0C18UOOU6Z3688 Water-resistant bluetooth speakers, tronsmart t6 plus 40w outside speakers bluetooth five. 0, ipx6 transportable wireless audio system with tri-bass effects, 15-hour playtime with 6600mah strength financial institution, tws

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2, Lithium, ion, batteries, required., (included)

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4 reviews for 0C18UOOU6Z3688 Water-resistant bluetooth speakers, tronsmart t6 plus 40w outside speakers bluetooth five. 0, ipx6 transportable wireless audio system with tri-bass effects, 15-hour playtime with 6600mah strength financial institution, tws

  1. Spencer Smith

    I needed a new speaker for camping so I decided to pick up this new 40W version knowing that I can sync to another unit using TWS(True Wireless Stereo or 2 speakers) later. Ill give a quick rundown on features and some thoughts.40W Output: While I don’t have a way to measure wattage I can say it is far louder than my 20W speaker from another company named after a thing ships drop in port.Waterproof: While I likely wouldn’t dunk it in a river, it would likely be fine. It handled some pretty heavy rain without issue on my camping trip without issue.Media input types: Wow, I gave a go to a USB A flash drive and microSD card filled with MP3s with no issue, and had great results with the included 3.5mm aux cable as well as Bluetooth. Very few speakers allow for flash drives, so that is pretty cool for people who many not have the newest gear.Sound Quality: Really crisp with clear vocals and great bass from the dual drivers. The 3 different modes are cool to mess around with to adjust the bass depending on type of music.Battery bank: I tried both an S8+ and iPhone 7 and both charged between .5 and 1 amp at 5 volts. Not fast, but fast enough to add charge while playing. The speaker must be powered on to charge. As a side note the USB C will not charge an external device. It is only for charging the speaker.Battery life: Over 10 hours on about half volume. I still haven’t managed to drain it.Calls and Range: My phone ranged from 20-30 feet with LOS and I didn’t have any issues. I have only taken a few calls so far but the speakerphone seems to work fine.Overall a pretty great speaker for the money and quite a lot of battery capacity at 6600 mAh.Read more

  2. Danielle

    This is a good size blue tooth speaker! I am bad about following the directions on how to use something, so it took me a minute to figure out how to pair and use the volume. The volume is located on the round side where the “Tronsmart” label is. Although it doesn’t turn up very loud on it’s own, if you pair it with your phone you can turn it up further with that. The bass is pretty incredible. You can see the other round side move in and out with loud bass. The sound quality is clear with that extra bass kick. I am loving my new speaker! I tried to get a video, but apparently I cannot video and play music from my phone at the same time.Read more

  3. Robert Kuhlman

    The Tronsmart Element T6 Plus is a decently sized speakerand looks very stylish. Features of the Element T6 Plus include: IPX6 waterproofing, 3 types of EQ modes (vocals, 3D deep bass, and extra bass), speakerpairing (for connecting two of these speakers together), battery pack forphone charging, an SD card reader, and USB type C. The speaker is a littlelarger than others at this price point, but I believe it is because they aretrying to make it a party speaker and they needed space for the battery packfor charging devices. The device is only $69.99 which is pretty good consideringit comes with a battery pack inside it.SoundLet’s start off with what everyone wants to know. How good is the sound? Well thesound isn’t bad, but I feel like for its size and price tag it should be better.The 3 EQ modes do offer different types of listening and depending on the type ofmusic you like I would say there is a sound that works for almost any genre. Itdoes get loud, but the louder you go the less bass you here or feel. My favoriteEQ mode was the extra bass mode. I listen to mostly alternative rock type of musicand I found this mode the most pleasing to listen to. Now lets get something straight,I don’t think it has bad sound, I just feel like I have reviewed other speakers in thesame price range that sound either the same or a little better and most of the speakersare smaller than this one. To me that is saying something. It is more difficult to getgood sound out of smaller speakers than to get good sound out of larger speaker. Don’tthink that I don’t know that different speaker sizes do different things, but in thecase of a bluetooth speaker that is trying to sound good with a specific size of speakerfor all music it would be easier to tune a larger speaker than a smaller one. JBL and BOSEare two brands on the more expensive side, but they make my case. They have very smallbluetooth speakers in this same price range and I would argue that they sound better athigher volumes. Those speaker don’t come with a battery pack for charging devices or anyEQ features, so the Tronsmart does have some additional features that I would say stillmake it a worth while purchase at this price point. Connecting two of these together woulddefinitely give you volume and sound quality you would want at a party.User interfaceI feel like it is important for me to talk about the way this speaker works. As with anybluetooth speaker, you turn it on and look for it in your bluetooth settings on your phone.Pretty straight forward. One end has a button/dial for pause/play and volume control. Itworks pretty good as a pause play button, but I feel like the volume dial needs some work.I noticed every time I went to either turn the volume up or down, that when I would turn thedial the volume would go in both directions. If you tried to turn it up, it would go up, butit would also go down on occasion making it hard to get it to the volume I wanted. The samewent for turning it down. I feel like the dial needs some work to make sure it is changing thevolume appropriately so that it is not a struggle to set the volume properly. This may just bemy unit, but I would guess just because of how it feels while I turn it that it’s this way forall of them. I like the idea of the dial for volume, but I want it to work better. Buttons alongthe side of the speaker are labeled well and easy to navigate. Track forward and back buttons,power button, EQ button, and the button to link two of theses speakers together.Overview ConclusionOverall for $69.99 I would say it is a pretty good little speaker. The average user would enjoythe sound and volume this speaker provides. Great for the person who wants to throw some partiesand have a couple of them in different places in the house to provide a good music experience foreveryone. The battery pack inside for charging other devices is a great feature and USB type C isfantastic. The fact that they are using the new technology is a good thing. I wish more companieswould adopt USB type C as a standard. With the speaker being IPX6 water proof, these speakers arealso great for an outdoor party. I would absolutely recommend this speaker to anyone looking fora party speaker under $100. Audiofiles would probably not be into this speaker as much.Read more

  4. Lisa Steffen

    I use this speaker around the pool, so mainly outdoor environments (I do not leave it outdoors all the time just when I am using it). The speaker sounds good and has enough volume to hear it at a distance when we’re playing in the pool. A lot of the other speakers I’ve tried you simply cannot hear them from one side of the pool to the other. On top of that it has an IP-x6 rating so it should be able to easily withstand water splashing on it. One time I got it a little dirty, so I just washed it off with water and not had to worry about wrecking it.I like how the control knob is on the top of the speaker to control the volume and also pause what ever you’re listening to. On the back of the device there are other control features (fast forward/add’l pause and EQ buttom that allows you to change DSP settings to a series of 3 different filter settings). The buttons are easy to use and all water resistant.The one aspect I also really liked about this particular speaker is that it charges with USB-C type connector. I am sick of having to use micro/Mini and trying to figure out what way it gets plugged in and USB-C is the wave of the future. You can charge other devices from the internal battery if needed, I didn’t try this feature nor side loading music through the USB-A port or the SD slot, but the speaker supports it.From a sound perspective, I think the speaker sounds great for a small formfactor speaker. It definately has a good base response for such a small speaker it is pretty impressive. It has is a 40W speaker so it has enough power.I’d definately by this speaker again for the application I use it.Read more

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