0C18WH7HG0U495 Behringer headphones (bh470)

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  • compact studio tracking headphones
  • forty mm dynamic drivers offer huge frequency reaction (20 hz – 20 khz) handing over full bass and specified highs
  • high-quality sound fine mixed with portability lets you revel in your music on-the-move
  • closed-returned layout guarantees regular listening environment with top notch sound isolation
  • compact foldable layout with cozy padded ear cups and adjustable scarf

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bh 470

  • compact studio tracking headphones
  • 40 mm dynamic drivers offer wide frequency reaction (20 hz – 20 khz) handing over complete bass and precise highs
  • wonderful sound fine mixed with portability helps you to enjoy your tune on-the-go
  • closed-lower back design guarantees consistent listening surroundings with great sound isolation
  • compact foldable design with cozy padded ear cups and adjustable headband
  • optimized performance to be used with a extensive variety of professional and customer audio gadgets
  • designed and engineered in germany
  • bh 470

    whether or not you’re blending a recording, monitoring a bass line – or just sitting back playing your preferred song, you need headphones that supply a huge frequency reaction and high dynamic variety. Our bh 470 headphones offer top notch excessive-resolution performance – at a charge nicely inside the reach of each finances!

    bh 470 headphones offer the entirety you need for secure listening. The oval-fashioned ear cups include excessive-resolution drugs that supply every nuance of your sound. Proposing an extremely-secure scarf; and a ¼” adapter for the 1⁄8″ connector, bh 470 headphones are compatible with the entirety from your phone – on your mixing console.

    with the awesome bh 470 headphones, you get clearly-brilliant, excessive-decision sound reproduction – at a fee so as to go away cash for your pocket for extra tunes, or more studio tools! Take a look at out a couple bh 470 headphones at your nearest behringer dealer – or place your order online nowadays!

    product description

    studio tracking headphones.

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    9.9, ounces

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    6.69, x, 3.15, x, 7.87, inches



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    4.3, out, of, 5, stars, 114, ratings, 4.3, out, of, 5, stars

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    July, 22, 2019

    8 reviews for 0C18WH7HG0U495 Behringer headphones (bh470)

    1. Christian

      These are truly solid headphones, especially for the price. I would price them in the $80 – $120 range, and it would be worth it. Pretty decent lows, I think the low mid frequencies are a little over represented but once you get used to that, your ears can adjust accordingly when mixing. My favorite headphones to mix on are the Beyerdynamic DT770’s, these are slightly louder. I use a Presonus Audiobox usb96 that I travel with for use with Logic Pro. Great representation of my mixes with that combination. You won’t be disappointed for sure, I’m going to buy another pair when they’re back in stock for a backup since they’re so cheap. Behringer got it right with these.Read more

    2. Mr. G. J. Robinson

      As a producer and composer of over twenty years I was very intrigued by Behringers claims that these headphones can be used in the studio, despite their low price tag. In terms of headphones I’ve been working with Senhiser HD380 Pro for many years now as they are one of the best mid-range production headphones available.I would not advise trying to write, produce or mix music using the BH470 headphones as they have a number of issues. Firstly, they are very comfortable and they have great noise cancelling thanks to the thick over-ear pads.The sound, however leaves allot to be desired. They have a very exagerated low-end which also appears to have a narrow boost somewhere between 100hz and 200hz which makes your kick drums and basslines swamp the entire signal.There’s also an issue with top-end frequencies which sound like they are coming out in lo-fi.Read more

    3. Mark

      There is a little bit of a drop between 2.5 kHz, and the low end sounds a little boxy; however, they’re still very listenable. I’d say these would make excellent headphones for live in the studio use, because they isolate very well and are very loud. Certainly worth the money. As good as many entry level AKG studio headphones.Read more

    4. Johnny O

      These are really comfortable, adjusts to about any size “noggin”…sound good. A little more “Bassy” than I’m use to, but I’m “old school” I would have gave 5 stars, but they arrived just in their own flimsy open box inside an Amazon plastic bag. Should be in a cardboard box. And because of my own stupidity, at first I thought they didn’t send me an “adapter”. I was looking for a seperate piece. It HAS a 1/4″ end on it, so I was looking for a 1/8″ adapter. DUH, if I’d only read a little closer, I would have known that 1/4″ WAS the adapter. That’s what I thought at first, but I was trying to “PULL” it off. But it “SCREWS” off and on. News to me LOL. My only excuse is I just celebrated my 62nd Birthday…gettin’ to be an “old bird” ;). But I think you’d like them.Read more

    5. Henry reutzel

      These headphones are not very good. The sound quality is poor and it does kind of have some noise cancellation. All together they were not a good idea for electronic drummer to use.Read more

    6. Terry

      These are quite comfortable and sound good enough for hours of computer use. The cord is small and high qualityRead more

    7. Michel Farigua

      La caja llegó un poco golpeada pero el producto excelente.Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      Decent cans. Good build. They’re not quite as flat as you might like. I wouldn’t call these “reference” monitors, though they’re pretty close. I think they’re missing a bit in the upper mids which creates some nice separation but at the expense of taking you out of flatland and overemphasizing your highs and bass and sub. A slight eq on your upper mids will fix this.Otherwise, pretty decent for the price (especially if you can’t afford, say, a pair of industry – standard Sony MDR-7506 for $80). If you can, these are definitely a cut below. However, for the price, these are probably best in class.Read more

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