0C18UGRZUGC465 Outside water-resistant bluetooth speaker,kunodi wi-fi portable mini shower journey speaker with subwoofer, more suitable bass, built in mic for sports activities, pool, seaside, hiking, camping (blue)

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  • by means of getting into your model variety.
  • 【800mah battery terrific for out of doors and shower】 this bluetooth speaker comes with integrated excessive-ability lithium battery existence, greater durable for using. The bluetooth speaker’s electricity will be displayed to your phone whilst it’s miles connected through bluetooth mode.
  • 【ip45 water-resistant and dustproof】 the silicone cases and interface design make certain shockproof, dustproof and water resistant,so it’s far exceptional for out of doors and showe. It also cen be used beneath harsh surroundings.
  • 【stunning & pleasant design】aluminum alloy steel carabiner provide you convenient to cling and attach it to anywhere you need,powerful waterproof degree to ipx45 ,so you can experience the splendid music in the bathtub.
  • 【integrated mic & palms-unfastened characteristic】you can without problems pick out up a call with the aid of this mini bluetooth speaker in vehicle, rest room, at home or workplace, anywhere for the duration of it’s far linked to your phone.
  • 【excessive compatibility】use the newest bluetooth version motive the extent of the battery is visualization on your telephone,you could use this wireless bluetooth speaker at home, workplace, vehicle, outdoors and many others. It helps any devices via bluetooth or aux line inclusive of iphone, ipad, samsung, pda,laptop,macbook, mp3 gamers,laptops and so forth.

product description


battery: 800 mah

power: 4r 3w

voltage: dc 5v

play time: 4-five hours

charging time: 2-three hours

length: 71mm * 45mm

why you choose our bluetooth speakers?

–warranty: 12-month worry-unfastened technical support and after-sales service

–brand new bluetooth generation, like minded with most bluetooth gadgets, included iphone, ipad, macbook,samsung and so forth and also well matched with echo dot series.

–built-in mic ,release your hand for private speakerphone.

multiple connection way!

–the wi-fi bluetooth speaker help most bluetooth device and non-bluetooth tool including micro sd/tf card,three. 5mm aux line. You may revel in song with bluetooth tool or traditional non-bluetooth tool.

superior sound exceptional!

–having excessive pleasant loudspeakers and exquisite bass. Simply experience the track from a deceivingly small package deal.

best length with excessive capability battery!

–the size of the speaker is extremely portable, extremely lightweight. You could experience excessive pleasant track outdoors easitly, along with seashore,bbq,pool,camping.

–the water resistant bluetooth speaker has high capability battery. It could play approximately four hours of continuous use.

package deal consists of:

1 x bluetooth speaker

1 x charging cable

1x 3. 5mm aux audio line

1 x metal carabiner

1 x consumer manual

be aware:

–do now not immerse it in water.

–please lengthy press “+” to improve the bluetooth speaker volume whilst bathe or out of doors.


Black, Black & Bracket, Blue, Camouflage, Gray, Green, Grey, Red

7 reviews for 0C18UGRZUGC465 Outside water-resistant bluetooth speaker,kunodi wi-fi portable mini shower journey speaker with subwoofer, more suitable bass, built in mic for sports activities, pool, seaside, hiking, camping (blue)

  1. Kelsey

    I use this little speaker all the time to listen to podcasts when I’m doing work around my house. I also use it in the shower to listen to podcasts unless I an inebriated in some way, then I use it to listen to 90’s hip hop (obviously).It took me forever to figure out that you turn it up by holding down the + button, not just pressing it once because they skips ahead to the next song. Just a heads up to others who also want to listen to Tupac in the shower after a night out.Read more

  2. Nikki Mills

    A lot of the reviews stated that this speaker had no volume. I take it that they didn’t realize that you are supposed to hold the + button until it beeps and also make sure the volume on your device it turned up. This speaker is pretty loud for its size. I also saw complaints about people stating that it stopped working/charging after submerging it in water. Rule of thumb, don’t put electronics under water.Read more

  3. Victor Wen

    I love this thing for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it’s very sturdy. I’ve dropped this thing multiple time because I am easily one of the clumsiest human being alive. This thing is very sturdy. I’ve dropped it in the shower just by dropping it. HOWEVER, it came with a hook for me to hang it up so I don’t have to struggle with it. It does comes with a really strong suction cups so if you don’t have a place to hook it up, it’s fine. SOUND QUALITY WAS A SHOCKER. Loud enough to get through the water noise. So nice. Last and foremost. Price. For all it offers and for the price, it’s an amazing tech. I love music and shower and this ties them together perfectly. I do feel it can use a bit more bass, but if you’re listening to piano or pop music, it has a really good clarity even within the shower.Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    This little speaker definitely packs a punch! I’ve noticed that if you insert your micro SD card into the port, it plays music much louder than the AUX cord and bluetooth. I use this speaker when I’m doing chores around the house, I’m out gold prospecting and when I’m at work (‘m a bricklayer). I’d say it cancels out 80-90% of the background noise especially if i put the speaker in a bucket to amplify the sound.The battery life is awesome! If you play the music at 1/2 or 3/4 volume and turn if off when you’re not using it, the speaker lasts for days! I’ve left it in my truck for 3 weeks and it still powered right up and played music for a good 5 hours or more before it finally died. Just knowing the fact that I can attach it to my belt loop and listen to music all day long and then some makes me a happy camper. I’ve dropped it from a 3 story building onto some plywood and scrap wood to test the shock effect and only a small scratch or 2 was present on the face of the speaker but it works as great as the day I’ve bought it! I’ve used it long enough when I’m out prospecting to know it’s definitely waterproof (IT’S NOT DUNK PROOF! Never dunk electronics in liquid ya morons!)For $15 some odd dollars, you can have an awesome speaker for throwing a house party, for having music in the garage, at work, when you’re out walking the kids or whatever else tickles your fancy. Best speaker I’ve ever bought and I’ve been through more “top of the line” speakers than I’ve got fingers and toes. So when I need a new speaker, I’m definitely buying another one of these!Read more

  5. Tao Ako

    I love this Bluetooth speakers. I use it everyday. I instinially intended it for use in the shower but now I use it mostly to listen to music. I have an echo dot, but the sound of that is horrible so I use this Bluetooth speaker more often also because Ican charge this thing and bring it with me to whatever room. (Unlike the echo where it has to be plugged and listens to our conversations). Another think I like about this is it has the option for me to connect it to my portable CD player. Yes, I still own one—- I own one for my kids to use. It comes with an AUX cable and my kids can just plug it to their educational pens (leapreader, brittanica encyclopedia, etc) and it makes the sound of those clearer and louder. The only con is that it sometimes takes a while for me to get that aux cable/outlet to work. But then again, I don’t use it that often so it is not really all that of a big deal. Oh, anothe thing I’m not crazy about are the volume buttons. They’re on the side, and since this thing is black, it’s hard to see and I many times get it mixed up with the other buttons. Again, it’s not something I’m fretting about. Overall, great product! I love it and use it a lot!Read more

  6. Darnell Wiley

    I like to listen to music while I cycle. And turning up the volume on my phone wasn’t cutting it. I bought a cheaper model for $5. It worked but it was no louder than my phone. This one is like a night and day difference. It has volume control. I actually had to turn the volume down as I was passing people to not annoy them. It also has a microSD card slot so you can play music WITHOUT your phone. You can supposedly answer your phone with it (assuming a bluetooth link), but I haven’t tried it. Went for a 2 hour cycle streaming music and NPR from my phone, and this speaker never quit. I may use this speaker this fall when I’m raking the lawn instead of my phone and some headphones.Read more

  7. GaryMN

    For my purposes, it is fine. I do not need stereo. I use this speaker in a mobile environment so participants in wild life surveys can hear what birds, bats and other animal calls sound like. It is linked to iPad mini which does not have adequate speakers. I cannot comment on durability, it is generally clipped to my clothing and is not tossed around a lot. It has gotten wet, but not drenched or submerged and it did not have any noticeable impact on performance. The one thing that sort of annoys me is it does not have independent volume control. The volume is linked directly to the iPad. If I increase the volume on the speaker, the volume on the iPad is increases correspondingly and visa versa. The output volume is limited by this dependence, so do not expect rocking sound. The battery life has been good, generally out lasting the iPad…Read more

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