakers for about 5 hours at 75% volume and the battery was at 60% at the end of the night.Its not loud enough host a dance party, but would suffice for backyard barbecues, pool parties, or family outings.I don’t believe you can find a better set of pairable Bluetooth speakers for this price.Read more

    5. boats on the water

      I read the reviews and was sort of mixed on whether to buy these or not but I was tired of Bluetooth mono speakers and also wanted tunes for the golf cart without a battery drain. I had an early version of the OontZ angle and thought it performed pretty good for the price and was pretty indestructible.I got these and was pleasantly surprised. Sound quality was better than I expected for the price and the fact you have a left and right speaker that are adjustable (at least with the app) is great. It would be nice it the app had a little more adjustment options but it’s a big jump from a mono Bluetooth. Also it fits perfectly on the dash of the golf cart. I would definitely recommend them if your looking for something portable and stereo sound in this price range.Read more

    6. Kathleen McDonald

      I’ve wanted to pick up a waterproof speaker for a while and this one is perfect. Great sound quality, size and weight make it easy to take along, and the usb-c charger is a big plus. Battery life is really good. Speaker phone works great for phone calls. The app is a nice perk, the equalizer helps to improve the sound when switching from music to podcasts. I highly recommend this speaker!Read more

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