0C18WSXUUNK462 Uuffoo smart outdoor give up table with bluetooth speakers, wi-fi charger, led accessory lighting, 360 diploma top rate sound facet table, grey

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  • energize your amusement time; join your tool to the table with bluetooth or the auxiliary port to pick and play your favorite track; fees gadgets wirelessly on the table surface
  • produces rich, clear audio with two powerful 12w woofer speakers and two 8w tweeter audio system for a 360-degree stereo impact; battery lasts 6 hours at 60 percentage extent or play on demand by means of plugging in to a preferred outlet
  • set the mood with the led mild on the lowest of the desk with 7 colourful coloration options; pick out a consistent character coloration or a converting cycle of colours in gradual or fast speeds
  • appropriate for indoor and out of doors use with its ip44 water-proof score, the desk is secure outside even near a splashing pool; completely charging the desk takes eight hours
  • just the right size to suit next in your sofa or lounge chair, the table measures 19. 68 inches in diameter and 20. Sixty seven inches tall to hold your telephone and drinks effortlessly near
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from the manufacturer

glossy & clever design with a couple of connection capabilities

function the clever quit desk along with your tool using one among four easy connection options.

wireless qi charging

rechargeable li-ion 3. 7v 8800mah battery


play your favored music from your private collection or streaming provider by way of pairing your bluetooth compatible device with the clever stop table.

aux port

for gadgets that aren’t bluetooth compatible, the clever stop desk functions an auxiliary port, allowing you to quickly join and experience your tunes.

usb & micro usb

the smart end table doubles as a charging station and includes a usb and micro usb port so you can hold your gadgets charged during the day.

crystal clean sound, 360° stereo impact

geared up with two 8w tweeter audio system to provide clear, complete variety stereo sound complemented by means of the woofer audio system.

the recessed led mild on the underside of the uuffoo smart table has light settings and 7 special colour alternatives to select from.

features 12w woofer speakers that produce formidable, wealthy audio to balance and complement the tweeter speakers.

wirelessly fee your tool

the clean wireless charging technology gives a handy charging answer for clever telephones and different devices that have a wireless charging option. To wirelessly fee your device, click on the wi-fi rate button subsequent to the charging ports and set your device on the wireless charge icon at the desk’s floor. Your tool will right away begin to charge. (the wi-fi fee function might not paintings if your device has a shielding case)

product description

this glossy, stylish clever stop table from uuffoo will energize your entertainment time with its bluetooth speaker skills and colourful led mood lighting fixtures. Virtually join your telephone to the table with bluetooth to play your preferred music. You can additionally play music the usage of gadgets without bluetooth the usage of the auxiliary port. The desk capabilities two 12w woofer speakers and 8w tweeter audio system that produce clean, wealthy audio with a 360-degree stereo effect. These powerful audio system can fill your home or patio with sound for a celebration, or produce a quiet, soothing volume for while you are relaxing on my own. The led light on the bottom of the desk has 7 vibrant colour alternatives; you can select between person colours, or sluggish or fast changing shades to fit the surroundings and set the mood. The durable pe plastic housing and timber-plastic (identical as simulated wooden deck cloth) production of the table will not scratch or stain; clean to clean. You may vicinity this table interior or outdoors even near a pool with out fear; it has an ip44 water-resistant rating that allows it to withstand splashing water for 10 minutes without harm. You can also charge your phone wirelessly by means of placing it at the charging icon on the desk surface. The wi-fi charging function works quality with out a shielding phone case. The desk fees with the blanketed usb cable; the durable integrated 880mah lithium battery takes eight hours to price absolutely and functions for 6 hours at 60 percent volume. Just the right length to fit subsequent in your couch or lounge chair, the desk measures 19. Sixty eight inches in diameter and 20. Sixty seven inches tall to maintain your cellphone and drinks readily near. The uuffoo clever stop desk permits music fanatics to personalize the texture of their home and patio via deciding on their tune and lighting modes.



3 reviews for 0C18WSXUUNK462 Uuffoo smart outdoor give up table with bluetooth speakers, wi-fi charger, led accessory lighting, 360 diploma top rate sound facet table, grey

  1. Dielan

    Very sturdy construction, feels like it could support quite a bit of weight and does not wobble at all (thanks to the 3 legged design of course). My unit came without any notable scuffs or scratches, and the overall aesthetic is very nice. I appreciate that despite all of the features they managed to keep this unit looking nice and not gimmicky in appearance. Build quality honestly justifies it’s higher cost compared to comparable options that are available. All materials used feel rugged (plastic/faux-wood material on top feels durable and has nice finish, plastic underside feels thick and durable, plastic speaker grills feel durable enough, metal mesh tweeter grills withstood a decent amount of force without bending, metal legs are… metal and screw into metal posts on the underside of the unit)Sound quality is respectable and it gets loud enough to fill a room easily. Sounds with low bass will cause the table to vibrate at high volumes, but from a distance it sounds fine. Bass response is better than expected and will probably improve further once the drivers get broken in. Recommended for party type situations where accuracy isn’t your top priority, due to the nature of down firing speakers (especially with regards to treble). Placing something heavy (~20lbs) and solid on top the table may reduce vibration. Battery life not tested yet, will update. As another review mentioned the unit does say “Bluetooth has been on” when powered on, which seems to be an odd translation issue. There does seem to be 2 tweeters and 2 woofers on the underside of the unit, however I’m unsure if there is a crossover being used and if they are using genuine tweeter units or if they are using small full range drivers.My unit is flaky with the charging features. Both USB and Wireless charging don’t want to work unless the battery in the device is fully charged or the microusb cable is plugged in. Weird, because the speaker and lights will work fine despite the charging functionalities cutting out. My device may be faulty or this is just how it is with this design. – after getting 2 I realized that although the wireless charging functionality it works fine as quick boost which is fine for my purposes, the sound quality + build quality really save itLED accent light is fairly bright and easy to control. Unfortunately you can’t turn it on without the speaker, and you can’t use the speaker without the lights. However, to be fair the battery life seems to be exceptional and the LED lights and bluetooth speaker idle together would likely function for a very long time on a full charge. Light settings: smooth cycle (1st click, default), hard cycle (2nd click), steady color starting with white (3rd+ click). The bluetooth speaker is 100% silent when music isn’t playing (no noticeable hiss) so if you just plan on using the lights it won’t be a bad experience. I wish it remembered the last light setting used when turned on, but it always starts with smooth cycling. I will update this review when I have an estimate on battery life while only using lights.There is a battery life indicator for this device when used with my iPhone, which is nice since I’ll have an idea of how charged it is when I use it. There is a flap that covers the controls and ports on this device, adding to it’s protection from water damage (flap is fairly loose, but feels like it’ll hold up for the lifespan of the unit).Right now I’m using this device as a bedside table with a lamp on top of it, however I have different plans for it in the future when I move out of my current residence.TL;DR:Speakers: Loud, decent SQ, bass heavy, minimal distortion except at high volumes with heavy bass, solid connection with bluetooth + pairing two tables together sounds great (update: seriously, these paired together impresses me each time and the bass response has improved as I break the speakers in), and with tables it plays in stereo with the master table playing as left channel.Lights: Bright, multiple settings, easy to use, no memory of last settingCharging/battery bank: Not great. Works better when speaker+light is turned off, 5W-7.5W max, cuts out when battery is slightly drained, even if speaker/lights are still working. Having it plugged in seems to help a lot.Build quality: Better than expected, top notch for priceAesthetics: Looks very nice, blends in almost anywhere (I have the grey one)Battery life: Undetermined, but so far seems very goodRead more

  2. CW

    I was tied between purchasing this table or Victrola’s Bluetooth table, which is well known for their record players. Initially I did not think I would like this one as much as Victrola’s because I was not too keen on the lights, which does not have a “turn off” feature while playing music. It tunes out the lighting is not distracting in fact, I find it quite nice.Although I have not used Victrola’s Bluetooth table, I feel this one was the better choice for us because as you can see in the pictures it matches our patio and furniture, so it was worth it for us to pay the extra money. Also, this is labeled for outdoor use. We have our table on our outdoor covered porch. I do not recommend leaving this outside in the rain, although I am not sure if is built to withstand extreme weather or temperatures. We will be bringing it inside during the cold weather months we live in the North.This table can be charged and then you can remove the plug and still use it. I am uncertain how long the charge holds for. Shipping was quick, I am a prime member and received this in 2 days in excellent condition. Assembly is simple, you just need to screw in the three legs. Pairing is also simple, it’s just like pairing your headphones to you phone. I also like the fact that once you’re paired someone else can’t pair over you, which I have experienced in the past with other Bluetooth speakers . We love the wireless charging feature as well.The speakers work very well. I have not turned the speakers all the way up as not to disturb my neighbors but I feel they are really good. We purchased this table just for our back porch use, so we don’t have to blast the speakers.Initially my husband was focused on nothing but the price, now I have a feeling he will be taking this table over on me. I do recommend this table, but to be honest I have only had this for a couple of days. I will add to my post in a few months after excessive use & battling it out with my family for control of my table :-)Read more

  3. Jaybird

    This was a gift To me and I did n that I was totally wrong. Initially I expected that it would be less than sturdy and as with other products I was concerned It would have poor Bluetooth connectivity.All I can say,Is that I was totally wrong.The assembly was very straightforward. All we had to do was screw in the legs and plug in the adapter.After only a short time,The table with its included speaker and light system was ready to go.The first thing I noticed was the ease of the user interface.Not only was it easy to connect to my smart phone and play music, but also the various options for light display were easy to navigate through.With the music playing,The kids were in fact standing on the table and jumping off without any problems at all-which made me no longer concerned about its sturdiness.The quality of sound coming from the speakerIs unbelievable.The volume that is achievable is excellent and overall I was very pleased with how it functions.At present it is the middle of the winter and so we have not yet taken it outside. However,It is a sleek looking device and is currently sitting in an our formal sitting room.I would recommend this purchase to anyone who would like to add a little wow effect to their indoor or outdoor living space.Read more

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