0C18UGI66I6631 Versiontech. Gaming headset for ps5/ ps4/ xbox one/computer, noise canceling over-ear headphones with mic, led lighting fixtures & quantity console for xbox 1 s/x, ps five/4/slim/pro, switch, computer -blue

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versiontech., a truthful brand registered in the united states in 2010. We cooperate with the first elegance manufactures, committee to the manufacturing of high pleasant, fee-powerful products all the time. If you have any difficulty, please do not hesitate to tell us, we are able to be there 24 hours to offer you pleasant solution. Gentle reminder: despite the fact that the headphones are comfortable and even may be worn all day, however for better defend ears and hearing, please take off your headphones and rest well

versiontech. V-3 seasoned gaming headset

versiontech. V-three gaming headset from the sector’s top professional r & d group, which capabilities a elegant searching and solid fine, in steady innovation to deliver readability and nicely noise isolation to suit the evolving wishes of game enthusiasts. With extent and mute controls in-line, the headset supplies effective amplified audio, which absolutely immerse your self to your games amplified sound from your xbox and playstation .

  • ergonomic designed earmuffs first rate relaxed to wear
  • tender headband retractable fit for any age gamer
  • on line volume control of cable with mute switch
  • noise-canceling microphone for real-time clear chat
  • thick advanced cable resist pulling or snagging
  • 50mm high precision drivers for ambiance sound
  • multi-platform compatibility with splitter cable
  • 50mm directional drivers in aggregate with advanced audio techniques. Optimized to deliver superior simulated surround stereo subwoofer to decorate your atmosphere enjoy for both games and tune, brings unheard of audio enjoyment.

    the unfastened and bendy rotation mic with noise-canceling techniques be permit to be fixed at any perfect perspective to choose up your voice actually with extremely good sensitivity and provide high-stop noise cancellation to permit you to speak along with your teammates with crystal clarity.

    appropriate exterior with gentle lighting layout on both aspects, maximizely create a heat environment to make humans experience very at ease. You can flip the lighting off anytime you want by way of on line manage. (the usb interface only used to energy the led lighting fixtures.)

    built from top rate substances,we design the headset with the memory-protein tender ear cushion which meets the highest requirements in ergonomic design, nicely blocks out all different sounds and do properly in breathe freely and absorbent. They’re at ease on your ears eyen wear these all day lengthy.

    product of the lightest feasible weight with maximum stiffness, the gaming headset best at 275 grams, greater efficaciously lowering stress on the pinnacle, and the lightweight, fashionable design makes you sense very secure and flattering. It is a nice choice as present for yourself or a few one you adore.

    we designed a retractable head beam that may be adjusted to fit snugly on the head of different age groups from childs to olds, the flexible head beam interior with gentle earmuffs and cushioned headscarf flawlessly contours throughout the entire head, appropriate in your whole circle of relatives.

    in-line controls makes it use friendly on adjusting quantity manipulate, mild control and mute manage, so you can mute the mic right on the manipulate, shut off the lights and of course manipulate the sound track up and down, best for various games even hours of gameplay.

    the gaming headsets adopts easy rubber braided wire, that’s more potent, extra long lasting and now not easy to tie however less difficult to clean then the nylon wires. Many of other headsets might also have had the cord quick out due to pulling or snagging and many others, however this one in reality doing well.

    1. 3. 5mm jack:supports ps5, ps4, xbox one s,nintendo 3ds, computer, psp, cellular telephone 2. Usb jack:energy for led lights on earcups 3. 1-2 splitter:supports imac, tablet, pc, destop,computer

    technical specs:

    product model: v-three

    speaker length: 50mm

    cable period: 2. 1m+/-50mm

    weight: 275g/nine. 7oz

    out power: 20mw(1khz 0db)

    enter voltage: usb 5v

    frequency variety: 20hz-20 khz

    microphone sensitivity: -forty two+/-3db

    operating modern-day:90ma

    average dimensions: 2 hundred. Five*a hundred and fifty five*210mm

    headset jack: usb+three. 5mm 4pin

    package deal lists:

    1 * 1-to-2 3. 5mm jack splitter cable

    1 * user guide

    1 * gaming headset



    8 reviews for 0C18UGI66I6631 Versiontech. Gaming headset for ps5/ ps4/ xbox one/computer, noise canceling over-ear headphones with mic, led lighting fixtures & quantity console for xbox 1 s/x, ps five/4/slim/pro, switch, computer -blue

    1. Dan Lee

      This is a perfect headset for anyone like me who looks for quality for low price.No doubt, this cannot beat out other high end headsets which costs above $100 but I have no complaints on the sound quality as well as the build.Cushion is comfortable enough without being too straining on the ear, and microphone seems to register pretty well.Recommended for anyone looking for budget headset less than $50.Read more

    2. Asuka

      Finding a headset that fits my childlike head is always a challenge, but these babies fit GREAT!! They are so comfy I forget I’m wearing them. The sound quality is great and the wire controls are very convenient. I’m not sure how the quality of the mic is because I have nothing to compare it to. But I do love how flexible the wire is (see pic). Being able to move it up and down is nice but I like to be able to eat and drink while I play and the flexible mic makes it easy.Read more

    3. Mary

      Bought it cause it was cheap and wanted to save money. Was way better than I expected.Build – 7/10 for priceThe headphones are good. Cushions are comfortable. But the controller is a lil too plasticky.Sound – 10/10 for priceBass – 8/10Volume – 8/10Value – 8/10 just buy it..RGB lights are cool. Saved money and I’m a happy customer.Edit — mic is bad mine might be a defectRead more

    4. Lee

      The absolute best thing about these headphones are the comfort. I REALLY love the foam padding. It’s squishy and doesn’t give me a headache when I play OverWatch or Dynasty Wars for hours. The outer rim is pretty sturdy, shiny and rugged so it won’t slip off or break easily. Microphone worked fine, sound quality is like any other speaker but not absolute crap. It doesn’t retain sound so everyone can hear whatever your hear. Love the LED color and the remote functions!!! So easy to turn off my mic or adjust volumes between gaming and I couldn’t be any happier with that.Read more

    5. samantha

      I ordered a new headset because my old one was starting to have major connection issues and truthfully i wanted something a bit more flashy then i had had before. They arrived on time without any shipping issues. Im normally pretty picky when it comes to comfort of the headset seeing as i stream and use them daily and for long periods of time but these fit comfortably and snug. I cant stand headsets that are super loose and dont really help lock the sound to surround my ears but these do exactly what i want. The lights worked beautifully and the sound quality was wonderful. This is a great product especially for the price.Read more

    6. Justin

      I bought these as a secondary set of headphones for my PS4 for more immersive gameplay whenever friends were over. This pair was right around my price range at $20 and fit my all blue gaming setup that I run. This pair has great gaming stereo audio, clear voice, and can be worn for an hour or two at a time Comfortably. The RGB leds on the side do require a USB power source to function so more or less is targeted towards PC gaming which I also do on the occasion. Keep in mind that audio does not pass through the USB cable and you will need the included splitter for that. Overall very pleased!Read more

    7. Sandy

      Excellent, my 9 yr old loves it, to be able to speak and listen there is a switch on the side, this is for the other reviewers that said can’t speak and listen at the same time. My son it is also cool that He can hear the game sounds through the head set. Cable is really long so no issues there either. we’ve had it a couple of weeks. He doesn’t play every day thought but it is working perfectly.Read more

    8. NileTigger

      With classes being online and an avid Minecraft player, we had to find headphones that not only were comfortable but compatible with different products. Yes, these are more for adults over kids, but my 9 year old enjoys how comfortable they are for how long he has them on daily. He enjoys that the microphone is just a flip of a switch and uses them for just headphones too. While my son was in his online class, he carried the iPad with him and dropped it, the male adapter plug ended up bending, creating it not to work. But he liked the headphones so much that we purchased these headphones yet again.Read more

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