0C18UIRNXII818 Ps4 gaming headset with mic, beexcellent xbox one headset with stereo sound noise isolation memory foam led mild for pc pc pill

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  • make sure this fits
  • by coming into your model variety.
  • three-d advanced sound impact: excessive magnetic neodymium driver provide crisp sound duplicate and a proper surround sound revel in, you get extra chance to pay attention the sound of counter-terrorist group diffusing, terrorist crew planting, enemy reloading, the type of gun the enemy is the usage of and many others.
  • noise cancellation increase mic: perfectly isolate sound of keystrokes and environment from your voice for better communications, you can better permit your fellow teammates understand in which the enemies are placed and what to observe out for
  • comfy contact+lightweight material+durable wire: made of memory foam on the ear pad and headband and light body, lets you give attention to your video games without feeling pain and squeeze on your ears and head. Braided cord are made for lengthy-time period using
  • like minded with multiple platform: with three. 5mm jack adapter, support ps4 xbox 1 s/x laptop computer mac ipad pill cell phone. For any query approximately connection, please take a look at the compatibility picture
  • sincere after-sale support: your enjoy is what we in most cases cherish. We will be happy to reply any of your questions, we can reply you quickly.
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from the producer

beexcellent gaming headset produce clear sound and powerful stereo bass, while gaming you may capture the footsteps, explosions, gunshots easily. Revel in better in fps video games and other types of video games and so forth.

breathable earmuff

synthetic with reminiscence ear foam, not simplest do you revel in a glad gaming time with out pain on you ears, but additionally you might not feel sweaty and muggy.

flexible headband

especially designed for exclusive sizes of head, if you are a normal head length, simply placed it on without delay, if you are a big or small head, just freely slide the headset to fit your head.

strong braided cable

to withstand fraying after longer time of use, we use braided twine in place of ordinary rubber cord. We’re dedicated to presenting a long lasting headset and allow it’s your pleasant companion in gaming. With a long period.

product description

gm-a hundred


Blue, Red, Camo1

4 reviews for 0C18UIRNXII818 Ps4 gaming headset with mic, beexcellent xbox one headset with stereo sound noise isolation memory foam led mild for pc pc pill

  1. Derek Melby

    This is a great headset. You won’t find a better pair for the price being offered here. This is the 2nd headset I have puchased ftom this seller and both are great. Always fast shipping so you do not have to wait long. The headset looks great when it is plugged in to a usb port enabling the lights. Looks very cool in the dark if you are a night time gamer. I use it mainly with my ps4 to play call of duty black ops 4. My team can hear me much better than they could when i used a $15 headset from gamestop. I can also have the game sound go through the headset and it sounds very This is a great headset. You won’t find a better pair for the price being offered here. This is the 2nd headset I have puchased ftom this seller and both are great. Always fast shipping so you do not have to wait long.. I couldn’t do that with the old headset because the quality was not good enough. It is really nice that you can easily hear sounds like the footsteps of your enemy. It makes a huge difference in how well I do while playing call of duty.Read more

  2. Ken Duenwald

    Overall these are great headphones. Very functional and absolutely affordable. Shipping was quick and on-time and they come in a really cool box too, nice touch to a good product.Sound-wise, especially for music, they work very very well, very clear and they also do a good job reducing background noise. The mic is very clear, picks up my voice nicely. I also like the remote feature that has an on/off switch for the mic as well as a volume control scroll, which I really enjoyed using.The LED lights are very cool. I’m not a PC gamer and I don’t have a PC gaming keyboard, but for those who do, this will match very well with that. They work when plugged into a USB port, which works well for PC gaming and console gamers can use the provided extension cable which was good thinking too.The headphone jack cord is long enough and I like the fact that it’s braided, makes for added durability. The included headphone/mic splitter is good thinking too and a nice thing to have if needed.The ear cushions are comfortable, the cups a little bit shallow and took some adjusting to get them fully around my ears (I might also just have big ears haha). The headband is a little bit stiff and while it certainly fits my head, having a little more flexibility in the headband would be ideal to give it a more perfect and comfortable fit. Nonetheless, it still fits and does the job.Overall, these are very good headphones and especially for the price, you get a ton of functionality, added flexibility, and great quality sound. Great for gaming, music, work, and many more! Definitely recommended.Read more

  3. Lauren Vasquez

    I am not a gamer but I purchased these for my 11 year old son, over all great headset for gaming. Nice product for an affordable price. Shipping was great and had no issues with product once received.They have a very clear sound and help to reduce the background noise if others are in the room. The sound quality of them is excellent my son says it is better than his other set. He now has two because he liked the red in these ones. I like that it had an on/off switch for the mic and an easy to find and use volume control.The LED lights are cool looking and light up brightly. If console gaming though doesn’t seem to be useful as much in my opinion. They provided an extension usb cord which was a great giveaway in the box but the cord connecting the controller to the headset is too short so you still have to sit close to the console to use the lights. However the cord from the headphone jack to the controller is really long. I think they should have cut the length on that part and added some length to the headphone jack cord.The head band itself is really nice and has a lot of cushion. Fits nicely in the head without pressing to hard into the ears. Sits nicely on the head with out the feeling of slipping off.Over all I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend this product. I know my son surely loves the 👍.Read more

  4. Rev Dr. J. Dan Renfro D.D.

    From me there’s a few things that are as essential in my electronics. One of them is that I’m able to do a review within 24 to 48 hours of receiving them. So that means they need to be easy to hook up and they need to be working out of the box. Sounds like a trite expectation but frankly I buy a lot of things online and many of them come nonfunctioning.This headset came functioning, easy to hook up and I was operating in less than 30 minutes from the time it arrived. Play with it all night long using different scenarios and I come to find out that this is a pretty cool set set up. Relatively inexpensive. And everything is plastic except for the ear cups however it sounds great.The boom mic also plastic you can use, or not use. A foldaway into the headset. What some things I love I’ll tell you about the pros and cons but having every kind of hookup is a plus. Have an extra-base response, nice in the soft foam around the ears makes it easy to wear for longer periods of time.Pros:sounds good.Mic is very responsiveno lag in any of the hookups I tried.Looks really coolcrystal-clear sound nice bass responsethat earmuffs that well, are comfortable, where Malone timevery lightweightdoes not pick up room noise to the microphone this is a super plus for inexpensive headsetsCons:not sure the longevity but the price I could buy 10 of these and still be under some of the competitorsinstruction book not as detailed as I would like letters very very smallthe USB interface feels loose (but fit snugly)when writing on USB there’s a constant drain on your battery make sure you keep it plugged inIMPORTANT: noise canceling is for the microphone only. While the tight fitting earmuffs gives you a natural reduction in ambivalent sound there’s no noticeable difference to any other earmuffs however the noise counsel in the microphone works wellRead more

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