0C18WI2U57C614 Klipsch background groove portable bluetooth speaker in black, matte black

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  • the heritage groove capabilities bluetooth wireless technology so that you can revel in streaming net offerings, net radio, or content material saved in your smartphone or table
  • an 8-hour battery lifestyles on a unmarried charge.
  • a built-in microphone for arms-free calling – you can use the historical past groove as a laptop convention name speaker
  • fee the history groove at home or on the road with any micro usb cable, or take it on the street with the included charging adaptor.
  • included components: speaker;charging cable;guide

Matte Black, Walnut

8 reviews for 0C18WI2U57C614 Klipsch background groove portable bluetooth speaker in black, matte black

  1. Chris Cowdell

    I am a Klipsch die hard. I thought this would be amazing. It was expensive, & sounded ok, but not as good as other/smaller/cheaper products out there. I have an older single speaker Klipsch, and they sound the same; it just that the old one was waaaayyy cheaper. And the new one will not charge if you use it. Every other one I have (3-4 of them, with ~4 teenagers) will charge while playing. Not the Klipsch. You’d think with todays’ tech, it would charge and play at the same time. If the batt is low, it makes an irritating quiet noise every 30s, quieting the music during the “lao batt chime” is complete. Clearly not worth the $174.Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    I have to say I am a huge fan of Klipsch products, so I want to force myself to think everything they do is amazing… I have a Three Capital Record edition Bluetooth speaker, bookshelf system and record player all by Klipsch and the Three obviously sounds amazing and is like 5x the size of this speaker… but as much as I want to say this thing rocks, even for its size, I think the sound is a bit mediocre. I have a bit of a Bluetooth speaker fetish and I’ve got everything from little micro speakers, to Bose mid-range, to 3 different Sony’s and some other random stuff in between, but this particular product doesn’t perform up to my expectations.It looks AMAZING much like all the heritage series products do, and I have no doubt that if you purchase it as a bedside speaker to play while you’re working on stuff or cleaning with no reference points you will be very happy for it. Also, on sale at $100 it’s a good looking and sounding speaker… but I happen to have a Sony XB32 which is about the same price as the Klipsch and have played the same songs swapping back and forth between the Klipsch and the Sony and the Sony absolutely blows the Klipsch out of the water. It’s not even close. The Klipsch sounds hollow and tinny in comparison to the depth the Sony provides. That said, the look of the Sony units with their flashing lights and rubbery “pool party” exterior are not for everyone, so it definitely doesn’t look as class as the Klipsch does.Overall I am happy with this purchase as a room feature item, conversation piece and loyalty to Klipsch products, but for me I did feel let down a bit expecting some amazing sound, especially given what I get out of their other products. I think as long as your expectations are not geared toward a rich sounding music experience you will be pretty happy with this, but overall I can only give it 3.5 stars (if you could give half stars) out of 5 based on my expectations of Klipsch being heads and tails above other manufacturers in every size category.Read more

  3. Pleadianwaves

    This cuts out too much and has to be reset often.I sent the first one back for this reason and the second one does the same 😡For Klipsch, I’m pretty bummed.Read more

  4. Seong Gyeong Kim

    Pros:- $75.99 fine price- well designed and antique look- fine mid range and clear- decent connectivity and sound- enough volume for private room- good sizeCons:- NO BASS (very very very weak), this can be Pros if you like clear voice, I personally dont mind bass, but it has literally no bass- not enough volume for outdoor use- not clear edge finish either on grill or wood, I would say 90% satisfied- since it is mini bluetooth speaker, it does not come with Klipsch expectation, maybe you can taste little bit of KlipschOverall:- 3.5 stars for fine price point with well designed compare to Bose, Sony, Marshall, with antique look while simple and clean look. Sound is bias, if you like clear voice with strong mid range, it is good. If you like boom bass, not good at all. Good for a private room but not good for outdoor. Not enough volume for outdoor. This is just a personal review but very thorough.Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    Fantastic sound. I’d like to see amazon do better describing how fantastic we’ll built great sound exemplary company Klipsch is.Read more

  6. Charlene Major

    This speaker is great in conjunction with Elexa. It is made with the ability to be loud when desired but it covers a more traditional sound spectrum. There is quality sound with a fixed outcome. It has a warm look to complete the package!Read more

  7. John

    Purchased this speaker for use in garage and around the house. The sound quality is really good imo. Biggest draw back for me is that if my phone alerts it cuts off audio and doesn’t come back. I have to disconnect the BT, then wait for the speaker to reset itself. I haven’t timed it, but no amount of button pressing has any effect, plugged in, unplugged, it stays off until it decides to reconnect. Since I have 2, one for garage and one for house, I think it’s a general connectivity issue.Read more

  8. Gary Dauphin

    I am very big Klipsch fan… their 2.1 PC speaker systems are some of my favorite speakers of all time. So, I bought this sort of on a whim when they were on sale. I can only say that I have to use a lot of equalization on my music just to get this to sound okay. But I paid a lot of money for this speaker, and while I don’t expect miracles, I do expect better than “okay”. I would say they sound about as good as my $40 set of Jabra Soulmate bluetooth (without equalization, I must add), and I paid more than twice that for these Klipsch. At least I got them on sale…Read more

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