0C18W49TUWM658 35h battery existence active wi-fi headphones for work, tour, tv, pc, smartphone calls

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  • hyper-hd aptx sound quality – our great wi-fi sports activities headphones with bluetooth 5. Zero and aptx excessive-performance neodymium-sponsored 40mm audio system. That means you get the unreal audio exceptional with a view to boost up your electricity.
  • extremely premium substances terrific smooth ear pads – the z2 sports activities headphones are designed to make gymnasium heads turn! They’re superb-relaxed, made from excessive-end, ultra-tender materials that mildew to the herbal form of your ear for a custom healthy. Meaning they gained’t slip around, however difficult you run, leap or kick!
  • t-quiet active noise-cancelling – when you’re inside the zone, the final factor you need is distractions. That’s why the treblab z2 wireless over the ear headphones come with t-quiet energetic noise-canceling technology. They block out the tense outside sounds so you can attention to your tune and your exercising.
  • made tough for sports & keeps going for a looong 30 hours – with an top notch 35 hours of playtime, from playxtend battery, you’ll hold listening to your favourite tune, workout after paintings-out. Those top 10 bluetooth headphones with mic offer the pleasant bluetooth connection, so that you gained’t be left in silence.
  • for california citizens handiest: caution – most cancers and reproductive damage – p65warnings ca gov.

product description

z2 comes with a integrated hd microphone and voice assistants: siri, google assistant, bixby, alexa

enjoy overall consolation with none fatigue no matter how lengthy you are sporting your headphones.

z2 are ipx4 sweatproof and water resistant. Do not worry about breaking your headphones with sweat.

brand new bluetooth 5. 0 technology guarantees the maximum stable connection and pairing in much less than 2 seconds.

  • bluetooth five. Zero
  • neodymium 40mm speakers
  • smooth materials
  • 35 hours playtime
  • ipx4 waterproof
  • siri/google voice assistants
  • treblab z2 headphones
  • sporting case
  • three. 5mm audio cable (aux)
  • usb/micro usb charging cable
  • user manual
  • hyper-hd sound
  • t-quiet lively noise cancelling
  • we stand behind our merchandise!

    treblab z2 are the state of the artwork headphones engineered for successful workout routines

    delivering your favored exercising songs in awesome nice, they hold you centered for your inner electricity, allow you to experience every muscle and outdo yourself.

    adaptive noise cancellation immerses you into your personal international, now not letting any sounds from outdoor disturb you.

    designed for carrying consolation and intuitive controls, they sense remarkable “clean” and match super. 30 hours playtime on a single charge will fulfill the needs of maximum superior athletes.

    we recognise, you’ve got other things to awareness on, so let treblab z2 consciousness on what we do exceptional, handing over natural sound and high-quality nice!


    Black, A-Black

    4 reviews for 0C18W49TUWM658 35h battery existence active wi-fi headphones for work, tour, tv, pc, smartphone calls

    1. Dude

      Been using these for a couple weeks and I can’t believe these things are so inexpensive. No, they aren’t as good as the bose quiet comfort, but they sure are impressive, and easily comparable to headphones that cost 2x as much, even when you don’t factor in the noise canceling. The sound quality really is that good. Very clear, bright highs and a good, but not too punchy or boomy, low end, without sacrificing the midrange. Excellent sound all around especially in this price bracket. I let my dad, a pilot who uses the bose headphones and pilot headsets exclusively, try them out and he thought they were a $200 pair.Love the fact they are APTX HD, that’s a really welcome surprise. With aptx HD supported devices you can’t tell the difference between Bluetooth and cable, which is very important with so many phones getting rid of the jack. They are very comfortable even on really long flights and the battery really does last for days. They are mainly made of cheap plastic with a slight soft touch finish but they are light and sturdy. I assure you let anyone try them and they will believe you spent a significant amount more than you actually did. The clamping force on the ears is perfect, not too tight, not too loose, fully encompasses my ears with only a little bit of my ear lobe being pressed on, which isn’t a big deal, since the cushions are so soft and pillowy. I don’t imagine that’d be a problem for most as I have very large ears.Really there are only a small handful of minor cons I can think of:1. The audio quality of the built in microphone is poor, passable for phone calls but don’t expect to have a good experience with things like Skype, face time, or online gaming.2. You cannot charge the headphones and be paired with Bluetooth at the same time, so if you do run out of battery, you will be forced to use the included cable. That said, you can have it charging, playing music through the included cable, and have noise canceling enabled at the same time.3. Noise canceling does degrade sound quality, especially in the lower end. This is to be expected of any active noise canceling headphone, so really just a nit pick4. When you get low battery, you will hear “battery low” for literally hours until they finally actually die. I think it’s set at like 5 or 10% or something, which for these things is still a significant amount of listening time.Overall these were an excellent buy. I highly recommend them for anyone who travels or anyone just looking for a decent pair of Bluetooth headphones.Read more

    2. showtime775

      I was really excited to receive these after seeing all of the great reviews. As expected, the build quality was excellent especially for the price. They are super comfortable, I can wear them all day. The sound quality was not as good as the reviews have been saying. They sound is muffled unless playing at max volume. When the ANC is turned on the sound clears up and is much better. This is the opposite of what I expected after reading reviews. It is at the point now where I have to always turn the ANC on in order to use them but that drains the battery much faster. I don’t know if I received a defective pair or if my expectations were wrong.UPDATE: I was contacted by customer service and they were extremely helpful in resolving the problem. They had me return my headphones and promptly sent me a new pair. I am very satisfied with the replacement and I really appreciate the handling of the situation by their customer service department. The sound quality is better than my original pair. I own 7 sets of headphones and these are by far my favorite.Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      Alright, so, an official review. I don’t do this often but, here goes: I fly a lot, and am a working husband with 5 kids so affording the Bose Quiet Comfort for $300 is a little out of my price range. In comes the Treblab Z2 that is “supposed to be” as close to a comparison to the Bose unity for a fraction of the cost.Finally! A product that under promised and over-delivered. They did not purport to be better than or as good as the Harmon’s or Bose units, but that they have a superior sound quality (which they absolutely do) have a crazy long battery life (which they happen to have), and are insanely comfortable (This is probably as good a quality as the sound itself). Oh…the active noise canceling. Yeah, that actually works too…and it actually is true that you can wear them without audio/music simply to have Q U I E T. Rumor has it quiet is something that happens when there is no sound whatsoever by any mechanical, electronical, or human entity or device. I rarely experience this. These Treblab Z2’s are pretty freaking cool. Another part that’s awesome is no one has these…yet. So i looked pretty bad ass on the plane yesterday laughing at all those that spent $350 bucks and I spent…way less for (in my opinion) something as good.Make no mistake, these are great quality. All joking aside, if I could buy these all over again it would be an easy decision.A company that delivers on what they say their product will do is, in most cases, false. This, however is the exception to that rule.Read more

    4. Michael P.

      I spend my life travelling for work and I enjoy watching movies on my iPad and on the airline system so I needed good quality headphones. Not only did these headphones meet everything that I needed they succeed to blow right by what I thought I need.Looking for in purchase:-Over the ear-Long battery life-Noise cancelling-BluetoothDesign: The quality of the build is exceptional, especially at the price point. The padding around the ears is very comfortable without getting to hot and causing it to be uncomfortable. The earpieces do rotate for better storage and allow the headphones to lay flat. Having a large head I struggle to find a headset that will fit and these are not an issue. The nice part as a traveler is the charging system, they charge with a micro USB and charge rapidly.Issues: Nothing significantCost: Purchased $63.44Positives:++Cost++Construction++Material++Fit++Sound qualityNegatives:–Case is bulky (I stopped using it after my first tripFinal Thoughts: I am not a music fanatic I mainly watch movies and use these for that so I believe the sound quality is good. I would not claim (as I have not compared them) it is as good as a high end brand but it sounds great to me.Would I recommend: Absolutely purchase these nowRead more

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