0C18UY60R6U571 Aomais move bluetooth audio system,water-resistant portable indoor/outdoor 40w wi-fi stereo pairing booming bass speaker,forty-hour playtime with 10000mah strength financial institution,long lasting for home birthday party,camping-red

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  • ipx7 water-proof speaker: truely waterproof! Aomais move has pinnacle stage water resistant capable of withstand complete immersion of up to 33 feet for 30 minutes. Different speakers may declare water resistance but can only protect against the smallest splashes. Aomais cross is blanketed enough to head on, it’s dustproof, snowproof, mudproof, water-proof or maybe being dropped. Optimistically take aomais move for shower, boat, trekking, camping, threat, to the beach, pool, or simply your backyard. With sporty appears, tremendous gift for summer
  • aomais pass makes the party: clear, wealthy sound that fills the room interior and plays outdoors. Easily connect any device with a playlist to have continuous sound for any event. Capsules, cellphones sync in a snap with bluetooth five. Zero. Works first-rate with iphones, ipad, samsung, htc. Stressed out reference to pc, television and other non-bluetooth gadgets with 3. 5mm audio jack. Use aomais go for palms-free calling.
  • booming bass and full volume: get 40w sound with aomais pass’s 15 watt full-variety drivers & 10-watt tweeter, and two passive radiators. Splendid bass booms with less than 1% total harmonic distortion. 40w extent stage no longer sufficient? Without difficulty pair two audio system, creating left and right channels, for a powerful 80w stereo surround sound. Don’t sacrifice suitable appearance, performance that holds up to even the toughest use. A great present for music lover with an lively lifestyle.
  • 40h lengthy playtime, rapid price: get the play time you want with a 10000mah rechargeable battery which could pass for as much as forty-hour (at 50% quantity, playtime varies in keeping with quantity level and audio content material) brief rate receives back to complete in approximately 4 hours. Emergency electricity deliver prevents fadeouts. You may even use the aomais visit price your aomais sport ii speaker or capsules, smartphone in a pinch, no want to worry about your devices death while you experience your music
  • comes with aomais move bluetooth five. 0 waterproof bluetooth speaker, a micro usb charging cable, aux cable, short begin guide. (be aware: the upgraded v5. Zero aomais cross can’t pair with the old v4. 2 aomais pass)
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4 reviews for 0C18UY60R6U571 Aomais move bluetooth audio system,water-resistant portable indoor/outdoor 40w wi-fi stereo pairing booming bass speaker,forty-hour playtime with 10000mah strength financial institution,long lasting for home birthday party,camping-red

  1. JVersh89

    This whole fascination with bluetooth speakers began when I received a Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus from my company as a 20 year service award. The Bose was incredible, and could be paired with another Bose (only) speaker in ‘Party Mode’ to play through both speakers from a single source which I thought was cool as hell. The only problem was there was no way I was forking out 300 bucks for another Bose. So I began looking for a speaker with comparable sound but not a comparable price that would pair to another speaker for true wireless stereo. These were often recommended by Amazon, so I began reading the reviews and watching lots of YouTube videos reviewing these speakers, as well as visiting the Aomais (pronounced Oh-my) web site. The reviews were very positive so I thought how could I go wrong for $120.00 for a pair. Then, the day after Christmas the price dropped so I got a pair for $105.00. I received them and they were pretty straight forward to pair together. You have to hold in the plus and minus buttons on the front of them until you hear a three tone alert on each unit. Then they will find each other. This is after you have paired one of them to your tablet, phone, etc. I recommend turning them all the way up on the unit and control your volume from your phone/tablet. If you are using Android, get a could equalizer app with loudness boost so you can tweak the speaker to your individual taste and max out the output of the speaker. I haven’t found anything they can’t handle yet. And they are built for torture, it would appear. I sold my Bose on eBay for almost retail and used the money to fund these two speakers and an Amazon Fire Tablet with a 128GB memory card and had lots of money left over. Not one single regret. If you are looking for a premium speaker at a very non-premium price, these are the speakers for you.UPDATE JANUARY 28th, 2018 The above text was published about a month ago or so. I’ve had these speakers long enough to comment on a few more concerns I’ve seen pop up in other folk’s reviews. The number one concern was charging and battery life. Here is what I have found out after some trial and error. First, to know how much battery life you have, you must install an app that is available in all app stores called ‘BatOn’. The Aomais Go does not seem to natively report its battery life to the host device like some other speakers do. But the BatOn app works in the background on your device and will ‘ping’ the Aomais Go every time you turn it on and report the current battery state. You can also open the app and touch the banner that shows ‘Aomais Go’ and it will ping it that instant and report back the battery life. The Aomais Go reports its battery life in increments of 10% from 100% on down. I have not paid attention to when the red light finally comes on, on the unit, but I would guess it comes on at 20%, or maybe even 10% to remind you it is time to charge them. It does not, however, come on at 30% which I can report as fact. Yes, the charger blocks get quite warm during charging, but I can hold my hand on both of mine and not get burned or have to pull my hand away. And here is another important fact. The red light does NOT stay on the entire time they are charging. Both my units had the red light shut off at 70% but continued to charge to 100% afterward. You know your units are at 100% from the app, but the charging blocks will no longer be warm either. And here is the last thing I can tell you. Amazon has 30-Hour Playtime is their description of this product. That is just a flat out false statement. I don’t know who is responsible for writing that, but it clearly states 8 hours of playback time in the user’s manual for these speakers, which I believe to be much more on par with their size. I have the volume maxed out on each unit so that I have full control of the volume on my Amazon Fire. I get 10-12 hours of casual listening at 30-40% volume on my pair before having to recharge. It also says 4 hours to charge in the user’s manual. That is not true either. You can get from 30 to 70% in about four hours, but I found it took ten hours to hit 100% and see the charger blocks cool down. But remember, you need that app to know what you have for sure. You can pretty much just ignore the red charging light because the units do continue to charge even after it goes off. But I’m going to tell you what. Aside from someone having fudged on the charging and playback time numbers, these things are built like a tank, and the sound they put out is incredible. Remember, I sold a Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus in order to be able to afford two speakers that pair together that would deliver True Wireless Stereo for a fraction of the Bose cost. I have yet to be disappointed in my decision. These speakers deliver comparable battery life and charge time to the Bose, and they put out comparable sound. Put them in the corner of a room about 4-6 inches from a wall so that the bass can reflect of the wall and crank up Hair Nation. You will not be disappointed.Read more

  2. Housar

    In short, an amazing product! Works precisely as advertised. Bluetooth connecting is a breeze! Deep, rich sounding bass. Loud enough to rock a backyard party. I connect it to my streaming music account through my phone and the speakers do the rest! Compact and easy to transport from place to place. I highly recommend it.Read more

  3. BK2NA2R

    I’m an audiophile from the 70’s and have seen the digital age since it was in diapers. The laser/compact/ thumb drive were NOT the betterment of the audio experience, just more convenient. To have a compact speaker raise the hairs on my neck at my age is akin to the ” O” word. The first song I put through this unit was “Wish you were here” pink Floyd from actual vinyl album on aux connection, “wow” is the low end of the adjective depth chart to describe this technical marvel. The list of quality equipment I have to reproduce music has changed through the decades, my hearing and appreciation for the “TRUE” wave form has not! Rap,techno,and synthetic music I cannot comment as to this unit reproduction clarity ( don’t care) however, I’ve listened to everything from Clint Black to Mozart, impressed is a condition I rarely have this late in life…… Buy it and enjoyFollow up: I’ve owned them (added the second shortly after the first) now for a year, finding that when paired they are true stereo and not split mono was another unexpected bonus for these marvels. When camping I set these up with my HD projector and guests soon appear, good thing the RV has a microwave for popcorn….Read more

  4. Tyler

    I feel like Amazon has a lot of fake reviews on electronics especially, but just to be clear I am real and I paid for the product myself.I was pretty skeptical buying this speaker, because I had never heard of the manufacturer (and I have bought bad electronics on Amazon before), but I can now say that I am pleasantly surprised at the quality. I have seen a few video reviews of this product and they really focus on the fact that you can pair 2 of these simultaneously via bluetooth, but I really can’t imagine that many people would actually need 2 of these at once. Just one of these speakers is LOUD on its own (your neighbors will hate you). This is coming from someone who always uses headphones at max volume and goes to extremely loud concerts. I imagine 2 would only be necessary for a large house party.This speaker definitely shines at the low end and is somewhat biased for bass heavy music, but the top end notes are still clearer than earbuds, smaller speakers, phone speakers, etc. That being said, I haven’t listened to a single genre of music on this speaker that didn’t sound great. So don’t write this speaker off just because you don’t listen to mainly bass driven music. I honestly can’t imagine anyone not being pleased with this speaker. Also, the battery capacity is just ridiculous. I can’t even remember the last time I charged it. So I’d say the advertised 30 hours playtime is probably accurate.Pros: high volume, deep thumping bass, clear top end, long battery life, sturdy/waterproof design, easy to pair bluetooth, portability, reasonable priceCons: none currently (but I will update if that changes)ps Parallax by Direct is a pretty good song to showcase the sound of the speaker in my opinionRead more

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